IPVanish is a well-known name in the VPN industry. The company has maintained its hold among the top VPN providers over the years despite the intense competition occasioned by new entrants in the VPN market. Founded 15 years ago, IPVanish is actually one of the few VPN providers with the longest history of excellent service and a wide customer base. It is registered in the US under the Mudhook Marketing brand.

The company’s major selling point is its consistency in providing high quality, secure, and reliable connections through its 500+ servers scattered across the globe. It is also well-known for providing users with over 40,000+ IP addresses and the very best customer and technical support. This VPN provider has a wide range of features in its services that customers can enjoy for very competitive prices structured in quite affordable plans. It is a top choice for anyone seeking to stay absolutely anonymous while browsing the Internet and still bypass all restrictions and censorship barriers with ease.


  • It is a tier 1 network
  • Has over 500 servers in more than 60 countries
  • Over 40,000 IP addresses
  • High speed and reliable connectivity
  • Low prices, there are plans for as little as $4.87 per month
  • Great app features
  • Offers five simultaneous connections
  • Supports top protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Use of similar clients regardless of your pricing plan


  • Does not have a custom client for Ubuntu users
  • Lack of Live Chat customer service
  • Relatively higher price in the monthly plan, but the annual plan is much cheaper

IPVanish Pricing Plans

Privacy is a commodity you can only buy in a VPN service. IPVanish provides you with the best online privacy and security features in three basic pricing plans.

ipvanish pricing plans

  • A monthly package that goes for only $10.00 per month
  • Quarterly or 3 months package that costs only $8.99 per month
  • An annual plan that goes for $6.49 per month.

The monthly and the 3 month plan may seem a bit more expensive than other VPN providers, but the features and services you get actually merit the cost. A great thing about this VPN provider is the fact that all customers, regardless of the plan or package they choose, have equal access to all features and services. You even get WiFi hotspot protection and VoIP support with any plan you choose. It is also worth mentioning that IPVanish has a 3 day free trial option to help you make an informed purchase decision.

IPVanish accepts a wide range of payment options, including all the major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery, as well as PayPal and Bitcoin. They realize your need for anonymity, which is why they accept anonymous payment options such as Bitcoin which is well-known for processing payments without divulging personal data.

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Numerous IPVanish Servers across the Globe

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best VPN service is the number of servers and server locations each company boasts of. An in-depth study of IPVanish’s servers shows very impressive figures and locations. The company has over 500 servers located in 60 countries worldwide. Divergent geographical locations means users from any part of the world can easily connect to any server they wish to use. What’s more, you also have access to more than 40,000 IP addresses to enhance your security and privacy. Access to such a huge database of IPs also means that you can access geographically restricted content with ease.

ipvanish vpn servers and locations

IPVanish Features

One of the most attractive features of IPVanish VPN is the use of P2P as a bonus service. The VPN provider is quite safe to use. They do not keep their users’ metadata logs or connections for enhanced anonymity. The IPVanish client allows five simultaneous connections, meaning you can run it in your desktop and mobile device from the same account at the same time. This is quite useful, because you don’t have to keep switching on and off every time you want to run a session in a different platform.

How secure is IPVanish?

You get all the major protocols at IPVanish including OpenVPN which is recognized as the fastest and the most secure protocol running on a 256-bit AES encryption, SHA 256 authentication, and RSA 2048 handshaking. Add this top level security feature to the company’s logless policy and you have the most secure and private internet browsing service in the market today.

IPVanish further allows you to switch IPs whenever you want. Users are allowed to switch IPs either randomly or at pre-selected time intervals. This is a great option for those who really value their anonymity online. It is an effective method to stay off hackers’ and surveillance agencies’ radars.

ipvanish security and privacy

IPVanish Speed Tests

Tests done on randomly selected servers showed excellent connectivity and fast downloads. UK, US and Dutch based servers had an average 10MBPS. Streaming and browsing were also consistent without interruptions while using IPVanish servers.

Compatibility with other platforms

Besides the commonly used operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS X, IPVanish has installers and apps for iOS and Android platforms too. Fortunately, you’ll find detailed resources and manuals on how to configure the VPN manually in their website. There are tutorial guides and videos showing you how to set up and run the VPN quite easily.

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Customer Support 

Customer support is another important factor to check when evaluating a VPN service. You’ll be surprised at the number of services that brag about 24/7 support but actually fail to live to their claim. The best way to determine if a company’s customer and tech support is as good as they claim is by actually giving it a test to prove them right or wrong. We sent IPVanish’s tech support a quick connectivity query through their email system and received a response in less than ten minutes. That was pretty impressive compared to other VPN providers who have everything including a Live Chat system that is never active.

IPVanish provides a 24/7/365 customer and tech support, but lacks a Live Chat feature. Their email support system works fine and the response is not only fast, but detailed too. The staff at their end of the line must be skilled in all VPN matters besides being prompt and efficient. As far as customer support is concerned, we can vouch for IPVanish for fast response and skilled staff.

The company further provides a rich knowledge base filled with every type of tutorial you may need when setting up their VPN client. They provide detailed guides and videos in their website. In most cases, you’ll find a tutorial on any tech issue you may be facing in their knowledge base. You’ll also find software for different platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS with relevant set up tutorials. The guides are quite helpful for users of Ubuntu, Tomato routers, Chromebook, and DD-WRT, which can only be configured manually.

IPVanish no logs and privacy policy

One of the most ignored but extremely crucial aspects of any VPN provider is their privacy policy. Remember, the main reason why you are seeking for a good VPN provider is to protect your privacy and enhance your online security. It therefore makes no sense to engage the services of a VPN provider who violates your privacy in the first place. You want a VPN that will help you neglect geo-restrictions without storing your log and other online activities. This is why it is extremely important to study a company’s log and privacy policy before you decide to become their client.

Unlike other VPN providers who conceal their privacy policy in small print, IPVanish has their log and privacy clearly indicated for all to read and understand. The company clearly states that it does not keep any log, and goes further to describe what kind of information they may need from you and for what purpose. They are quite transparent and honest.

IPVanish VPN Review: Conclusion

We only have a positive report to give about IPVanish after a thorough analysis and testing of some of its key features and services. Its pricing plans may seem a bit higher than a few other VPN providers, but if you consider the value and the service you get, you’ll agree that the price is worth it. Its yearly plan is actually cheaper than what is offered by a majority of its competitors.

Besides being fully compatible with a variety of commonly used devices, IPVanish also provides free software for all the major platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. They also provide detailed tutorials on how to configure the VPN manually in other devices such as Ubuntu, Tomato routers, Chromebook, and DD-WRT.

You can also count on IPVanish for reliability and consistency provided by more than 500 servers located in 60 countries across the globe. This VPN provider gives users an extremely diverse range of over 40,000 IP addresses to use whenever they feel like. The wide range of IPs ensures that you can access any restricted content with ease.

They have a fast responding support system that is available 24 hours 7 days a week. The only downside is the lack of a Live Chat feature that would help to hasten things a little more. Given that this is a company that has dominated the industry for almost 15 years, we can give it a rating of 9.3 out of 10 for experience and reliability.

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Our Score

9.3 Awesome

IPVanish blazing fast servers and NO-LOGS policy is what make us to suggest this service to anyone looking for high anonimity and security. We really liked their best features and very affordable prices.

  • Price 9
  • Security 10
  • Speed 10
  • Support 8

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