Is Mobdro Legal and Safe to Use in the US and UK?

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Summary and Analysis:

  • Mobdro is an Android service providing free streaming of UK and US channels
  • Legalities for Mobdro fall into a relatively gray area, see below for more details
  • Mobdro, while having advertisements, is a relatively safe product to use
  • It is always best to use a VPN when streaming regardless. Here are our best options:
  1. NordVPN
  2. PureVPN
  3. IPVanish

Television Streaming: Free Versus Paid Options

Streaming of media has recently become a hot button issue amongst lawmakers and users. This is in part due to advancements in both speeds of internet, new technologies in media, and exponential growth in media options available. Products like Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu have curated huge repositories of movies and television. However, monthly fees for the three of the above combined pales in comparison to most cable television packages in the United States and United Kingdom. This is where services such as Mobdro enter the picture.

Mobdro is a minimalist, simplistic Android app that provides free live streaming of popular television channels in the United States and United Kingdom. Channels such as CNN, HBO, and BBC, among others, can be streamed for free from Android devices. This streaming service provider has experienced a large popularity surge in recent years due to its complete lack of pricing structure, a big draw for the ever-growing network of cord cutters.

Options such as Mobdro have created sophisticated user interfaces and clean libraries and channels that are streamlined in comparison to paid alternatives. However, issues with legislation, trademarks, and copyrights plague this market. Additionally, many problems arising from IT-related safety concerns have been brought up in response to the free streaming niche.

While the appeal of a free streaming service that streams live versions of popular paid cable and subscription based content is a big draw, the question still remains: Is Mobdro legal to use in the USA and UK? Is it safe? Let’s dig in.

Legalities of Mobdro and Other Free Television Streaming

The legal “gray area” of free television and video streaming services is solidly in the gray-to-black. While the free television streaming services offered by apps and services such as Mobdro are technically considered pirated content, the legal ramifications fully depend on your country. In most countries, streaming services such as Mobdro are illegal. It should throw red flags up as well that Mobdro, while an Android application, is not currently available in the Google Play Store, and never has been.

The true issues of legality arise in how this media content is delivered to the application’s end users. For this, results do vary between the United States, United Kingdom, and the rest of the world.

Legal Issues in the US and UK

the us and uk

In the middle of last year, the courts of the European Union rules that the streaming of pirated content using websites and applications like Mobdro was inherently illegal. This stretched not only to the uploader (which is well known to be illegal) but also to those absorbing the content via the app.

These same types of laws and legislations had been in place for some time in the United States. The US is the nation with the highest user rate of media streaming on all platforms, paid and free. Thusly, these laws went into effect several years ago to quash the pirating of illegal movie and television content.

Getting Streaming Laws in Your Country, and Circumvention Methods

Many streaming service users will find it that in many other countries outside the US and UK, there is less strict rulings on copyrights and piracy. The strongest ways to find out where your habits for streaming fall in this legal spectrum is to research your country’s laws. In most places, it can swing one way or the other. As time goes on and paid streaming services and large cable companies begin to capitalize on copyright legislation, these tightening of laws will spread to countries outside the US and UK.

There are already nationwide laws and regulations against television streaming. So, the odds are high that studios and networks will continue to increase legal defense funds for these practices. The more difficult and expensive these paid platforms make the existence of free alternatives such as Mobdro for television streaming, the higher the likelihood they will disappear and cease cutting into TV and cable company profit margins.

Easily the most efficient method for ensuring you stay secure online is by using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN ensures that your IP address remains hidden, making it far more difficult to be tracked when streaming. VPN’s work fine through Android operating systems, so using one is a piece of cake. Here are the three strongest VPN’s we suggest for Mobdro:

  • Provider   
  • Rating   
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  • Price   
Best Price
Our #1 Choice

Safety of Mobdro and Other Free Television Streaming

safety of mobdro

Like other free television streaming applications and services, revenues come through on-page advertising. Pop-unders, pop-ups, and intrusive advertisements are abundant, even on clean and clear looking interfaces like Mobdro, especially when viewing television from an Android device with “clicking” capabilities. These drive revenues for free sites that cannot depend on subscriptions.

Generally, these advertisement platforms target lower quality traffic, and spam can pass through affiliate filters with ease. Mobdro is no exception. There are intrusive pop-ups and clicks to obtain the actual live television stream. Sometimes, clicking multiple times is needed to get to the play section.

Beware Mobdro Imposters

Mobdro has many copycats. Their official app is located on their website. Mirrors of Mobdro have popped up on the Google Play Store, claiming to be one and the same. Hint: Google is not a fan of Mobdro.

The application was developed for Android devices, namely smartphones and tablets. However, Mobdro can also be properly installed onto Amazon Fire Sticks or onto the Amazon Fire TV. If you see web based versions, or versions for Apple devices, it’s not Mobdro.

Ways to Maintain Privacy and Safety with Mobdro

vpn for mobdro

Still wanting to use Mobdro, but not sure how to go about it the safest way? Living in a country such as the United States or the United Kingdom where internet piracy is illegal and prosecutable? It’s important to mask your streaming usage from your internet service provider (ISP) through use of a VPN. The chart at the start of the article has our best options for VPN’s specifically geared towards high speed, high quality television and media streaming.

VPN usage makes sure communication with external sites and applications remains anonymous. When utilized properly and enabled when streaming, your ISP will remain unaware of what you are doing when browsing online, or streaming television live through Mobdro in the US or UK.


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