Does VPNArea Work with Netflix?

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If you are tired of the never-ending chase for a VPN that can withstand Netflix’s crackdown, you may need to consider VPNArea. 

This is a Bulgarian VPN service hosted in Switzerland with reliable access to Netflix and other geo-restricted streaming services across the globe. VPNArea is also free from the spying eyes of governments and spying agencies alliances and is even available at affordable pricing plans. But does VPNArea work with Netflix? 

The good news is that with VPNArea, you can bypass all geo-restrictions and even enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix from wherever you are. The VPN works perfectly with Netflix.

About VPNArea

VPNArea is registered in Bulgaria but hosted in Switzerland. The VPN service is known for having a reliable no-logging policy and great security features such as OpenVPN protocol and solid encryption. 

The best thing about VPNArea is that it allows you to stream content from most of the geo-restricted sites including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. They have a friendly and helpful Live Chat support team just in case you run into problems while trying to stream Netflix content outside your country.

Besides giving you access to both the American and UK Netflix globally, VPNArea provides other benefits for VPN users including excellent speeds, anonymous payment options, reliably strong security features, dedicated IP addresses, 24/7 active live support, and much more. 

The only downside to this VPN provider is the fact that they have a limited number of servers that can stream Netflix but the few that do work perfectly well. 

VPNArea Netflix Streaming

VPNArea is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to keep up with their favorite shows and movies on Netflix while traveling outside the country or those who want to access either UK or US Netflix content abroad. 

The VPN provider gives you dedicated Netflix server hubs for full access from any location globally. In our tests, we had unrestricted access to both UK and US Netflix with fast connection speeds and without warnings, errors, or interruptions. 

We could also access other geo-restricted streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Hulu. The VPN also allows P2P file sharing and torrenting on selected servers.

Alternative VPNs That Work with Netflix

VPNArea provides full and unrestricted access to Netflix streaming content from any location but they have a rather limited number of servers that work with Netflix. 

The best Netflix-friendly VPN should ideally provide you with full unrestricted access in a good number of servers, have unlimited data transfer, have servers in a wide range of countries or regions that you may want to unblock Netflix content, have high-speed connections, and the best encryption for the sake of your security. 

If you want to enjoy all these benefits and still access Netflix content globally, we highly recommend the following VPN providers:

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  • User Rating
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  • Price
Our #1 Choice
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PureVPN Logo
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The simple answer to the question, does VPNArea work with Netflix is a definite yes. VPNArea provides you with full access to both US and UK Netflix among others but on a limited number of servers.

If you are looking for a reliable VPN with a wider choice of Netflix-friendly servers, we highly recommend you check the alternative options mentioned above.


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