Best VPN for Showbox: Fast & Affordable

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Many call Showbox a poor man’s Netflix. No, it is not because Showbox is much worse (in fact, it is very similar to Netflix when it comes to usability and the library size), just due to the fact that the service is free. Since the first days after its launch, Showbox gained a huge army of users who can’t afford a costly subscription with one of the legit video-on-demand platforms. This Android app has one more edge over the competitors – it doesn’t implement geo restrictions. The downside of the service is that it is not quite legal because it allows streaming copyrighted content without owning a proper license. As a user, it is unlikely that you face any legal troubles if watching movies or shows on Showbox. Nevertheless, there are reasons to implement a VPN on your device every time you use the streaming app. In this article, we introduce the best VPN for Showbox to improve your streaming experience and enhance your privacy.

Why Use a VPN with Showbox?

Unlike many other streaming services, Showbox uses torrent technology for video streaming. You can even download a video file instead of actually streaming it. Because being similar to torrenting, Showbox might be banned in your country. It is also known that many public WiFi networks (for instance, in a hotel, restaurant, at work, etc.) forbid peer-to-peer traffic so you won’t be able to use Showbox on those. If you face any of these obstacles, the solution is simple. Just enable a VPN on your device and it will help you get around geo-blocking and firewalls.

If torrenting and video streaming is allowed on your network but you can’t fully enjoy it due to a slow connection, a VPN can help once again. Some ISPs carry out throttling for bandwidth-consuming activities, and video streaming via Showbox is among those. When you establish a connection with a VPN server, your data gets encrypted, which protects traffic against inspection. Thus, your Internet service provider won’t be able to understand what you actually do online and, consequently, it can’t implement throttling. 

The Best VPNs for Showbox You Can Use

Before you subscribe to any VPN service, you should ask yourself “Does it have everything necessary to be a good fit for Showbox?” Just take a list we provide below and check off the key features your service must have to smoothly work with Showbox:

  • Excellent connection speeds;
  • Support P2P traffic;
  • User-friendly apps for Android devices;
  • No-Logs policy;
  • Uncompromising user security;
  • Helpful customer support.

If your current provider lacks any of those features, maybe it’s time to change it to something better?

Whether you are going to switch to a different service or just require a reliable VPN for Showbox, you will definitely appreciate the VPNs we listed below. 

1. NordVPN

This Panama-based provider benefits from privacy-friendly jurisdiction. The service is not accountable to law enforcement agencies of other countries so you can rest assured that your online activities are kept secret. Another reason to trust NordVPN is a foolproof no-log policy. Not only that but the provider features military-grade encryption to make sure no one is able to monitor your traffic. When it comes to connection speeds, NordVPN shows good performance although far-away servers might be a bit slower. The service has more than 5,500 servers in 60+ countries and you can use them all to watch Showbox because there are no restrictions on torrenting. NordVPN’s app for Android and other devices is beyond praise and if you ever need help or assistance, tech support is available 24/7. NordVPN is a service you can afford especially when it offers incredible 75% discounts for long-duration plans. Every subscription option comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so go ahead and try it without any risk.

2. ExpressVPN

As its name suggests, ExpressVPN takes pride in lightning-fast connection speed. No matter which server you choose (it currently has 3,000+ servers in 94 countries), you’ll have a fast and smooth experience. Since the service supports torrenting across the board, you are not limited to a particular location to stream Showbox. In terms of security, you can benefit from a favorable jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands (the country has no compulsory data retention laws and doesn’t cooperate with intelligence agencies) and privacy-friendly logging policy. Thanks to top of the line encryption backed up with anti-leak technology and Kill Switch, ExpressVPN is safe and secure. Its VPN client for mobile devices is considered the most easy-to-use in the industry and a friendly tech support service is accessible around the clock. Although ExpressVPN is not that cheap, you can still afford it, especially if you make use of its 35% off for an annual plan. The 30-day refund policy is in place is you want to change your mind and get your money back.

3. IPVanish

Thanks to the self-managed network, IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN providers around. Choose any of its 1,200+ servers to enjoy a comfortable uninterrupted connection. Not only is the service good for streaming but also for torrenting because its allowed without any restrictions. If you prefer to download videos from Showbox instead of streaming them, you may also make use of anonymous and limitless SOCKS5 proxy provided by IPVanish. What is great about the provider is that you can use up to 10 simultaneous connections. The service doesn’t record logs of users’ activities and it is an excellent feature in terms of user security. IPVanish’s software can be installed on a multitude of devices and it is one of the most convenient clients we’ve ever tested. The service’s reps are ready to answer your questions 24/7 and if you need immediate assistance, there is even a phone support. IPVanish features affordable prices for all subscription plans and there is even a 7-day money back guarantee to test it out risk-free for your budget.

Here’s How Use Showbox Safely with a VPN

Since Showbox is designed for Android, you will need to install a VPN on the same device you have the app on (a smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV). Alternatively, you can use Showbox on your computer with an emulator such as BlueStacks. As for iOS users, they may install vShare to access Showbox. 

The Showbox is not available through Google Play so you will have to figure out how to install it manually from the Showbox website. On the other hand, if you were able to get Showbox on your device, you won’t have any troubles to set up a VPN which is much easier to configure. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Subscribe to any VPN service you see on our list.
  2. Download and install its app on your device.
  3. Start the app, and connect to a preferred VPN server.
  4. Now you can safely use Showbox.

That’s all you have to do. It’s simple, isn’t it?

Which Free VPNs are Good for Showbox?

If you require a short answer, here it is – there are no good free VPNs for Showbox. Why? Because all free services feature terrible speeds. Well, you can start playing a video, pause it, and wait till it fully loads, but this will require a bunch of time and will eventually end up with you being disappointed and frustrated. By the way, you won’t stream that much with free VPNs because they have data caps limited by just a few Gb of data. Moreover, there is a chance that a selected provider doesn’t support Showbox at all since the app uses a torrent technology (peer to peer traffic is banned by many free VPN providers). If a sluggish speed and bandwidth limits are not a deal-breaker, you might want to reconsider your idea about using free VPNs because they collect data about your activities. This might potentially pose a threat to your security.

The Bottom Line

It is a great idea to team up Showbox with a VPN to unblock the service if your network bans it and ensure a streamline connection. VPNs’ security features will also give you the peace of mind when it comes to your security. With one of the best VPNs for Showbox, the Internet will become a significantly safer place.


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