How to Watch BT Sport Live Stream Online from Abroad

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BT Sport is now home to English Premier League games, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and more each season. In fact, there are also some standout UFC fights All of which means, BT Sport has become one of the best sports channels available. As such, for many, a regularly searched for question, is, is there a BT Sport live stream online?.

BT Sports Streaming or Subscription

For both Sky and BT TV subscribers, the above sports are available with the relevant sports packages. However, there’s good news for those without a subscription to these services as, yes, you can still watch BT Sports online for free.

To help you get started, I have provided you with all the information you’ll need to watch BT Sport in USA. Or of course, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Israel, in fact, wherever else you might be in the world.

The first thing you’ll need to watch a BT Sport Live HD Stream online is a VPN.

What Is VPN and How Can One Help Watch BT Sport?

A Virtual Private Network (otherwise known as a VPN) allows you to access the internet via a server located somewhere else on the planet. Doing so masks your IP-address and tells a website that you’re visiting from another country. Meaning that you gain access to previously geo-locked content, and stream/surf in private.

To give an example – if you’re in the US and want to watch BT Sport Europe online, you’ll be blocked from doing so. As soon as you try to use its services, the website will know that you’re not in the states. To get around this, a VPN will allow you to select which location you’re accessing the web from. In doing so, you get permission to view all of the content which is exclusive to this specific region.

The following VPN services are amongst the most trusted and will allow you to watch BT Sport in the USA. However, if you would like to know more about what a VPN is, check out my detailed reviews here.

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Once you have chosen a provider, simply sign up, and when presented with a server location choice, set your location to England.

Where Can I Watch a BT Live Stream Online

Now that you’re browsing the web as though you were in England, you’ll be able to access and begin watching any number of exciting events. With the site frequently offering free trials and stellar introductory offers, it’s often the case that you’ll be able to start watching with little to no cost at all.

However, if you don’t want to subscribe or use a free trial, there are other methods. You could use a streaming site, but, before you do, understand the risks involved. Using a site like to watch Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, Of course, could be tricky.

I advise, that to stay private and not alert your ISP to your online activities, you have to use a VPN, as mentioned above. Not, only will they unlock geo-restricted content, you will keep your privacy too thanks to the advanced security protocols they use.

What Devices Can I Watch a BT Sport on?

All of the VPNs listed above can be used on just about every device, so you’ll be able to watch BT Sport in USA on the following: Windows, Linux, Mac computers, Android smartphones and tablets, iOS iPhone and iPad, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, and S.

How To Watch BT Sport Live Stream Online

To quickly round-up the necessary steps to watch BT Sports outside the UK with a VPN, you’ll need to:

  1. Download your preferred VPN and set your location to England
  2. Head to the BT Sport website and select the free trial or subscription. Alternatively, use a free streaming site like
  3. Get stuck into hours of live sport

You can follow, these three easy steps again-and-again whenever you want to watch any geo-locked content!


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