Does TorGuard Keep Logs

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TorGuard is a prominent player in the VPN industry. It is extremely popular among torrent users. After all, Tor in its name stands for torrent. However, have you ever thought how safe you really are when using this provider? All VPNs with one voice promise to protect their customers but sadly, they do not always keep their word. Therefore, I intended to check if TorGuard keeps logs or other sensitive information about its subscribers. Read further to find out what I discovered.

Where is TorGuard VPN Based?

Like many other VPNs, TorGuard is registered in the US. From the standpoint of privacy-oriented services, America does not have a favorable legislation. Despite the absence of laws on compulsory data collection, a court may order a VPN to provide information about its clients if they are involved in illegal activities. In addition, the US is a long-standing member of the spy union the 5 Eyes. Allied countries have the right to conduct intelligence activities in the interests of each other and they exchange received data. VPNs can get around the legislation only if they have no idea about the subscribers’ activities and the ways their services are used. So, does TorGuard know anything about its clients?

Does TorGuard Record User Logs?

Luckily for the service’s users, there are no logs retained across the board. The only data the provider requires is your user name, email, and payment information (it does not store credit card info). However, if you create a fake email account and use anonymous payment method (i.e. cryptocurrency) your identity will remain secret. TorGuard also records the time and date of your registration to prevent abuse or fraud.

TorGuard’s website may collect some analytics data but you can opt out of it. Anyway, all this information has nothing to do with connection or traffic logs.

Some users inquire how TorGuard handles its refund policy with a limit of 10GB data usage. The company’s representative answered that they do log bandwidth at the interface but it doesn’t involve traffic monitoring. I would like the privacy policy to be more clean-cut about such things but if it’s the only thing that is retained I am ok with that. As soon as the service turns a blind eye to your IP address and timestamps, you can feel safe when using TorGuard.

If you would like to get more detailed information about this provider and its features, feel free to visit my TorGuard review page.

TorGuard Logging Policy Conclusion

It may be tempting for VPN services to collect logs but TorGuard decided to keep the history clean. The vendor asks to provide some information (your user name, email and payment details) but you are not obliged to expose your identity. After all, there are anonymous payment methods in place. The bottom line is – TorGuard doesn’t keep connection or user logs and it is safe to use whatever your online activity may be.


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