Does NordVPN Keep Logs

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Internet users appreciate VPNs because these services are able to hide people’s identity and ensure a reliable protection during their virtual journeys. To safeguard their clients, VPNs supply unbreakable data encryption and provide IP masking. However, these anonymity-enabling measures go down the drain if a provider records user logs. Therefore, before choosing a vendor you need to carefully examine its privacy policy. NordVPN is a favorite service for millions of users around the globe. It is famous thanks to its outstanding online security features, but what about logs? Does NordVPN keep logs and if it does why should it bother you? Let’s figure it out together.

Why Jurisdiction Matters

The NordVPN’s legal name is Tefincom co S.A. The company is registered in Panama. Why do you need to know this stuff? It’s simple, legal entities have to comply with laws and regulations of countries they are registered in. Some countries have laws on compulsory data retention. Needless to say that if a VPN service retains any information about its users it can’t be considered safe. Therefore, providers strive to find countries that didn’t adopt such laws. Panama is one such privacy-friendly regions. So, the country’s legislation doesn’t oblige NordVPN to collect or store any data that can be harmful to their clients.

NordVPN’s Logging Policy

As we’ve already learned, NordVPN doesn’t have to retain info about their subscribers, but maybe they do it off their own bat? It is known that certain providers record some statistics to provide better services, as they say. But it is not the case with NordVPN. The company made it clear on their site that they don’t keep any logs whatsoever.

Why are these logs important? If some of the service’s clients are suspected of law infringement, a court’s decision may force a company to provide data they have. But if there is absolutely no data to yield then all the users are safe no matter what they have done online. So, if you choose NordVPN, you can be sure that nobody will find out the sites that you visit and the files you download.

A bulletproof zero-logging policy is a pledge that no one will ever find out what you do on the web. NordVPN itself doesn’t know about it. Therefore, no law-enforcement agencies or NSA have a chance to get their hands on your data. A favorable jurisdiction in Panama is another factor that made NordVPN one of the most anonymous services around.

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