How to Watch ITV in USA | Easy and Fast

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If you’re a fan of British shows and programs, you probably already know such broadcast giants as BBC and ITV. We have already talked about solutions to unblock BBC iPlayer from abroad and now it’s time to find out how to watch ITV in the USA. Stay with us and learn the secret of unrestricted streaming.

What You Should Know about ITV Player

Well, strictly saying, there are some restrictions when you watch the channel online via ITV Player. First of all, the app is available only if you are in the UK but in a bit, you’ll know how to fix it. Secondly, the online service doesn’t provide access to certain sports event broadcasts otherwise available on the channel. Thirdly, you won’t find some films or shows aired on ITV if they are bought from other TV networks. Aside from these limitations, ITV Player accommodates the majority of shows, movies, and programs broadcasted through ITV within 30 days. Not only is the main channel available through the online app but also all other channels of the network, specifically ITV2, ITV3 ITV4, and CITV. 

Why is ITV Blocked in the USA?

You can’t watch ITV abroad because it is designed exclusively for the UK audience. Even if the broadcasting corporation wanted to televise for overseas viewers, the copyright agreements wouldn’t let it happen.

The broadcaster knows exactly where its online users are from. When you access any website or app, your IP address and approximate location are clearly seen. Website owners are able to ban users from certain countries. ITV, for example, blocks all people whose IP addresses are not from the United Kingdom.

Normally, the only thing you can do to change geolocation of your IP address is to move to another country. However, if you have a VPN, you are able to get an IP from any region your provider has servers in. Thus, if you want to access ITV in USA, all you have to do is sign up for a VPN with the UK servers. 

The Best VPNs to Watch ITV in USA

As we have already mentioned, a VPN’s network must cover the UK to unblock ITV. Since it is a common practice for streaming platforms to ban unblocker software in order to prevent overseas access, a VPN has to feature white-listed servers. Besides that, you need to look for a fast service; otherwise, your streaming experience will be far from pleasant. Last but not least, your provider should supply easy-to-use applications for any device you’d like to stream ITV on. 

With these factors in mind, we singled out three VPNs best suitable for watching ITV in the USA:


NordVPN is a versatile security-focused provider designed to meet any need. When it comes to unblocking ITV from the US, the service lends more than 600 UK-located servers, some of them are optimized for streaming. NordVPN supplies the proprietary Smart Play function to enable fast automated connection based on your requirements. With NordVPN, you’ll benefit from intuitive and flexible VPN clients developed for the majority of Internet-supported devices. Thanks to multi-logging, you can use up to 6 devices at once. The provider delivers affordable subscription with steep discounts for long commitments. For instance, its 3-year plan comes with a whopping 70% off. Regardless of which plan you opt for, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. You can learn more about this provider from our NordVPN review. 


Although ExpressVPN doesn’t boast the largest network, it excels in terms of performance. The service takes the crown of the fastest provider in the VPN industry. Thanks to servers located all over the UK, you can easily watch ITV or any other British channels from other countries. Besides a blazing-fast connection, streaming enthusiasts will love its intuitive apps. If you need any assistance, the customer support service will readily solve any issues you might have 24/7. Despite carrying a rather expensive price tag, ExpressVPN will significantly lower the cost if you opt for a 1-year deal. All subscription plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so why not give it a shot? If you want to know more about the provider, please read our ExpressVPN review. 


Our number three choice for the best VPN to unblock ITV in America is PureVPN. The provider blends affordable subscription, decent connection speed, and well-designed apps into an all-purpose service. You can make use of any of its 160+ servers in the UK to access British online platforms. By the way, about half of these units feature unique trademark server-level protection. PureVPN is extremely easy to use due to user-friendly client. Nevertheless, if you come across any issues, don’t hesitate to contact their tech support; it is available 24/7. The provider will suit thrifty users who demand quality functionality at an affordable price. The one-year subscription costs only $3 per month and it comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee. If you want to know what you can get for your money, then check out this PureVPN review. 

How to Watch ITV in USA with a VPN

A VPN is very easy to install and use. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started:

  1. Subscribe to one of the VPNs we recommend in this post.
  2. Download and Install the VPN app for your device.
  3. Start the VPN and log in with your credentials. 
  4. Connect to a server located in the UK.
  5. As soon as the connection establishes, you can watch the ITV Player.

That’s all. It really is easy!

Please note that you need to have an account with ITV in order to watch it online. The subscription is free, just make sure to enter a British zip-code when you register. Also, recently ITV Player introduced an update to prevent international connection. Now, they require that your device’s time matches the UK time zone. So, before you log into your ITV account while connecting to a VPN, don’t forget to change time settings.

Free VPNs to Watch ITV from Other Countries

You need to understand that ITV Player makes use of streaming technology that requires a fast connection and a lot of bandwidth. Free VPNs just unable to supply these features. Normally, they provide access to just a few servers that are always crowded and slow. If you are ready to put up with a lagging connection, here is another bad news – free services implement data caps. You might watch a couple of shows with a bandwidth you have but that’s it. Another drawback is buggy apps able to infect your device with adware. Ads popping up here and there is definitely not something you’d enjoy. Lastly, ITV can easily ban mediocre providers to prevent the foreign audience from watching its content. 


ITV is a home for hundreds of popular shows and series such as Britain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, The Voice, Sherlock Holmes, and many others, which, by the way, are free of charge. However, this content is accessible only if you live in the UK, unless you use a VPN. With one of the VPNs featured in this post, you can watch any show or program available on ITV Player in America. Besides being fast and convenient, these services go the extra mile to ensure all-round security for their users.


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