How to get an Indian IP address

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Indian expats live in many countries of the world and they try to keep a deep connection with their motherland. One of the ways to do this is read news, watch videos, and listen to music in their native language. Unfortunately, services with copyrighted content are often blocked from reaching from abroad. This is when an IP address in India will come in handy. Learn from our short guide how to get an Indian IP address and which services you may use. 

A VPN Service to Change your IP Address to India

A VPN is a service that has many servers across the globe to route your traffic through. Once you establish a connection with a server in a particular country, your IP address changes accordingly. So, to get an IP address from India, you just need to connect to a server located there. 

You have to choose very carefully since not every VPN service is able to provide an Indian IP address. The criteria you need to consider are the following:

  • Servers in India. A VPN provider must offer several locations in India.
  • Decent speeds. The connection speed shouldn’t drop significantly even if you access from other parts of the world.
  • Ability to unblock restricted websites. If you want to watch Indian Netflix or other local video services, you need a provider able to bypass geo-blocking.
  • Strong security. Look for providers that don’t inspect user traffic. A trustworthy service should also supply unbreakable encryption ciphers and a major VPN protocols. 
  • Great Customer Support. You provider ought to have knowledgeable tech support ready to answer any questions 24/7.

As you can see, there are many criteria to keep in mind for a VPN with IP addresses in India. If you want to save your time and money, check out the list of the best providers that our experts suggest:

  • Provider
  • User Rating
  • Our Review
  • Price
Our #1 Choice
NordVPN Logo
Best Speed
ExpressVPN logo
Best Price
PureVPN Logo

You can be sure that these VPNs offer various servers in India to connect to while supporting excellent speeds. Their security functions are up to par as well.

Here’s How to Get an Indian IP Address with a VPN (Step by Step)

Before we dive into it, you should know that you can configure a VPN on literally any device with the Internet connection – PC, phone, tablet, game console, etc. 

If you’ve decided what device to use, you can follow the steps below to change an IP address to India:

  1. Sign up for any VPN service you can see on our list.
  2. Download a VPN client for your device and install it.
  3. Start the VPN client and connect to one of the servers in India.
  4. In a couple of seconds, you’ll get an Indian IP address.

That’s it. Setting up a VPN on your device is as easy as 123, try it for yourself!

Why Have an Indian IP Address?

Bollywood produces a tremendous number of movies every year. If you are a fan of Indian cinematography, the best way to get your hands on Hindi films and shows is to subscribe to one of the local streaming services. Unfortunately, they will be blocked if you access them from abroad. The solution is to get Indian IP address and reach such services restriction-free.

If you use Indian online banking, you may face a problem of accessing your account from a different country. Bank software may prevent logging if you have other than Indian IP address.

You can also use a VPN for India to make your connection more anonymous and secure, especially when you make transactions or want to keep personal information intact. 

Free VPNs to Get an IP Address in India: A Go or No-Go?

You may want to save a few dollars and resort to a free VPN. However, our security experts advise you should avoid these services like the plague, and this is why:

  • free VPNs have an insufficient number of servers in India or don’t have them at all;
  • the connection speeds they deliver are unacceptable; 
  • their apps are flooded with annoying advertisements;
  • they collect data about subscribers and sell it to the third-parties;
  • they may use your device to build a botnet;
  • their encryption is easy to break.

Our verdict is that free VPNs are a no-go for getting an IP address in India. 

Wrap Up

We hope our guide helped you to understand how to get an Indian IP address from any country. Our suggested VPNs are ideal for overseas connection thanks to blazing speeds and consistent performance. They deliver excellent security functions as well whether you want to use online banking or simply watch Indian video services.


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