VPNs that Accept Gift Cards: Checked & Confirmed

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The main reason people resort to VPN services is the desire to surf the internet completely anonymous. Isn’t it great to travel the world wide web when nobody knows who you are and what you do? VPNs feature vast functionality to ensure private browsing but there is a catch – they are aware of your identity. You share some details about your persona with your VPN provider when you pay for its service. While you can make use of a fake name and a burner email account during registration, PayPal or credit card linked to your bank account won’t let keep your real name secret. One of the bulletproof methods to purchase a VPN subscription incognito is a gift card. Below, we reviewed the three best VPNs that accept gift cards. So, are you ready to find out which providers are capable of supporting your anonymity? Let’s get started. 

Why Gift Cards is the Best Payment Option?

Unlike any other payment methods, gift cards leave no traces at all. You don’t need to enter your name, specify your bank account or provide any other identifying information to purchase a gift card. When you redeem it, a VPN service will have no clue who you are. There are other anonymous payment options as well but they are not available for the majority of people or just not as straightforward. For instance, not every person has a Bitcoin wallet. Moreover, this method is not completely anonymous if you linked your wallet to a bank account. If you don’t want to bother opening a Bitcoin account, a gift card is the easiest and the most accessible way to pay for a VPN provider anonymously. 

What Makes the Best VPN

In spite of the fact that all VPN providers claim they focus on user privacy, only a handful of services allow gift card payments. This method requires some extra effort from VPN vendors so most companies just ignores it. Their excuse is that they have an anonymous connection so there is no way somebody can trace particular online activities back to the users. Indeed, if a VPN service records absolutely no logs, nobody will be able to find out about your browsing habits even if you are registered with your real name. Unfortunately, many services are not completely honest with their users and they do carry out logging despite stating otherwise.

The bottom line is that when you pay with a gift card, it gives you the desired peace of mind that your identity is kept secret from all the parties involved. Make sure you also focus on other important aspects of a VPN when picking a secure provider for your needs, namely:

  • Privacy-friendly jurisdiction;
  • Zero-logging policy;
  • Strong encryption;
  • All-around security services;

Only a combination of these features makes it possible to take the most of a VPN service.

The Best VPN Services that Accept Gift Cards

Now, without further ado, these are the best VPNs that accepts gift card payments:

  1. PureVPN
  2. Private Internet Access
  3. TorGuard

Let’s look at each provider in more detail.


If you are looking for a feature-packed and affordable VPN that accepts gift cards, pay your attention at PureVPN. You can redeem your Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Target, etc. gift card to get the subscription. There are three plans available including an economically-priced biannual tariff with a generous 74% off. As a PureVPN client, you’ll benefit from industry-standard encryption, server-level protection, leak-free connection, around-the-clock support, and straightforward apps. The service doesn’t execute traffic logging so the traces of your online activities can’t bring authorities back to you. PureVPN network covers 140 countries and currently it includes 3000+ ultra-fast servers. 

Private Internet Access

PIA offers three options when it comes to subscription– one-month, annual, and 2-year plans. While the month-to-month tariff is priced averagely, the long-duration commitment will please you with a solid 65% discount. The membership comes with military-grade encryption, access to 3300 anonymous servers in 32 countries, super-fast connection speed, and easy-to-use apps for literally any device. Another feature that makes private browsing possible with PIA is strict zero-logging policy. Private Internet Access doesn’t bother to collect or record any data about your online activities, not even non-invasive connection logs. The service accepts the following gift cards: Starbucks, Walmart, and Best Buy.


Originally, TorGuard has been created to cater to torrent enthusiast seeking anonymous file sharing. Today, it is more than a highly specialized service for torrenting. Thanks to blazing-fast servers, solid coverage, top of the line encryption, and convenient apps, you can use it for any kind of online activities. TorGuard is one of a few services that actually carry out a no-condition log-less policy. None of the provider’s 3000+ servers in 68 countries records metadata or traffic logs. Besides the option to pay with a credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin, you can redeem your Burger King, Circle K, Subway, and more than other 100 brands gift cards. To make use of the latter payment method, select the Paymentwall option on the provider’s website. 

Things You Should Know When Paying for a VPN with a Gift Card

Whether you pay with plastic or use a gift card, signing up and purchasing a VPN is a breeze. This article highlights all necessary steps you need to take to buy a VPN with a gift card. Meanwhile, there are some important things you should keep in mind before you get started.

To get money to its pocket, a VPN provider has to sell a gift card cheaper than its face value. That’s why the price for a VPN subscription paid with a gift card will increase by 20-30% in comparison to other payment methods. Make sure a card you have is able to cover the actual price plus all required conversion fees. Normally, you will see the total cost of your purchase while checking out. 

To complete the signing up process and pay, you need to enter an ID number printed on your gift card. We recommend using cards of well-known brands since it increases your chances to find a VPN provider accepting those. As soon as you redeem your card, you will get a confirmation email telling you what steps to do next to verify your account. Once you’ve paid with a gift card, there is no way back if you want to cancel a subscription and get your money back. Unlike other payment methods, this option is non-refundable. 

The Bottom Line

When paying with a gift card, there is no link between your identity and your VPN account. With this method, you will keep your provider in the dark regarding your persona. Even if a VPN is forced to share user data with authorities, it will have absolutely no useful information about you. Try one of the services we talked about in this post to keep your privacy intact.


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