Does ibVPN Work with Netflix

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Despite being around for more than a decade, IbVPN is not the most famous VPN provider. Nevertheless, it deserves respect for a multitude of useful features and deals tailored to your needs. The service claims it can please streaming enthusiasts who want to make the most of popular VoD platforms. Maybe ibVPN got to stay off Netflix’s radar for real? In this post, we are going to answer the question ‘Does ibVPN work with Netflix?’ Keep reading to find out the results of our research.

Why Use a VPN with Netflix

VPNs are famous for faking user geo-locations. When you get an IP address from a foreign country, you can open websites, services, and content intended specifically for this country. Although Netflix is available in 190 countries, you might want to skip your local video catalog and access a foreign one instead. Netflix in your country might be too small or you can’t find many shows or movies that appeal to you. Whatever the reason, you can watch American Netflix (or Japanese, British, etc. the choice is up to you) with a VPN almost effortlessly. 

At times, when you stream videos, download large files, or play online games, you may notice slower speeds. This phenomenon is known as bandwidth throttling and it means that your Internet provider deliberately slowed down your Internet connection. ISPs simply don’t like it when users consume too much bandwidth. Needless to say, you can’t watch Netflix normally if it’s lagging, buffering, and freezing. However, you can solve this annoying issue with a VPN. Along with masking your IP address, it hides activities from your ISP so that it can’t use throttling against you.

Finally, a VPN will significantly improve your security. You already know that it will stop your ISP from spying on you. Apart from that, hackers and authorities won’t be able to pry into your private affairs either. It is especially relevant when you use a public WiFi network to watch Netflix since cybercriminals may exploit its vulnerabilities to hack your device. 

Can You Watch Netflix with ibVPN?

Now that you know how you can benefit from VPNs, let’s find out whether ibVPN works with Netflix. The service supplies 20+ servers in the USA and we connected to each to access American Netflix. Our first attempt to watch Netflix failed but as we tried other locations, we managed to find an option that worked. Considering how affordable ibVPN is, it was a pleasant surprise. The app we tried for Windows was pretty convenient and the connection speed was acceptable so we have no complaints about ibVPN’s functionality. 

The service delivers one more useful option for streaming enthusiasts, dedicated IP addresses. If you are scared that one day ibVPN stops working with Netflix, you can get a private IP address to use on your own. Other users won’t be able to compromise your connection, which makes it a reliable solution for Netflix.

How to Use ibVPN for Netflix

If you consider ibVPN as an option to watch Netflix, you probably want to know how convenient it is. Don’t worry, the service is pretty straightforward. It takes only a few minutes to install and configure it on your device. As soon as you’re done with the configuration, you can connect to ibVPN in just a couple of clicks.

  1. Subscribe to ibVPN (Use our link to get a discount).
  2. Download and Install the ibVPN app on your device.
  3. Start the VPN and connect to a server in a country which Netflix you want to watch.
  4. Visit Netflix website, log in with your credentials and start watching favorite content.

That’s it. You might need to hook up to a few servers before you find the one that works. Once you know which one to use, you can quickly get back to it later.

Other VPNs for Netflix You Can Try

If anything about ipVPN is not to your liking, you can ask for a refund within the 15-day money-back guarantee and find a VPN that best suits your requirements. In the table below, we compiled three time-tested VPNs for Netflix that work fast, secure, and user-friendly:

  • Provider
  • User Rating
  • Our Review
  • Price
Our #1 Choice
NordVPN Logo
PureVPN Logo
ExpressVPN logo

Why Is it Hard to Find a VPN for Netflix?

So many VPNs fail to work with Netflix because the streaming service features a cutting-edge proxy detection algorithm. It can recognize whether you use a household or a VPN-associated IP address and blacklist them. Every attempt to access Netflix with banned IP will result in the notorious proxy error. Only if your VPN provider regularly adds new IP addresses to its server network you can support a connection to Netflix. A sign of a suitable VPN is a large network comprising of thousands of servers. 


Despite being an underdog, ibVPN can avoid the Netflix ban, unlike many well-known VPNs. We tested it with American Netflix and confirm it works. Yet if you need a more reliable option, choose any other VPN we recommended in this post. These VPNs constantly expand their server networks to stay useful in the long run.


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