Best VPN for Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has a special status of an autonomous region within the People’s Republic of China. However, the proximity to China has heavily affected Hong Kong’s legislation regarding Internet regulation and the privacy of its residents. The region is out of range of the infamous Great Firewall of China but this does not mean that users can benefit from the restrictions-free Internet. Moreover, every time surfing the web, you become vulnerable to spies, cybercriminals, and other prying eyes. You can protect yourself from shady netizens by simply employing a VPN service. Our article is dedicated to the best VPN for Hong Kong as well as reasons why every expat or tourist should have it.

The Best VPNs for Hong Kong

Regardless of whether you are a tourist or a Hong Kong citizen, you need a secure, flexible, user-friendly, and fast service. You have to make sure your VPN provider supplies top-of-the-range encryption protocols including OpenVPN, IP, DNS and WebRTC leak protection, Kill Switch emergency disconnection tool, and other essential security features. The best Hong Kong VPN should also deliver superb connection speeds as well as a robust selection of servers in this region and around the world. 

Our expert team has conducted comprehensive research to find out which providers may qualify for the title of the best VPN for Hong Kong. Our hands-on tests show that these services will suit every user in this autonomous region:

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Do you want to know a little bit more about these providers? We have prepared brief reviews of their main features:


NordVPN is an ideal provider for individuals seeking all-around security. This service retains absolutely no logs so all your online traces will be covered immediately. Uncrackable OpenVPN protocol and strong ciphers are responsible for ultra protection. If you think that the industry standard is not enough, you may resort to Double VPN or Onion Over VPN servers. NordVPN boasts the most developed network comprising of 5,200+ servers that cover 62 countries, including 48 units in Hong Kong. The service is torrent-friendly and it protects its users from any leaks. You can try one of its reasonably-priced subscription plans without any risk (we recommend a 3-year subscription thanks to an impressive 75% off) because you are protected by a 30-day refund policy. All these key-features make NordVPN our #1 VPN for Hong Kong.


If you are seeking blazing connection speeds, ExpressVPN is the optimum service to go for. It offers more than 2,000 super fast servers across the globe including 6 locations in Hong Kong. You can be sure that ExpressVPN stores no logs and its security features are beyond all praise. Military-grade OpenVPN encryption protocol, DNS-leak protection, and an Internet Kill Switch are at your service. The provider is renowned for intuitive user-friendly software that is optimized for virtually every operating system and Internet-compatible device. ExpressVPN is a premium service with premium prices but you can get a significantly lower price with its 1-year plan. Don’t be scared to join the ExpressVPN family because if you find the service to be unsatisfactory, it will return your money in full within 30 days.


This provider is actually registered in Hong Kong and is able to benefit from the lenient data retention legislature. It means that PureVPN doesn’t have to store or collect any user data. This fact combined with strong encryption, leak-free connection, and other security features makes PureVPN one of the most user-focused VPN providers. You are able to tailor the service according to your needs by enabling some useful add-ons including port forwarding, dedicated IP address, and DDoS protection. The provider has built a global server network covering 140 countries and it has 24 servers in Hong Kong. You can become a member by choosing one of its affordable subscription plans (1-month, 1-year, and 5-year options are available). If the service fails to meet your needs, you can use its 31-day money back guarantee. 

Can I Use a Free VPN for Hong Kong?

The answer is ‘yes’ if you don’t give a damn about your online privacy. However, if you are a cautious individual, you should stay away from these questionable services. It has been proven that free providers log user activities and monitor their browsing behavior. Then they sell this data to advertisers or hand it over to the authorities if they order. Some providers even use subscribers’ devices to build a botnet. Even if you managed to find a safe free VPN, you will find its coverage unsatisfactory and speeds being below par. Such services won’t provide access to geo-blocked content and data caps will make their usage limited anyway. 

Why Use a VPN in Hong Kong?

Due to the GovWiFi project, WiFi is available to everybody and everywhere throughout the entire Hong King. Free Internet is undoubtedly a great thing but you should not forget about possible threats it may carry. If you want to safeguard yourself from hackers or government espionage, enjoy unrestricted access, and ensure greater anonymity, you should use a VPN every time you go online. This is how a VPN can improve your online experience:

Avoid surveillance

There have been numerous reports over the last few years proving that China authorities monitor Internet usage. They severely punish people who express thoughts about the independence of Hong Kong or other ideas the ruling communist party may not like. If you are one of such renegades, you must be very careful with what you say online, otherwise, you will end up in jail. A VPN is able to hide your virtual location and cover your every track. You can speak your mind freely without worrying that the authorities will come after you.

Get Past Geo Restrictions

Every traveler knows that major streaming and gaming services adjust their platforms according to users’ locations. It means that you will have access to totally different video catalogs and products in Hong Kong in comparison with a country you came from. If you miss having your favorite shows on Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc. when you travel, you should get yourself a VPN. By using a VPN, you can trick streaming services and make them grant access because they will believe that you are located in your home country. 

Secure Your WiFi Network

Free WiFi in Hong Kong it very convenient for locals and visitors but public networks provide weak protection from hackers, identity thieves, online sniffers, etc. These criminals can get access to your sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details, hack your email or social media accounts, and infect your device with dangerous malware. However, if you have a VPN, you don’t have to worry. This software will encrypt your private communications and every bit of traffic you send through your network. Even if they get their hands on your data, it will be impossible to read or make use of.


A VPN is a must-have for every privacy-conscious user who lives in Hong Kong or visits it as a tourist. By choosing one of the best VPNs for Hong Kong, you are able to secure all your online activities, avoid monitoring, and get past annoying geo-restrictions.


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