Does VPN 360 Work with Netflix?

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Netflix is one of the most popular movie and TV content streaming services today. It is a popular entertainment and informative choice for both adults and children. 

Netflix is packed with the latest shows, movies, and other entertainment content from leading companies such as Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers. The problem with Netflix is that it restricts its content to specific geographical locations or countries. There are different content catalogs for each country where Netflix services are available. 

One of the easiest ways of circumventing Netflix restrictions used to be via a VPN. But since 2015, Netflix has been cracking down and blocking most VPNs from accessing its servers. There are still a few VPNs that can unblock Netflix, which leads us to the question, does VPN 360 work with Netflix? The sad truth is that VPN 360 can no longer unblock Netflix. 

In our tests, the VPN was instantly identified and blocked by Netflix filters when we tried to connect to their servers.

About VPN 360

VPN 360 is actually a mobile VPN app created by the US-based company known as Infinity Software to provide clients with an anonymous way of surfing the web and accessing geographically restricted websites. It does this by hiding your real IP address and securing your Internet connection.

The mobile VPN has good server speeds, an easy-to-use app, easy sign-up process, and is quite affordable, especially if you pay in an annual subscription plan. However, the VPN does not have a desktop client and is only available on iOS and Android devices. They also have an extremely low number of servers at just 10. It is a surprise that they have high-speed connections. 

Another major downside of VPN 360 is the fact that it does not work with Netflix or other geo-restricted streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Hulu. 

Netflix Streaming Tests on VPN 360

VPN 360 does not even state on their site any possibility of accessing Netflix via their very few servers. With just 10 servers, you wouldn’t expect the VPN to access Netflix. But just to confirm, we decided to give the VPN a try. 

As expected, we never found a single server that wasn’t instantly denied by Netflix with the usual error message that tells you: “Error, you are using proxy.” Netflix doesn’t work with any of the VPN’s US servers.      

Best Alternative VPNs to Watch Netflix

Now that we’ve established that VPN 360 doesn’t work with Netflix, what do you do when you want to access either US or UK, or even Germany Netflix catalog when you are out of the specified country? 

The good news is that VPN 360 is not the only VPN service available today. There are many excellent and better-performing VPN services that actually work with Netflix. 

If you want a VPN that unblocks Netflix, we highly recommend the following alternatives:

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  • User Rating
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  • Price
Our #1 Choice
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VPN 360 has a good interface and decent speeds. It is also quite easy to use but unfortunately, the VPN does not work with Netflix. Learn more about VPN 360 in our complete review. 

If you want a reliable VPN that can unblock geo-restricted Netflix content, we highly recommend the alternative VPNs mentioned above.


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