Best VPN for Canada and Why You Should Use One

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While Canada has earned a reputation for sting one of the most friendly and hospitable nations. There’s no doubt that web access is subject to the same frustrating restrictions as those faced by their American neighbors. As such, the search for the best VPN for Canada has become a common practice amongst the tech-savvy.

Why use a VPN in Canada?

Using a VPN in Canada allows you to re-route your internet connection. Doing so makes it possible to fool websites into thinking they are being accessed from another country. That, in turn, provides you with the necessary permissions to view content that would otherwise be Geo-locked.

Thanks to this technology, many providers now have packages and software allowing you to enjoy just that at affordable prices.

Importantly, you need to be aware of Canada’s membership of the Five Eyes and Fourteen Eyes pact. This growing coalition of intelligence sharing countries actively collects personal communication data. That’s voice, text, and internet, as such if you choose a VPN based in Canada or another member country, it’s not secure!

Any such company could be legally forced to collect data logs, concerning the time, date and what sites you visit.

The Best VPN for Canada – My Selection

Now, when it comes to identifying which is the best VPN for Canada, there are many factors to consider. Which means, it could be little tricky to give the prestigious title to just one service. Why? Because, some VPNs excel at speed, others boast better security, and some offer a higher number of server locations.

What this means, is that the best VPN service in Canada depends on what it is you’re looking to do. To help you identify which one suits you best, I’ve rounded-up three outstanding all-rounders. I believe all three can and will help you to get started on your VPN journey.

1. NordVPN


  • Based in Panama a None Five Eyes Country
  • Wide range of server locations for quick browsing and streaming
  • User-friendly and highly intuitive software client
  • Allows up to 6 simultaneous users


  • Slightly more expensive than rival VPN providers
  • Really, it’s difficult to be critical of this one

Often thought of as the Rolls Royce of the VPN world, NordVPN for Canada is the best choice for the security conscious. One huge plus is being based in Panama, it is considered to be somewhat outside of the five-eyes pacts reach, so offers greater identity protection. In fact, it is one among a few VPNs which enables the use of Tor and a VPN, together they actively increases your security!

With more than 5,000-servers located in 62-countries across the globe, you can enjoy double encryption, plus impressive download speeds. Connecting to its servers is also a breeze, as six devices are allowed at any one time, meaning you can access country specific content from all over the world.

NordVPN is certainly among the best VPNs, not just for security and features, but also because of its payment options. You can pay with credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, and if you don’t like it, you can take advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee. Click on the link below and try it today.

2. ExpressVPN


  • Based in the British Virgin Islands a None Five Eyes Country
  • Available across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • High-performance servers with reliable connections
  • Considered to be the Best VPN by many. Not just for the Canada.


  • Can only be used across 3-devices simultaneously
  • Price higher than average

My second choice is considered by many, to be the defacto best, why? Because not only does ExpressVPN for Canada offer excellent download rates which make it perfect for streaming video and gaming. But, it also, has 2.000+ servers located across the world, all of which are optimized for unlimited bandwidth, connections, and it doesn’t throttle!

Furthermore, if you have multiple devices, i.e., smartphones (Android and iPhone,) plus tablets, and computers (Windows and Linux.) Getting up and running can be done with the tap of a button, it’s that easy!

Better, still, ExpressVPN, is incredibly secure, meaning, if you’re privacy-conscious, its the go-to VPN! Features such as DNS leak protection and a kill switch, protect your identity even if the VPN stops working.

If you want to find out more about ExpressVPN read my complete review click here.

Use the link below to get started with ExpressVPN, try it risk free, you are covered with their 30-day money back guarantee.

3. IPVanish


  • Smooth and formidably accessible desktop app
  • Automatically connects you to the fastest server available


  • Only the more expensive subscription offers simultaneous use
  • Limited features available when compared to competing VPN providers
  • Based in the USA a founding member of Five Eyes

Finally, my third choice VPN for Canadians and the cheapest for a one-year subscription is IPVanish. Costing just $4.87/mo billed annually at $58.49, it’s the cheapest of my three! And you still get quick download speeds for up to three devices to enjoy simultaneously.

Yes, IPVanish has fewer servers than ExpressVPN and NordVPN, but, they are situated in 64-countries, all of which have proven to be popular. Which means you can sign up and enjoy access to content which is typically geo-blocked.

Additionally, just like the very best, IPVanish offers 256-bit encryption, and collects absolutely no-logs! Meaning, that, for a that low price you can get military grade protection and be safe from prying eyes.

If you want to find out more about what this provider has to offer, read our in-depth review.

Using a free VPN in Canada?

While there exists a wide array of free VPN services for Canada, the advantages of paid subscriptions are far too great to overlook. Indeed, with faster servers, enhanced security, and no bandwidth restrictions, it certainly pays, to subscribe. Like everything else in life, free has its uses, but, it doesn’t compare, to using a fully-featured paid for Canadian VPN.

For the most part, yes, they are free, but, you will find data usage restrictions. Plus features switched off and only available to premium users. So, my advice is, if you want all of the security, and access to content 24/7, go with a paid service.

Streaming Via a VPN in Canada

If you want to stream foreign content inside Canada using Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, BBC iPlayer or another, you’ll want to look out for download speeds, uptime performance, and other reliability factors.


If your primary reason for using a VPN is to shop at country-specific retailer sites, say Walmart, or BestBuy in the US. You will likely be concerned with the security of your financial information. As such, the best VPN in Canada would be one that focusses on security. My advice is, look to 256-bit encryption as a perfect place to start.


Finally, for the Canadian gamer, it’s important to understand that download speed is not your only concern. No, you also need to take into consideration, server lag-time, and up-time. All of which when combined, can seriously affect your gameplay if your provider is poor at even a single one of them.

Additionally, it’s wise to research where the servers are located before you select which service to sign up to. Why? Because, ideally, you want a server that is as close to you as possible. Having that will mean you can access and enjoy faster connections when playing.

And the Best VPN to use in Canada is?

Personally, my favorite of the above three VPNs in NordVPN. Why? Because as an all-around service, it ticks all the boxes. That is, great encryption, fast servers, vast choice of locations, no log keeping, relatively affordable, the list could go on! But, more importantly, thousands of user reviews, reiterate my view.


Ultimately, after reading this Canada VPN guide, you’ll have a better understanding of your choices. Plus realize, that the three companies I reviewed offer enough to get you on your way.

My advice to you is click the link beneath your chosen provider. Doing so will provide you with details, including prices and features, actual server speeds and more.


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