How to Watch UK TV Abroad: Easy & Fast

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The UK is famous for a variety of entertainment, sports, educational, etc. TV channels, many of which are free. This fact makes British TV desirable for people who don’t even live in this country. Sadly, if you reside abroad, UK TV channels won’t be available. British travelers who fly overseas face the same issue. Is there anything you can do to gain access to UK television channels? The answer is ‘yes’! Stay with us and we’ll teach you how to watch UK TV abroad. Spoiler: it is easier than you think!

Why is UK Television Blocked in Other Countries?

TV channels’ programming consists of content they produce in-house as well as movies or shows they buy from film studios and other TV networks. When it comes to purchased content, the copyright holders allow broadcasting only within the territory of the UK. Other countries have to buy broadcasting licenses for the local viewers, too. If British channels made these shows or films available to everybody, copyright holders wouldn’t be able to sell licenses to other markets. Naturally, they don’t want to lose money so they make broadcasting outside the UK illegal. As for the content that TV networks create on their own, they can sell it to foreign channels and generate profit. That’s why it makes no sense to televise worldwide. 

On the bright side, if you prefer watching UK TV online, you can make use of a loophole to access favorite UK channels from abroad locations. When you visit the streaming service website or use its app, it reads your IP address. Based on its geolocation, they grant or deny your access. Today, you can change your IP address without even leaving the house. It is enough to install a VPN software on your device and benefit from its IP masking feature.

Which VPNs to Use for UK TV Abroad

A VPN will do the job only if it has UK-based servers and IP addresses. Moreover, since many online streaming platforms tend to block VPNs, it is important that these servers are not blacklisted. There are a few more requirements for a VPN service to meet needs, namely:

  • stable and fast connection speed;
  • strong security features;
  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • user-friendly software;
  • 24/7 tech support;
  • affordable price;

There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing the right VPN. Many providers tend to embellish the truth and gloss over their drawbacks, and this makes a choice even harder. Luckily, we know the services that live up to the hype and deliver what they promise. Without further ado, here are the best three VPNs that you can use to watch UK TV abroad:

  • Provider
  • User Rating
  • Our Review
  • Price
Our #1 Choice
NordVPN Logo
PureVPN Logo
ExpressVPN logo

How to Watch UK TV Abroad with a VPN

When you have a VPN, you can watch the most popular British TV channels including BBC, ITV, Sky, and many others. To get started, just follow the steps we described below:

  1. Choose a VPN from our recommended list and sign up.
  2. Download and set up its VPN client for your device.
  3. Connect to a server located in the UK.
  4. Visit the official website of the channel you want to watch or open its app.
  5. Log In or Sign up with the channel if you don’t have an account yet.
  6. After the connection establishes, you can watch UK TV channels online anywhere and anytime.

If you are trying to watch BBC iPlayer from abroad for the first time and you don’t have an account with the service, we have published a detailed guide you should check out.

With a VPN, you can watch free UK channels on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphones, Apple TV, Smart TVs, the list can go on. Thanks to multi-logging, you can connect several devices at once. Moreover, if you configure a VPN on a router, you can cover as many devices as you please.

Should You Use Free VPNs and Unblockers?

Most VPNs, even free ones, have servers in the UK. This means you can access some British geo-blocked websites. However, you may face a bunch of challenges when trying to stream videos. Everybody knows that streaming requires a speedy and consistent connection – these are the things free VPNs have major problems with. Since there is just a dozen of servers available with a free subscription, they are overloaded around the clock. The more people connect to these servers, the worse speed they get. On top of it, advertisements featured in free VPN apps slow down their work even more.

When you use free VPNs or unblockers, you pay nothing in term of money but instead, you let yourself to be the product. The truth is that free VPNs will monitor your traffic, record the data about your activities, and sell it to whoever is willing to pay. By doing this, they put your privacy in danger. Generally, free VPNs are associated with some of the most hazardous security risks ranging from malware infection to involvement with botnets. 

The Bottom Line

The dream of UK TV in your country comes true with a good VPN. Watch out for the services with an extensive server network in the UK, a fast connection, and solid security features… or just try out some of the providers we suggested. All of them offer user-friendly refund policies, so if something is not to your liking, you can safely get your money back. Along with that, we don’t recommend free VPNs due to a slow connection, bandwidth limits, annoying ads, and questionable data retention practices. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and got to find answers to all your questions. If something is still not clear, don’t be afraid to ask us in the comments down below. We’ll be glad to help.


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