TorGuard VPN Review and Test: Simplistic but Reliable

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Respected for its up-front honesty over personal privacy and security, TorGuard has carved a strong niche as the VPN that is not just super-fast and secure with no traffic limits. It is a company that does go that extra mile. If you are looking for a decent service, this OpenVPN, with built-in app kill, is it. It ticks all the boxes while throwing in some cool and very useful extras. It promises five simultaneous connections, with unlimited bandwidth and multiple protocols.

Torguard Pro’s

  • 256-AES secure encryption
  • Supports TCP and UDP protocols
  • WebRTC leak block and DNS leak block
  • Applications for most platforms
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Fast with download speeds of 32 Mbps
  • Auto start for peace of mind
  • User friendly
  • Built-in app kill
  • Kill switch
  • 99.9% uptime (100% when I tested it)
  • Good customer support
  • Clear pricing plans
  • Cost-effective

Torguard Con’s

  • Simplistic design, even with recent tweaks – though it is an aid to the overall user experience, keeping things straightforward
  • Would like to have been able to see a map of available servers (maybe I missed it)
  • TorGuard does keep some connection logs. However, they point out these are only aggregate ones. This did not concern me, given the overall high level of security provided, but may be a consideration for someone else.

Torguard Pricing Plans

TorGuard VPN is competitively priced. The company states accounts can be cancelled within seven days without a financial penalty. The following VPN price plans were valid at the time of my product review in October 2018:

To start with, there are four options, beginning with the monthly bundle at $9.99, then a quarterly option at $19.99. Followed by a yearly package at $59.99, and finally a semi-annual deal at $29.99 every six months. Additionally, TorGuard accepts debit/credit cards, PayPal and Cryptocurrencies when you sign up.

Additional price plans are available for Anonymous Email, and on TorGuard’s website, I noticed VPN and Proxy bundle deals as well as a promotion on VPN routers.

The Testing of TorGuard VPN

Having tested this VPN, I can certainly recommend it, here are my findings.

I tested this network’s all-around capability and found it was on the money for both P2P file-sharing via BitTorrent as well as torrenting. Additional TorGuard services I think you may find useful include a secure email server, network kill switch, VPN routers and stealth VPN for users in countries, such as China, Saudi Arabia, Iran where there is censorship. An economical anonymous proxy service is also available from this VPN provider.

Encryption options on all servers include BF-CBC, AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC. This VPN also supports the following protocols: PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Not everyone is worried that their ISP is spying on them, but safeguarding personal data is vital now that there are literally tens of thousands of hackers trying to steal our private information.

Torguard Security and Encryption

If you are like me and regard security as the top priority when sharing files, you will understand why all VPN reviews have to guarantee the software properly secures and encrypts data, in my case with 256-AES, as it travels between digital devices. Let’s face it, in this day and age; security can’t be left to chance. This VPN boasts more than 1,600 servers in over 50 countries, including locations outside of the US and Europe. It also offers high-end WebRTC leak block and DNS leak block, proving it is a strong contender for those who really value security.

With a name derived from ‘Torrent’, many people wrongly associate this VPN provider with the Torrent Anonymity Network. There is no connection and, while TorGuard has probably set the record straight on more than one occasion, it must be a niggling annoyance that the misunderstanding persists.

Ease of Use and Speed

When I tested TorGuard VPN using the Windows application, I enjoyed a seamless service. This anonymous VPN provider supports most platforms, including Linux, Android, OS X and iOS. I found my results mirrored many of those reported for other platforms, suggesting TorGuard has managed to develop a Virtual Private Network that works well across most systems. It is not surprising it has won praise from Linux users, who often feel left out when application advancements are released.

TorGuard Client

torguard client app

I accessed the VPN service using the TorGuard client, which I found user-friendly. It took me nine minutes to initially set up the software, which I considered time well spent. I simply entered my details and selected my preferred server (I could have let TorGuard choose one for me). Although the app looked simplistic in nature, its minimalistic design proved extremely user-friendly – something that doesn’t go amiss when you are trying something for the first time. Remember, functionality is more important than the design of an app. In fact, once I started using it, I found it rather aesthetically pleasing.

I was up-and-running with this VPN literally within seconds, once I had logged in. Download speeds were as good as 41 Mbps, while I achieved upload speeds of up to 32 Mbps. I was happy with that, having tested VPNs in a similar price range that underperformed, or were so slow they left me wondering if they had securely encrypted my data at all.


I liked the fact that this VPN can be set to auto-start. I dread to think how many people have invested in VPNs and then forgotten to switch them on. The additional security features, such as WebRTC leak block and DNS leak block, further bolstered my confidence in this app. I also appreciated the integral app kill and kill switch features, which meant I could share files knowing the network would disconnect if the VPN failed. Of course, it performed without incident throughout my trial.

For functionality and speed, I like this VPN. It offers the necessary protection, it’s very fast and all while keeping things nice and simple.

Mobile VPN Apps

TorGuard’s client apps for mobile devices were updated earlier this year. The overhaul has received rave reviews for combining sleek, trendy looks and bespoke features. Available for iPhone as well as Android devices, it is available from app stores.

TorGuard Anonymous Proxy, $5.95 per Month

If you are in the market for an anonymous proxy service, TorGuard’s version is more keenly priced than some well-known alternatives. Many people choose to have an anonymous proxy on standby, in addition to a VPN. Quite simply, this is because there are occasions when most of us will need a tool that effectively hides our IP address. I tested it using torrent applications via a browser extension in Chrome and with my normal internet connection. The login process was straightforward and quick, and I had no problems using the feature.


torguard vpn privacy

Before testing the VPN, TorGuard made me aware of its full privacy policy, which I found surprisingly honest and helpful. For example, it does not store identifying logs and, therefore, cannot match IP addresses to users’ accounts. However, it does store aggregate logs.

The company clearly explains the process of what happens with personal information when court orders are received, and how its legal experts handle individual cases. As would be expected from a company that provides an online security service, TorGuard does not sell its users’ information or transfer them to business partners without an account holder’s express consent.

Customer Support

With an extensive support service, TorGuard breaks the mould when it comes to offering customer care for an app. While it does have community forums and its Knowledge Base, it also provides video tutorials, an informative blog and, very helpfully, email and live chat support services.

When I accessed the site to do some research, the live chat automatically kicked in – a great time-saver for someone who doesn’t want to trawl through tutorials, FAQs and forums or wait for a response to an email. I asked the customer support operator a question about connection speed times and I got a quick, professional and, what turned out to be, accurate answer.

For a business providing online security services, it provides multiple support options to help users get the most from its software and tools.

Torguard Review: Final Thoughts

What I appreciate about TorGuard is its clear pricing plan. It is easy to see what you are getting and how much for. Additional security services are clearly explained. Personally, I recommend you give it a try, I doubt you will regret it! Although, Torguard isn’t the only decent service available. You may also be interested in NordVPN, and ExpressVPN.


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