Is ProtonVPN Safe?

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ProtonVPN may be relatively new in the VPN market but it has grown quite popular in recent times. They have great reviews among their users, especially due to its zero-log policy claim, highly encrypted VPN tunnel, ad-blocking features, and malware protection.

But is ProtonVPN safe? To determine if the new VPN is as secure it claims, let’s look at some of their key security features and promises.

ProtonVPN Privacy Policy 

The Swiss VPN provider doesn’t log user activity or even share any of its data with other third parties. The service is designed to provide you with anonymous Internet browsing without surveillance. 

Unlike other VPN providers who claim to have zero log policy yet still store your data, ProtonVPN was created to protect activists and journalists who make up a majority of users of Protonmail, the company’s email service. 

High Level of Encryption 

ProtonVPN comes with extra security features that make it better at securing your privacy than most VPNs. The VPN service allows you to browse the web using an encrypted Internet connection. Your connection is routed through securely encrypted channels and other advanced security features to ensure that no one can eavesdrop on your connection. 

Encryption also helps to hide your real IP address and give you access to content and websites that could be blocked in your country or location. Your data in ProtonVPN is protected using secure AES-256 bit encryption as well as a 4096-bit RSA key exchange, which is an extremely secure algorithm.

Perfect Forward Secrecy Feature 

Besides encryption, ProtonVPN also provides users with perfect forward secrecy feature which helps to protect connections by generating a new unique encryption key every time you connect to any of its servers. So even if your encryption key was somehow, in the rarest event, compromised, your data from previous connections and browsing activities would still be 100% safe.


When it comes to protocols, ProtonVPN has the default OpenVPN found in most VPN services as well as support for IKEv2/IPsec connections. This level of security is unmatched in most VPN services you find on the market today.

Protection from IP And DNS Leaks 

One thing we can vouch for ProtonVPN is that there a wide range of robust security features designed to protect your connection and devices. For instance, ProtonVPN ensures that your IP address is completely masked and secured using built-in DNS leak protection. In our tests, we didn’t experience any DNS leaks in all the servers we tested, including the ones in Hong Kong and the US.

ProtonVPN Jurisdiction 

ProtonVPN is located in Switzerland which is a country known for its privacy-friendly practices. The VPN service is designed to provide total anonymity to its users and their privacy policy is straight forward and transparent about their zero-log policy which is backed by the Swiss law. 

The law doesn’t require companies providing Internet services to retain any information about their users including your VPN connection, IP address, session bandwidth, and online activities. Because the company doesn’t collect and store user logs, it cannot be forced by authorities to hand over any identifying information. 

If you are looking for a VPN with a high level of anonymity and protection, ProtonVPN is a perfect option.

Other Security Features 

Although ProtonVPN doesn’t offer an ad blocker in its services, they have other additional security features such as the security core which automatically routes your traffic through different servers in countries known for privacy friendliness such as Iceland and Sweden before it connects you to your final destination. 


ProtonVPN is safe to use when it comes to internet browsing, however, due to its expensive price and slow connection speed we don’t recommend you to go with it. There are many other safer and better VPN options on the market.

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