How to Watch NRK from Outside Norway

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When we talk about the biggest Norwegian TV channel, we mean NRK. The broadcaster televises unrestrictedly within the country. But imagine that one day a message pops up on the screen of your device: “This video is not available”. If you discover this error while trying to watch NRK, then you are probably not in Norway anymore. Is there a way to handle this issue? We are glad to tell you that you can watch NRK from outside Norway and not worry about any geo-restrictions. 

How to Watch NRK from Abroad

There are a few methods to get access to geo-blocked content but only one of them is 100% efficient, user-friendly, and safe. This solution is called a VPN. It allows users to route their traffic through a vast server network across the globe and get an IP address in any country a server facility is located. So, even if you are abroad, you can pretend that you are still in Norway.

When choosing a VPN service to watch NRK from abroad, you need to be very careful and selective. The key aspects to look for are a large number of servers in Norway, very fast connection speed, special streaming functions, and a strong encryption. We understand that it is a hard task to choose the right provider, that’s why we decided to help. Our expert team has conducted various hands-on tests to find the best VPN to watch NRK in the US, Brazil, Sweden, the UK, Canada, and around the world. The results are in the following table:

  • Provider   
  • Rating   
  • Our Review   
  • Price   
Best Price
Our #1 Choice

We recommend only trustworthy services that offer an enjoyable user experience. Unfortunately, not every VPN provider is on a par with these vendors. For instance, free VPNs are notorious for slow connection speeds and data caps. When using such services, you will have to deal with annoying ads that are served through VPN software. Finally, free services were caught red-handed trading user data.

Here is How To Watch NRK Outside Norway With a VPN

The good news about NRK is that its online service is absolutely free. You don’t have to have a subscription. All you need is to get the Norwegian IP address. So, if you’re looking to watch NRK from abroad, follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs (we recommend the NordVPN)
  2. Download the VPN software and install it on your device.
  3. Lunch the VPN client and connect to a server in Norway.
  4. Go to NRK web version and stream any video you wish.

You can configure a VPN to watch NRK on all major devices and operating systems such as: Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Windows computers and laptops, Mac, Linux, Smart TVs, Roku, Firestick, PS4, Xbox One, and other devices with the internet access.

Remember, a VPN is the best technology that makes it possible to secure your connection while you are enjoying the unblocked content. We strongly recommend that you choose only time-tested providers with high service standards and user-friendly logging policy. Have you already tried some of the VPN providers from our list? What do you think about them? We would like to know your opinion in the comments.


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