Cyberghost VPN Review – No Logs and Superfast!

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Having spent time with this service provider and its product, I’m now ready to share my Cyberghost VPN review findings with you. In this article, I will introduce you to the company, i.e., who they are, where they are based, and give a little backstory. Plus, provide you with all the details, server numbers, speeds, features, prices and more! So, sit back and be ready to be thoroughly informed!

Cyberghost VPN – Who are they?

Based in Romania, this VPN provider (in its current form,) is relatively new. Back in 2011, Crossrider PLC purchased the platform and began a series of updates. Now, in 2018, you will find a robust and improved version of the Cyberghost software, and apps, with improved security.

Price Plans as Low as $3.50 Per Month

Before I begin to dig deeper into this review of CyberGhost VPN, here are the pricing details.

If you’re familiar with VPN providers and their structured packages, you’ll notice Cyberghost is pretty typical. It gives you three choices, basic monthly, for which you pay $11.99 per month on a rolling contract. Next, there’s a 1-year plan, sign up and the price falls to $5.99 per month, billed one time at $71.88.

Finally, there’s a 2-year plan, you pay $84.00 upfront, and the monthly cost effectively drops to $3.50. However, please beware that each of these packages is heavily discounted at the moment. And that means, prices may rise again, but, I am not sure when. Additionally, a point worth mentioning is, all three packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, if for whatever reason you’re not happy, you can leave and get a refund!

Now, if you don’t like giving over your credit or debit card details online, you’re not alone. As such, Cyberghost has provided alternative options; you can sign up using PayPal and even Bitcoin! However, depending on the country you live in these may not be available.

Testing Cyberghost and its Offering

While it is pretty clear that this VPNs pricing is quite competitive, what about its services? Do they live up to expectations? As is the way of things, nothing is perfect; as such this Cyberhost VPN review found both good and bad points! Here;’s a quick overview of them …

The Pros

  1. Five devices can connect at any one time
  2. No usage logs collected, not even metadata
  3. Compatible with multiple devices
  4. 1,327-servers online in 52-countries
  5. Most advanced encryption available
  6. Public Wi-Fi protection
  7. Based outside of the 14-eyes pacts reach

The Cons

  1. Some connection logs may be kept
  2. The use torrenting is restricted to specific servers
  3. App could do with an update

Device and Software Compatibility

As I mentioned previously, Cyberghost device compatibility is spread across multiple platforms. And that means you can use Windows PCs, and Laptops, Apple Macs, and Linux based computers. Plus mobile devices such as Android smartphones, and iPhones. In fact, there also support for some home routers too.

When it comes to protection, Cyberghost ensures your privacy from prying eyes and provides this on the following platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. As for Linux, I have asked if users of it are also protected, but, I am still waiting for an answer! As soon as I have it, I will update this Cyberghost VPN review with that information.

Privacy and Security

If you are reading this ghost vpn review, it’s highly likely that you understand the benefits of using such a service can bring. However, not all virtual private networks are created equally, so, how does this one do?

If privacy and security are your biggest sell-points, you won’t be disappointed. Being based in Romania means this company is not forced to collect usage data. So, no logs, yes it does record some access information, but nothing that can identify you personally.

In fact, you may be surprised to know, that the Romanian courts as recently as 2014, rejected EU laws surrounding internet monitoring. As such, it is one of the safest European Union countries to live in if you are a VPN user!

Further advantages come in the form of a Killswitch, this technology, monitors the server you’re connected too. If the connection to that VPN server should fail, it automatically kicks you off of the internet; this is done to protect your identity.

Again for those of you who are privacy savvy, here a run-down of the Cyberghost security technologies in use:

Like many of the top-end VPN providers, it describes its offering as Military grade encryption.Of course, in reality, it uses an AES-256 cipher, plus automatic data compression, and HTTPS redirects. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But, from a VPN standpoint, that’s hardly top of the pile. Yes, it’s more than adequate, but these day’s AES-256 is considered pretty standard.

Having said that with the inclusion of anti-tracking technology, and malicious content protection Gyberghosts security matches the competition.

Server Locations

cyberghost vpn servers

As I write this, there are 1,327 Cyberghost servers online and accessible by its users. Additionally, right now, the company has them in 52-countries, some of which are quite unusual, such as Singapore, Israel, and Hong Kong.

So, what does this mean for you? It means, there is enough server capacity Word-wide to deal with spikes as will be seen by the Winter Olympics 2018. Which also means, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing you should see no server congestion.

Right now, if you are in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and parts of Asia, you are pretty much well covered. However, Africa is still a little sparse for servers, from what I have read, Cyberghost does plan to increase the number there. As it also does in parts of central and South America. As and when these areas of the world come online, I will keep you updated.

Server Speed and Compatible Services

As I touched on at the beginning of this Cyberghost VPN review, over the past few years, it has undergone, a transformation. Apparently, before that happened its servers were not the most reliable, both for uptime, and download speed. Now; however, well at least in my own experience, nothing could be further from the truth.

It appears that not only did its new owners invest in the software, but also in its servers. And that resulted in me, having a very positive experience, where download speeds are concerned. Now, from what I have read, speed improvements have particularly improved across the US. Plus, parts of Europe so, the UK, Germany, and France with upgrades continuing.

As for the speeds I witnessed, my download speed without a VPN connection was 32.29 Mbps, and with a connection 29.98. That result was connecting from the UK to a server based in New York. That meant that I was able to comfortably take part in multiplayer games, stream HD content, with no issues.

Moving onto service compatibility, and the big question of geographical content locking. Cyberghost does say it is compatible with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky, Hulu, HBO, Kodi, and Torrenting; however, there are issues. These issues consist of the fact that some services are actively looking for ways to block VPN access.

For you, that means, the USA Netflix does not work when connected to a server in that country. Additionally, another service known to have VPN issues is France’s Canal+. But, some users have reported its compatibility to be a little hit and miss, so it’s worth trying.

Cyberghost VPN review: Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, my Cyberghost vpn review for 2018, a collection of thoughts and experiences with this provider all in one! Would I recommend you give it a try? Yes, for sure, with its 30-day money back guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose.

In fact, if you want a VPN company that regularly invests in improving and keeping customers secure, this is it! Yes, there may be some Netflix issues with servers in the USA, but, that may soon be corrected.


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