Does ProtonVPN Work with Netflix?

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If you’ve been using the Internet for a few years then the name ProtonMail might ring a bell. ProtonMail is a popular Swiss email platform that also runs the ProtonVPN, which promises to deliver anonymous internet browsing as well as other handy features including fast speeds and super-strong security. 

But does Proton VPN work with Netflix? Fortunately, ProtonVPN does indeed give you full access to geo-restricted Netflix content through a good number of its servers.

For many years, people all over the world enjoyed the convenience of streaming Netflix content without restrictions simply by using a VPN connection. That was until the year 2015 when Netflix began a major crackdown on VPNs and started blocking all connections accessing their content via a VPN. 

Netflix has become quite able at blocking VPNs today to an extent where even the most popular VPN providers are blocked by it. 

However, all is not lost because there are few VPNs such as ProtonVPN that still work with Netflix. 

About ProtonVPN

Owned by ProtonMail, the well-known email company, ProtonVPN is a VPN service with a good reputation for impressive features and security. The VPN company boasts of having over 500 servers in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

Some of its strongest points include fast speeds, strong AES 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth, P2P and Tor support, better privacy and security thanks to its Secure Core network, Perfect Forward Secrecy, 10 simultaneous connections, and of course access to Netflix content from a good number of servers.

ProtonVPN Netflix Streaming

One of the reasons why ProtonVPN works so well with Netflix is because the VPN was launched after Netflix had begun its crusade against VPNs and Smart DNS services. It came prepared for the war and has so far prevailed with great success.

ProtonVPN allows you to watch all geo-restricted Netflix content including US, UK, and Germany versions. However, keep in mind that ProtonVPN has 4 pricing plans namely the Free Plan, Basic Plan, Plus Plan, and Visionary Plan. You’ll not be able to unblock Netflix with the Free and Basic plans but the other two plans work perfectly well with Netflix. 

When you want to access Netflix content in the United States via ProtonVPN, simply connect to any Plus server located in the US. Servers are easily recognized by the “P” icon placed next to the server. To watch content from UK Netflix, just connect to a Plus server located in the UK. 

The same applies to German Netflix content only that this time you connect to a Plus server located in Germany. Keep in mind that Plus servers can only be accessed by customers who have purchased either the Plus or Visionary subscription plan. 

To enjoy a perfect streaming experience and fast speeds, ProtonVPN advises users to always connect to a server closest to their current location. You can easily find the closest server to your location by checking their full list of servers on their website. 

Best Alternatives for Netflix

ProtonVPN does indeed provide full access to geo-blocked streaming content on Netflix but you need to have either a Plus or Visionary subscription to enjoy this Netflix access privilege. The good news is that ProtonVPN is not the only VPN with access to Netflix. 

There are other alternative VPN services that work perfectly well with Netflix including the following:

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If you are tired of switching VPNs every now and then just so that you can watch Netflix content from the US or UK, it is time you stopped searching and choose a reliable Netflix-friendly VPN such as ProtonVPN. 

ProtonVPN provides full access to Netflix but it is not the only one. You can compare it with the other great VPNs that work with Netflix mentioned in this article. 


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