Best ZenMate VPN Alternatives You Can Get Right Now

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ZenMate has attracted millions of users thanks to the free subscription and made-in-Germany quality. Unfortunately, recently the service removed several server locations from the free plan, and its clients weren’t particularly happy about it. Many people started casting a glance at other services or opting for ZenMate’s premium version. For those of you looking for the best ZenMate VPN alternatives, we are going to present three top-notch services worthy of your consideration.

Why Should You Get a Different VPN Service?

ZenMate has two subscription options – free and premium. If you are a free plan user, you might want to switch to another provider because:

  • Free ZenMate is only available as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera;
  • Access to only 4 locations;
  • Speed is limited to 2 MB/s;
  • Torrenting is not supported;
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  • Not able to unblock streaming services.

With a premium plan, you get access to more functions but the overall package is still inferior to the industry-leading services. Look for yourself:

  • It has only 30 servers while top notch providers offer thousands of servers;
  • Poor geographical coverage – most servers are installed in Europe; North American and Asian users can access 3 servers. African and South American clients have 1 server in each location;
  • Connection speeds are below par, especially for clients outside Europe;
  • It is not able to unblock Netflix or similar services;
  • Torrenting is allowed on selected servers;
  • Registered in Germany, country-member of the 14 Eyes;
  • Due to the EU data retention laws, ZenMate records connection logs, including users’ IP addresses.

As you can see, there are enough reasons to change ZenMate to something else.

The Best ZanMate VPN Alternatives We Recommend

Whether you opted for a free subscription or you are a paid ZenMate user, you don’t have to settle for a mediocre service when there are so many great options around. With one of the premium VPNs, you’ll get access to so many features while keeping the price surprisingly affordable.

Reliable VPNs don’t collect logs at all, not even connection ones. At no circumstances will they record user activities or their IP addresses. Many services even choose to register in offshore countries that benefit from lenient security legislation and no mandatory data retention laws.

Industry leaders boast large server networks with thousands of servers available. Moreover, they put their servers across the globe providing IP addresses from any corner of the world. A vast coverage also helps to maintain lightning-fast connection speeds.

VPN services should provide features for all possible web activities. For instance, they allow P2P / Torrenting. They will also provide ultra-fast servers suitable for both HD video streaming and gaming activities. Moreover, some of the most advanced VPNs offer solutions to unblock geo-restricted services such as Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Without further ado, below are the best Zenmate VPN alternatives that have all these benefits.

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Our #1 Choice
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Now we are going to highlight the most prominent features of these VPNs:


Panama-based NordVPN operates from the area free of the 5/9/14 Eyes control. The privacy-friendly legislation made it possible to introduce a transparent log-less policy. Indeed, Nord doesn’t bother to keep logs, even relatively harmless metadata.

Security is the area where the service shines. It implements 256-bit AES military-grade encryption with the best connection protocols. For users especially paranoid about their privacy, NordVPN presents exclusive features such as Double VPN and Tor over VPN. Kill Switch and WebRTC / DNS leak protection are also in place.

Not only is NordVPN safe but also fast. Having more than 5,500 servers in its network, it guarantees none of the locations is over-crowded. If you require speeds higher than average, connect to its streaming servers. They are optimized for gaming and video streaming activities. NordVPN is among a few VPNs able to avoid Netflix bans. It means that you can unblock American Netflix from any worldwide location. The service is also great for anonymous and secure torrenting.

You can get the best deal with NordVPN’s annual subscription. Its 3-year plan comes with a whopping 70% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee.


ExpressVPN is another offshore registered VPN on our ZenMate alternatives list. The British Virgin Islands are not part of any intelligence treaties. They also have great laws on privacy. According to them, ExpressVPN doesn’t have to log the client’s activities or connection data. Security features the service carries out are on a par with the strictest world standards. 

The service maintains blazing speeds across the board thanks to the well-developed network with outstanding scalability. Users have access to 3,000+ servers scattered around 94 countries. Each server is suitable for torrenting, gaming, and video streaming. You can use the Smart Location function that will pick the best connection option automatically or you may connect manually to any local or foreign server.

ExpressVPN’s software is recognized as the most straightforward and user-focused in the industry. It is a breeze to use for anyone including new subscribers. The competent 24/7 tech support is at your service if you require any help or have questions. All these features are available within the reasonably priced tariff plans, including a 30% discounted annual subscription.


PureVPN operates from Hong Kong, away from the international intelligence alliances. Its government doesn’t require online services to collect data regarding its clients. This allowed PureVPN to execute no-log policy and protect the users from Big Brother surveillance.

The service carries out industry-standard encryption 256-bit AES and state-of-the-art connection protocols. To ensure the ultimate protection, the provider introduced special servers with Intrusion prevention. Dedicated anti-malware protection is included with every subscription plan.

Right now PureVPN has 2,000+ servers in 140 countries and this number is constantly growing. The connection speed is pleasantly fast although you may notice some drops when reaching far-away servers. PureVPN allows torrenting on the selected servers and it can be used for video streaming as well. Unfortunately, PureVPN doesn’t always work with Netflix via shared servers but you can gain access with a dedicated IP address at a small extra fee.

PureVPN is a very affordable service and its 1-year subscription costs about the same than that of ZenMate’s, plus you’ll get much more functions.

Why Free VPNs are Not Alternative to ZenMateVPN

Unfortunately, free VPNs that would be able to become a decent ZenMate alternative do not exist. Most of the free providers are slow, ungenerous when it comes to server availability, and, unlike ZenMate, they introduce data caps. Torrenting is never allowed with free providers and they fail to bypass geo-restrictions. Their privacy policies are not up to scratch either. Some of the free VPNs inject tracking codes into your connection to record what you do online and sell this data to advertisers. So, if you need a reputable alternative to ZenMate, look among commercial VPNs, such as the ones we recommend.

The Bottom Line

With the best ZenMate VPN alternative, you’ll be able to avoid the common service’s drawbacks, namely, mediocre speed, poor access to servers, unblocking issues, as well as harmful logging policy. The services we suggest don’t cost that much but they are able to take your user experience to a totally new level.


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