Does HideMyAss Keep Logs

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When coming across a VPN provider with such a telling name, you immediately imagine a safe and anonymous service. One of the core elements of security for virtual private networks is the absence of records relating to users activity. Therefore, before signing up for this service, you should inquire if HideMyAss keeps logs. I analyzed the company’s privacy policy and here is what I concluded.

HideMyAss Jurisdiction

HideMyAss is a subsidiary company of Avast. While the latter is Czech-based, HideMyAss is registered in the United Kingdom. The country is known for its massive surveillance practices. It is also confirmed by its membership in the 5 Eyes spy alliance. It means that the government stops at nothing to obtain information on people they monitor. The country even shares those findings with its intelligence partners (the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, as well as the members of the 9 and 14 Eyes).

A UK’s court has a right to demand any data from HideMyAss regarding their users, and once it issues a warrant, the service must obey. When working in the privacy-hostile jurisdiction, VPNs can’t protect clients’ identities unless they exercise totally log-less policies. Unfortunately, this is not the case with HideMyAss.

What Information Does HideMyAss Log?

When you subscribe to a VPN provider, you hope it can protect you on the web. This is what HMA review and Cody Kretsinger thought while using HideMyAss. The provider let them down and now they are serving time in prison. I am not trying to justify the actions of these men, both did horrible things no doubt, but isn’t online security the reason why we resort to VPNs in the first place? HideMyAss clearly failed in this mission.

The service is not able to keep the history of clients’ connections clean. While they claim no to monitor traffic, they retain the next most sensitive information about the clients, their IP addresses. Along with timestamps showing times of connections and disconnections, the amount of bandwidth consumed, and IP’s of servers used, it is a no brainer to detect what a particular user did online. The promises to ‘hide your ass’ are really a trap and when you entrust your online freedom to such deceiving services, you get into it.

Even if you do not plan any illegal activity, it is always good to have a partner that will cover for you when you need it. For instance, wouldn’t it be great if your VPN protected you if you happened to download a copyrighted material? HideMyAss won’t do it. The internet is full of complaints that the provider suspends accounts of users who violated DMCA.

To be fair, HideMyAss has some great features. Learn more about them from our detailed HMA review.

The Best Log-Free Alternative to HideMyAss

You don’t have to settle for a questionable service when there are so many alternatives around. When it comes to VPNs that take your safety seriously, NordVPN is probably the best of the bunch. Not only is it registered in a privacy-positive country but also has a genuine root and branch zero-logging policy. NordVPN is really blind to what you do online, and if authorities demand any user data, the service is mute as well.

In Conclusion

HideMyAss is a provider you can’t trust to hide your personality on the web. It knows too much about its user, thus putting them in danger in the face of snoopers and law enforcement agencies. Two high profile cases with the provider’s clients prove that it doesn’t hesitate to assist authorities in criminal investigations. I am sure you are not devising anything illegal, but today a trustworthy and reliable VPN is a must for everybody. With HideMyAss’ logging policy being a total joke, it is simply unsafe to use.


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