Does HideMyAss Work with Netflix

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These days, a night with a movie on Netflix is a favorite pastime for many people. But what to do if you can’t find a video you want to watch in your country? Or if you travel abroad and can no longer sign in to domestic Netflix? These situations can be frustrating indeed. Therefore, many people are looking for salvation in VPN services. However, not all of them are equally successful in bypassing geo-blocks on the streaming platform. Today, one of the most well-known VPN providers, HideMyAss, is on my radar. It is famous for its easy-to-use service and multiple servers around the world, but here is a question that bothers thousands of users: Does HideMyAss work with Netflix? It’s time to find out the answer!

Why did Netflix Crack Down on VPNs?

When Netflix buys a new show or movie, it doesn’t make it available for all its subscribers. People from some countries may be deprived of certain content if Netflix thinks it won’t find enough viewers there or a price for a license is too high. It creates a situation when regional versions of Netflix have libraries of different size and with different titles. If you are lucky to live in a big country such as USA, UK, and Japan, you will have thousands of shows available. On the other hand, those whose countries are small, can obtain only a very limited media library. But people always want to get more than they have so it is no wonder that viewers from other countries dream of accessing Netflix US. 

For a long time, it was possible to circumvent Netflix’s geo-blocking without any consequences. However, for the streaming service, such a situation has been causing serious financial loses. The right holders also frown upon the possibility of getting access to content that is intended only for certain subscribers. Therefore, Netflix declared that it was no longer going to turn a blind eye to people who use VPNs. Naturally, it couldn’t ban its own users but it could introduce measures against VPNs, and so it did. As soon as it detects IPs with suspicious traffic it blocks the whole range so a VPN server becomes helpless to provide access to Netflix’s catalogs.

Can HideMyAss Provide Access to Netflix?

Shortly after Netflix had cracked down on VPNs, HideMyAss found itself completely banned. It was not the only one provider that the streaming service clamped down on but it was among a few that didn’t give up. In 2017, it was back in business by introducing a new server in the USA that was capable of unblocking Netflix. As of 2018, the server still works with Netflix, but it’s just a matter of time when the multimedia company blacklists it too. If HideMyAss’ strategy is to rely only on one facility, it won’t get them anywhere in the long run. Just because Netflix is so sophisticated in detecting VPNs, such services have to put forth more effort to avoid bans. The streaming service might be working on blacklisting HideMyAss’ servers right now and then the provider will have nothing to put on the table for its clients.

It doesn’t mean that HideMyAss will become useless at all. It still can circumvent geo-blocks on other websites and has a decent encryption, which will be enough for most users. Besides, instead of streaming platforms, you can opt for torrents since the providers have a few servers specialized for peer-to-peer file sharing. However, the service can’t boast a huge variety of security functions and it is known for handing some users’ data over to authorities. So it’s up to you whether to trust HideMyAss or not.

What VPN Services do Work with Netflix

Despite Netflix’s attempts to ban all the VPNs, there are still providers that are able to escape the long arm of the multimedia giant. NordVPN is the most successful provider in this regard. So if you are looking for a reliable vendor to unblock geo-restricted content, you found it. How does NordVPN manage to provide access to Netflix? There are a few factors:

  • An impressive server network. You can find Nord’s servers in 62 countries. To date, the provider offers more than 4,400 facilities and it works hard every day to add more servers to its roster.
  • NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses. While shared VPN IPs are easy to detect and blacklist, static ones are almost the same as an IP address given by your ISP. The traffic routing through a server with a dedicated address won’t arose Netflix’s suspicion. Therefore, you are not likely to experience any troubles with access.
  • Customer support is beyond praise. No matter what issues you have, a very helpful support team will be glad to assist. They have all the recent information about their facilities and can help you to choose connection options that work 100%.

All in all, NordVPN is a service with great capability to hide your real IP. On top of that, it offers unparalleled security features that include unbreakable encryption and strict no-log policy. 

HideMyAss and Netflix Conclusion

HideMyAss is proud to tell its subscribers that it can unblock Netflix in the USA. However, the joy can be premature because at any time the multimedia company can ban that single server which still grants access. You should consider turning to a more reliable option if you want to make Netflix available on a regular basis. NordVPN offers an outstanding number of servers across the globe, including those that are optimized for video streaming. The service always goes the extra mile to introduce more facilities designed to unblock Netflix.


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