The uTorrent is a file sharing platform that allows users to access music, games, and other files that they would not normally access online. There is no doubt that most of the downloads people make with uTorrent are free and they infringe on copyright.  While many countries have different copyright infringement laws, you can agree that whatever law is in your country, there is the possibility of legal trouble if you were to be arrested for copyright infringement. This is why you need the best VPN for uTorrent.

As part of copyright infringement laws, many countries have taken the step of preventing accessibility to torrents. In the UK, for example, the idea of accessing torrents from the comfort of your home is not possible because these torrent sites are blocked. Even though there are some small ISP companies that can help you bypass this restriction, the solution is just short term and poses additional risks. The only way around these restrictions is through a VPN, and with full anonymity and privacy guarantee, you can easily surf the internet and download torrents as you see fit.

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What is uTorrent all about?

uTorrent is a file sharing software that allows people to share big files online. The software was developed by a company called BitTorrent and uses a network sharing configuration called peer to peer. What is good about this networking protocol is that it makes it easier for you to download big files in smaller portions using multiple entry points in where the content is stored. Even though you can use uTorrent to download anything, most of the time, the software is used to download movies, TV shows, and video games. The peer to peer communication protocol has really made an impact in the way people interact and share stuff online. Skype is one of the major companies using the protocol to deliver a seamless experience to its users all over the world. To use the uTorrent software, just download it, and install it on your computer.

What are the Legal Issues with File Sharing?

The idea of using uTorrent in order to get free media can amount to piracy or copyright infringement. The materials that are shared online and downloaded through the software are owned by people. There have been measures designed to target ISP providers but they have not worked. In order to fight against piracy and copyright infringement, it seems that authorities are going specifically after the downloader. If you are downloading copyrighted materials using the uTorrent software, you are risking arrest and prosecution. But, of course, this would not be an issue you will have to worry about if you decide to use a VPN. A VPN will simply make it impossible for authorities charged with the role of implementing copyright laws to track your activity online and where you are located. This will make you safe and free of any potential legal trouble.

Privacy on uTorrent

In addition to the idea of masking your identity to avoid any back sets in the legal world due to copyright infringement, you also need to ensure you are private in your online dealings. You don’t want people to see what you are doing online, what you are downloading, and the websites you are visiting. The VPN will also help with this. As you download stuff using the software, you will also have the benefit of security knowing that whatever you are doing is invisible on the outside. VPN services use very strong encryption to ensure that your web traffic remains as private as possible. With many governments now conducting massive surveillance on their citizens and copyright infringement agencies cracking down on people, you should not take any risks. Surfing anonymously is very important and highly encouraged.

Best VPN for uTorrent: Conclusion

Using uTorrent to download files online is a very common thing. However, not many people know the kind of risks they get themselves into with these downloads. To avoid any issues, make sure you use the best VPNs for uTorrent and see how it goes. Don’t also forget to leave a comment here below or questions if you have any.


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