How to Get a Portuguese IP Address

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An IP address in Portugal allows using local services and websites that otherwise block or restricts access to overseas users. The ability to change virtual location is especially useful for travelers and immigrants from Portugal wishing to watch videos in their native language. Find out how to get a Portuguese IP address and which services are the best for this purpose.

The Best VPNs to Change Your IP Address to Portugal

A VPN is the best tool to change your IP address to Portugal or any other country in the world. This software masks the origin of your traffic and substitutes your real virtual location with an IP address of one of its servers. In order to get a Portuguese IP address, all you have to do is connect to a server in Portugal. 

There are many VPNs on the market but if you are looking for the best provider, you need to consider these factors:

  • The number of servers in Portugal. The more units a service has, the easier it is to connect to a less crowded server.
  • Connection speed. You need a fast provider that maintains comfortable speeds across the board. It is especially important if you want to access a server in Portugal from a remote location.
  • Solid protection. A safe VPN service shouldn’t monitor or log user traffic. Also, pay attention to security features, in particular, whether a VPN supplies military-grade OpenVPN protocol and AES-256 bit cipher.
  • User support. Provider’s tech support must be available 24/7. The support team should be friendly, competent, and reply within a few minutes. 

VPNTrends have conducted research to determine which VPNs are the best to get a Portuguese IP address.

Check the results in the table below:

  • Provider
  • User Rating
  • Our Review
  • Price
Our #1 Choice
NordVPN Logo
Best Speed
ExpressVPN logo
Best Price
PureVPN Logo

We confirm that these safe and secure providers have servers in Portugal that support a fast connection. Our recommended providers are easy to use and if you face any issues, you can reach out to their support teams at any time of the day and night. 

Step by Step Instructions to Get a Portuguese IP Address

A VPN can be set up on any device that supports Internet connection. This is how to configure a VPN client on your computer, phone, game console or TV box:

  1. Subscribe with one of the VPNs that our experts suggest.
  2. Install its app on a chosen device. The apps are available on the provider’s website.
  3. Launch the VPN client, choose any server in Portugal and connect to it.
  4. Wait a bit and you’ll get an IP address in Portugal.

That’s all! As you can see, it is really easy and hassle-free to change your IP to Portugal. You can look up your new IP here. 

Reasons to Change Your IP address to Portugal

The main reason why you would want to have an IP address in Portugal is access to local TV channels and streaming platforms that have content in Portuguese. If you go abroad and use the Internet in other countries, these services and websites won’t be available. However, with an IP address from Portugal, you can enjoy TV programs, shows, and movies in your native language without geo-restrictions. It is also important for Portugal expats who live in other countries since they are able to keep in touch with the homeland through Portugal-made content.

You will also need a Portuguese IP address to access banking software. Banks often attach user accounts to a specific country and when you try to log in from an overseas location, they may recognize this action as suspicious. 

Can I get an IP Address in Portugal with a Free VPN?

Given the fact that free VPNs offer a limited selection of server locations, it may be extremely hard to find a provider with servers in Portugal. Even if you are lucky to discover such a service, you will definitely face many issues:

  • slow connection speeds due to a poorly optimized network and crowded servers;
  • limits on server switches;
  • data caps;
  • apps infested with advertising;
  • questionable privacy policy allowing free VPN to log your traffic;
  • encryption below industry standards. 

Opting for a free VPN, you will save a couple of bucks a month but on the side, you will get an inferior service with major security drawbacks. 


Now you know how to get an IP address in Portugal, which services you can trust and which to avoid. If you are still not sure which VPN is the best for your needs, you can safely try one of the providers we recommend. Each of these services has a one-month money-back guarantee so you can test them out without any risk.


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