Is Zenmate Good For Torrenting – P2P

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Zenmate is a well-known VPN provider, which became popular thanks to its free service. It supplies a paid subscription as well with access to premium functions. Many users keep asking if torrenting is among the features you have to pay for. I decided to learn if the provider allows p2p file sharing on its servers. So, read on and you’ll find out whether Zenmate is good and safe for torrenting.

Does Zenmate Allow Torrenting

Before I get into the detail, I would like to draw your attention to Zenmate’s features. This is what I like about the service:

  • Free subscription available;
  • Killswitch.

Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. Here is a disadvantage least:

  • Germany jurisdiction;
  • Extensive connection logging (including your IP address);
  • Doesn’t offer OpenVPN;
  • Prone to leaks.

I won’t beat around the bush and go straight to the point – Zenmate is not good for torrenting. Its free version includes only a browser extension so torrent clients get absolutely no protection with it. The premium subscription provides access to a desktop application that encrypts all the outgoing traffic but it is barely usable with torrents anyway. Zenmate doesn’t directly block torrents but its privacy policy explicitly forbids downloading of copyrighted materials. Strictly saying, you can download torrents but only if they are completely legal. But can you know this information about any torrent file you come across the net? I don’t think so. Therefore, I do not recommend Zenmate for p2p file sharing.

How Safe Zenmate is When Torrenting?

Let’s imagine a situation when everything you download is always within the law. You are safe in the face of copyright holders but there are still plenty of dangers. A trustworthy VPN will shield you from hackers, cybercriminals, and spies. Is Zenmate safe for torrenting in terms of security? Let’s see what it has to offer.

Zenmate is registered in Germany. While ‘made in Germany’ is a certain quality mark for many products, it is not applied to VPNs. The country is a member of infamous 14 Eyes intelligence group, which means the government and its allies actively monitor what people do online. Plus, the EU has a quite harsh legislation when it comes to mandatory data retention. It can result in Zenmate being forced to provide information about its clients with no right to disobey. Every single bit of data the service keeps about user activities may become known to authorities.

What is Zenmate aware of? It logs your browser type, operating system, the date and time when you use the service, your ISP, and, most importantly, your IP address. Such extensive information can pose a real threat to your privacy.

A weak user security is a major drawback of the service. It even failed to supply the industry standard OpenVPN protocol. Instead, you can only use IPSec (IKEv2) and L2TP/IPSec options which are inferior to OpenVPN.

Zenmate offers a Kill Switch emergency disconnection tool which is good but it falls short to protect you from IP leaks.

Zenmate Prices and Plans

Zenmate offers 3 options for the premium subscription. The best value is provided by a 1-year deal that is billed $71.99 ($5.99 per month). A 6-month plan is available at $8.99 per month (a one-time payment of $ 53.99). The shortest subscription lasts a month and it costs $9.99. Zenmate promises to refund you within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the service.

The Best Torrenting Alternative to Zenmate

Zenmate VPN leaves much to be desired from the standpoint of security. It is simply not safe to use for torrenting – p2p. If you require a secure and easy-to-use VPN, the top choice is NordVPN. It is a breeze to download and share torrents thanks to an outstanding selection of servers and their blazing speeds. The security aspect of the business is something the provider takes pride in. It offers plenty of encryption protocols with unbreakable ciphers and a multitude of advanced features on top of that (for instance, it supports Tor and double encryption). NordVPN keeps absolutely no logs about your online activities so you are safe at all times.

Zenmate for Torrenting: Conclusion

Zenmate fails to meet the torrenting needs of its clients in so many ways. First of all, its invasive logging policy turns a careless p2p file sharing into a privacy thread. Secondly, the service lacks military-grade encryption that can only be provided by OpenVPN protocol. The encryption that Zenmate supplies is not necessarily bad but it is much weaker than OpenVPN. Lastly, I found some IP leaking that can lead to identity exposure. Summing up, Zenmate is not good and safe for torrenting.


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