Everyone is a little bit of a security freak when it comes to online privacy. There are many internet protection tools but VPNs stand out the most. However, can you trust every VPN provider that says it is the most reliable around? Of course, you can’t! That’s why I examine every popular vendor to get a clear and unbiased picture of its service. This time CyberGhost is on my radar. I checked the company’s logging strategy and security facility to give you an idea if they are any good. So, stay with me and you will find out if CyberGhost VPN is safe and secure to use.

CyberGhost Jurisdiction

Cyberghost runs its business from Romania. While EU attempts to pass a legislation on data collection (the infamous Data Retention Directive), the country has decided to go a different way. Romanian Constitutional Court recognized the Directive as incompetent in 2014. Thus, the government of the country was denied the right to spy on fellow citizens and visitors. This also means that VPN services are not obliged to record information about the activity of their customers.

CyberGhost has been recently acquired by an Israel analytics company Crossrider Limited. The company is suspected of creating malicious software able to hijack users’ browsers. While CyberGhost has not been involved in a shady activity of any kind, such a background is a wake-up call for security-concerned people.

Logging Policy

The provider advertises itself as a zero-logging service but this statement is only a half truth. Indeed, CyberGhost doesn’t record user or connection logs but it doesn’t mean there is absolutely no history of your interaction with this provider. The service registers when you log in to your account and keeps this information within 24 hours. After that, it simplifies this timestamp and only marks dates when you registered. This statistics is kept within 30 days and then it is discarded.

That being said, CeberGhost doesn’t know what sites you visite, what IP addresses you use, and what your native IP address is. It doesn’t even keep track of the amount of data you transferred. The company even refused to process payments in-house to keep sensitive data away from its servers.

Security Features

CyberGhost doesn’t have a great variety of security protocols or any revolutionary features. In one form or another, their offer is similar to that of the majority of fair to middling providers. Your top choice regarding protocols should be OpenVPN since it is simultaneously fast and secure. To make the encryption even safer the service employs DHE-2048 perfect forward secrecy technology that generates a new code each time you connect. Additionally, CyberGhost offers PPTP and L2TP protocols but they are not as reliable as OpenVPN.

Leak protection is in place as well. I tested the service to see if there are DNS or IP leaks but I didn’t notice any. On top of that, the service comes with an emergency disconnect tool Kill Switch that prevents exposing user identity if occasional disconnections with a VPN server occur.

The provider has some function I didn’t cover in this article. If you would like to find out more details please check my full CyberGhost review.

CyberGhost Alternatives to Stay Safe on the Web

Generally, CyberGhost is a good provider but it is not perfect. If you don’t want to settle for lukewarm services there is an security champion and its name is NordVPN. It offers more features than anyone could possibly imagine. All types of encryption protocols are in place plus some additional security features such as obfuscated servers or double VPN. NordVPN really makes good on a promise to carry out a strict log-free policy. Summing up, the provider is the tops for individuals who want to keep their identity intact while surfing the web.


All in all, CyberGhost is relatively safe and secure VPN service to use, but there is always room for improvement. Its logging policy is not ideal but it is pretty solid and well-thought. I have to give CyberGhost credit for not storing any sensitive data regarding its users. On the other hand, it is not exactly a zero-logging service as it advertises. Security facilities are pretty basic but they do their job well.


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