Is Tunnelbear Good For Torrenting

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TunnelBear is a VPN provider number one for many users, especially for those who are looking for a free service. The free plan, however, is restricted by 500Mb of data per month so the company offers a paid version to clients greedy for bandwidth. You will certainly need unlimited traffic if you like downloading movies or shows to watch at home. If so, the first thing you should inquire about your VPN service is if it allows p2p traffic. Without further ado, let’s see whether TunnelBear is good for torrenting or not.

Does TunnelBear Allow Torrenting

Before I jump into it, here is what you have to know about TunnelBear in a nutshell:

  • It has a friendly privacy policy
  • Reliable encryption
  • Kill switch
  • IP & DNS Leak protection
  • Free version available

No VPN service is ideal, therefore, TunnelBear has cons:

  • The 5 Eyes Jurisdiction
  • Slow connection speed
  • Torrents are not allowed
  • 500MB bandwidth limit on a free plan

Both free and paid Tunnelbear subscriptions don’t allow torrenting. After all, the overwhelming majority of free VPNs, if not all of them, forbid p2p connections through their servers. The situation normally changes as soon as you purchase a premium subscription but this rule doesn’t work with TunnelBear. Even if you upgrade to the premium plan, you still can’t use TunnelBear for torrenting.

But why torrenting is not allowed with TunnelBear? They don’t offer any explanation but here is what I think. The company is based in Canada which has a strict copyright law. If some of the TunnelBear’s users download torrents irresponsibly, it has to be responsible for the law violation. Apparently, it is too expensive to keep a legal department to deal with claims of copyright holders. Therefore, TunnelBear decided to block torrent P2P traffic whatsoever.

TunnelBear’s Plans and Prices

TunnelBear is generally a safe service that can be used to secure numerous online activities but torrenting is not among them. If you would like to give this service a shot, here is a great review of its features.

If 500Mb of bandwidth per month is enough for your online activity, you may pay nothing. However, if you require more data, you’ll have to fork out. The monthly service with unlimited bandwidth costs $9.99. You can save yourself a half of the price if you are willing to purchase a 1-year subscription. It costs $59.99, which is equal to $5.00 per month.

TunnelBear Alternatives for Torrenting

Torrent inaccessibility may become a dealbreaker for many users. In case you are a torrent enthusiast, you should look for a service able to cover all the bases. NordVPN is one of such unique VPN providers. Not only does it allow torrenting but also makes your activity as secure as possible.

For this, NordVPN offers cutting-edge encryption as well as some advanced security features (you’ll be amazed at its double-encryption, obfuscation, and Onion over VPN functions). The service exercises an airtight zero-logging policy. It means that nobody will ever know what you do online, not even NordVPN itself. The provider even accepts anonymous payment methods so that you can feel safe every step of the way.

TunnelBear for Torrenting Conclusion

Despite being a decent VPN provider, TunnelBear is far from being perfect. Yes, it has a strong encryption and surprisingly good logging policy but a huge drawback overshadows all the benefits. TunnelBear doesn’t support torrenting in principle. P2P traffic is unavailable even if you purchase a premium subscription. If you want to torrent safely you should switch your attention to a different provider, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN for example.


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