Does NordVPN Work with Netflix

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When Netflix declared war on VPN services it became clear that it would be more difficult to watch blocked videos from other countries. Indeed, the multimedia giant managed to blacklist many VPN providers. However, there are still a few services that desperately resist the countermeasures that Netflix put on the table. Perhaps, the main protagonist of this battle is NordVPN. Many people wonder if NordVPN works with Netflix in 2019. Well, in this article you will find the answer.

Why does Netflix block VPNs?

netflix vpn error

Netflix works as a distributor of multimedia content. To be eligible to show a particular video it has to purchase a license from the rights holders. The license, however, does not give the right to broadcast a particular content everywhere, it covers only certain territories. The more licenses a country has, the more titles will available for its residents. This creates unequal conditions for viewers since territories with a smaller population and poorer countries have a very meager Netflix catalog. The United States, by contrast, has the largest number of titles. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people want to get access to American Netflix.

VPNs and proxies have long been a solution to circumvent geo-blocks, but Netflix decided to put an end to this practice. It is no brainer to understand why: the multimedia giant is under the pressure of the rights holders that forbid watching particular movies or shows from abroad and yet people are neglecting these prohibitions. From a financial perspective, Netflix does not lose anything since in whatever way you get access to the service you still need to pay for a subscription. This is rather a legal and image move because Netflix is not happy with the fact that its rules are neglected. Therefore, the service decided to exclude VPNs from the equation.

How well does NordVPN work with Netflix?

It’s clear that when Netflix detects VPN traffic it blocks involved servers. VPN services have not yet figured how to make blocked servers work again; instead, they found a different solution – to increase a server count. 

NordVPN has more than 5,200 servers around the globe, including 1,855 servers in the US. The provider is constantly working on adding more units to their already impressive network. In such circumstances, Netflix simply can’t ban all the servers right away. This gives Nord’s clients loopholes for watching Netflix in other countries.

The provider is aware that some of its servers are no longer accessing Netflix. Therefore, NordVPN indicates which units are still able to deliver the blocked content to you. On the official website you can find a list of NordVPN servers that will help you gain access to Netflix.

Besides one of the largest server rosters in the industry, NordVPN offers its trademarked SmartPlay technology available for computers and mobile devices powered by Android. This feature allows redirecting traffic through servers in countries where access to Netflix is allowed. To do this, you literally need just one click. At the same time, the technology permits to maintain a high connection speed in comparison with other unblocking methods.

What to Do if You can’t unblock Netflix with NordVPN

Don’t panic if you can’t access Netflix via NordVPN. You may solve this issue by doing the following:

  1. Flush the cache with either the built-in tools of your browser or with the help of this link
  2. Restart the Netflix application.
  3. Restart the NordVPN application.
  4. Restart a device you are using for watching Netflix.

If this didn’t help, try to connect to a different server on the list. Some users report that they can’t get access to Netflix using the same servers that work for Nord’s clients in the USA and other countries. It seems like finding a spot-on solution is much harder these days but NordVPN is still doing better than most of its competitors. You just need to spend a little more time to find a server that works with Netflix from your country.

General Advice to Improve Your NordVPN Netflix Experience

If you have several options of how to connect to Netflix via NordVPN you should choose a server that is geographically closer to you. The shorter the distance between a server and your device, the faster the connection speed you get. For example, if you want to unblock American Netflix from Europe it is better to connect to servers located on the East Coast.

Servers with a large number of simultaneous connections provide less bandwidth and this negatively affects the connection speed. From a few available options, you should choose a less congested server.

Try servers with different encryption protocols. As you know, OpenVPN is the most reliable method of data encryption but it can be somewhat slow for watching streaming video. NordVPN offers several security protocols and when you don’t need heavy encryption you can opt for faster options.

Try different servers. If a server you connected to didn’t provide access to Netflix or buffering prevents you from enjoying videos try to connect to another server.

Do not hesitate to ask for help. The NordVPN’s team is available 24/7, they can help to quickly solve any problems with the service.

NordVPN and Netflix: Conclusion

NordVPN claims that its clients are able to get access to Netflix from any country and it is true provided that you know what servers to use. Although the vendor constantly updates the list of servers that work with Netflix, you might still need to go through a process of trial and error before you find a right server. Nevertheless, NordVPN is still a great aid for those who desire to watch geo-blocked content.


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