Best New York VPN Services

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There are a lot of reasons why you might be planning a trip to New York City. Around 60 million people flock to the Big Apple every year from other states in the US as well as countries around the world. The city boasts numerous tourist attractions, is a hub for global business, and also plays host to many conventions, festivals and events.

While you are in NYC, you will probably rely a lot on public wi-fi networks for your access to the web. If you do nothing to secure your connection, you are taking a big risk with your data.

Just last year, NY Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that data breaches for the state had gone up by 60%, which is a record. Those breaches exposed the private information of 1.6 million people in the state.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you look for a New York VPN to use to stay safe. Only then can you be sure that hackers will not be able to access your sensitive data.

Top New York VPNs to Use

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What to Look For in a VPN for New York

When you are searching for a VPN to use in NYC, the following features are important:

  • Security features. To protect yourself from hackers and other prying eyes, you need to choose a VPN which includes cutting-edge encryption to secure your data.
  • High speeds and bandwidth. You may very well be on a network with a lot of other users. For that reason, you should choose a VPN for New York which is not going to slow down your connection any more—and which may even speed it up.  Opt for a service which provides you with high speeds and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Kill switch. What if you get disconnected from your VPN without warning? If you continue to remain online, your data could be exposed to the world. A kill switch will cut off your connection until the VPN is back up and running.

Should You Use a Free or Paid VPN in New York?

Do you really need to pay for a NYC VPN, or can you just get one for free? Well, you can use a free VPN in NYC, but it is not going to deliver the security, speed or bandwidth you need. Companies offering free services simply cannot afford to provide you with the full functionality you would get from a paid VPN. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you spend a few dollars a month to enjoy real quality.

What If Your Need a VPN Server in New York to Disguise Your IP Address?

Did you find this article because you are looking for a VPN server in NYC, as opposed to a VPN to use in the state? The best VPNs do offer servers in America, including in New York. Scroll back up to our list of recommendations at the top of the page. These VPNs work great whether you are physically in the city or you want to appear as if you have a NY IP address.

Conclusion: You Can Stay Safe with a VPN

You cannot go too far these days to protect yourself from hackers. Cyber crime is on the rise in New York and around the world. With a New York VPN, you can disguise your IP address, enjoy impressive speeds and unlimited bandwidth, and secure the data you transmit even if you are on a public connection. Check out our recommended NY VPNs to get started!


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