Is CyberGhost Good For Torrenting (P2P)

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About 30% of people secure their connection with VPNs while using torrents. For this reason, users seek for a reliable and safeguard provider. Many VPN services promise that they support torrenting on their servers. However, when you actually test it, turns out that P2P file sharing is blocked on the majority of units and there are only several locations that are optimized for torrenting. If you don’t want to regret swallowing marketing bait you should learn a potential provider meticulously. As CyberGhost is a popular choice among security-concerned users, I decided to check how well it serves the torrent community. This article will let you know if CyberGhost is good for torrenting or not.

Does CyberGhost Allow Torrenting P2P?

If the question is put as “Does CyberGhost allow torrenting” the answer will be ‘no’ and ‘yes’. It is because there are two versions of CyberGhost – a free and Premium one. When you imply free subscription, I am afraid that p2p file sharing will be completely banned. The situation is different with a paid service. Premium users have access to approximately 2700 servers spread out in 60 countries among which 1000+ servers support torrenting. Those facilities are optimized to provide better download speeds. 

The Cyberghost app ensures easy access to torrent-enabling servers thanks to the ‘Torrent Anonymously’ feature. It analyzes your location and server load to connect you to the best server. If you want to pick a gateway on your own, there is a Choose My Server feature. 

CyberGhost Logging Policy

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when selecting a VPN service is its logging policy. The less information it gathers about you the better. Ideally, a VPN provider should know not a thing about you. Your torrent activity may not always be legally correct, so if you don’t want any consequences a zero-logging service is a must. 

CyberGhost logging policy is not the most straightforward and clear I’ve ever seen. However, if to study it carefully you will understand that they keep some records temporarily. Specifically, they track time when you sign in to your account and retain this information within 24 hours. After that, they remove this time stamp and only keep a record of dates when you registered. This info doesn’t say how many times though. For instance, if you registered twice on 1st August their log will record it as ‘signed in on 1st August. At the last time of a month, a statistics log is cleared.

As you see, CyberGhost doesn’t really collect any sensitive information. Your IP address, amount of traffic used per session, and server locations you hooked up to remain unknown. Keeping user logs is a no-no for CyberGhost so you can be sure that the company has no idea what sites you visit and what you do there.

CyberGhost Torrenting Features

As I already mentioned, CyberGhost offers a convenient client enabling you to connect to torrent-friendly servers in one click. The latest version of software pleasantly surprises with great download speeds. Of course, you may experience some sluggish performance when you choose a far-from-you location, but in general, I saw no major issues with downloading.

Premium CyberGhost plans have no restrictions regarding used bandwidth and it is a good news for torrent-active clients.

Military-grade unbreakable OpenVPN protocol will safeguard your privacy. The provider offers various encryption methods but OpenVPN is always the optimal choice. A tandem with DHE-2048 perfect forward secrecy makes your connection as safe as the Bank of England.

Besides that, CyberGhost guarantees protection against leaks. My test showed that I avoided DNS and IP leakage. If there are occasional VPN disconnections, your anonymity is safe thanks to the Kill Switch. 

If you are interested in the provider you can check what other functions it has from this detailed CyberGhost review.

Plans and Prices

The Premium account will be yours at only $2.75 per month if you purchase a 1-year subscription (it is billed as $33). If you are not willing to opt for a long-term commitment Cyberghost offers a 6-month deal at a price of $4.99 per month. If you want to test the waters there is a month-to-month option with an $11.99 price tag. The service accepts all popular payment methods, PayPal and even Bitcoin. If you don’t want to pay anything, you can make use of a free plan but it has a reduced functionality (fewer server locations are available, no simultaneous connections, etc.)


CyberGhost is a pretty secure option for your torrent-downloading pastimes. The service doesn’t bother to keep any extensive logs that could threaten your privacy. You can hook up to more than 1000 servers optimized for p2p sharing and enjoy a consistent connection and comfortable speeds. Reliable security protocols and anti-leakage measures will guard your peace of mind whenever you download torrents, stream videos or simply surf the web


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