3 Best VPNs for Thailand

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Thailand is often referred to as the land of smiles. It is popular with its exotic tourist’s destinations, but even then, Thailand is also known for its massive internet censorship and invasion of privacy. It is estimated that at least 34% of all internet users in Thailand use a VPN as a way of mitigating against government surveillance and internet censorship. To be fair, this kind of censorship is not a surprise.

Thailand has had many issues regarding social order with many social upheavals and violent uprisings reported in the country over the years. The government has been cracking down heavily on political dissidents. In fact, in 2010, over 110,000 websites were banned in Thailand due to their political stand. The country has also established very strong laws against criticizing the monarch. These laws have been used to silence the critics and take away the voice of people who actually have genuine concerns to rise.

The government has crafted down on these people and jailed them. Well, from these simple points, you can clearly see that there are a lot of risks in using the internet in Thailand, especially if you are a nonconformist with an opinion.

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Why you should use a VPN in Thailand?

There are many reasons why you’d need to use a VPN if you are visiting or living in Thailand.

The following are some of the main ones:

Internet Censorship in Thailand

Internet and website censorship in Thailand is now at its highest. Even before the military coup that happened in 2006, censorship was already a big issue and there are so many websites that until this day have remained blocked. The sad thing is that authorities there have used the guise of natural security to censor even websites that have got nothing to do with the current political situation in the country. Things haven’t gotten better. In 2008, a state of emergency was announced by the government and with it came more and more censorship.

In order to maintain public order, authorities in Thailand censored Twitter and other social media sites. Even though some of these social media sites have already been unblocked, it took a lot of time and years of lobbying. A recent report showed that over one hundred thousand websites are already blocked in Thailand as we speak. This is a massive number and it simply means that access to information inside the country is very limited.

Without a proper VPN, you can never get through. Website censorship has also gone beyond national security to political manipulation. The Red Shirt party is now in power and while it has done well to try and reduce the extent of internet censorship, they have been accused of targeting content by their opposition. If you are an opposition supporter or someone who believes in the idea of alternative facts, you may have a difficult time accessing materials aimed at opposition supporters.

Government Surveillance

Thailand is also one of the countries that have a very strong national surveillance program. All your moves online are tracked by the local authorities there, and if you feel a little bit creeped out by this, you are not alone. A lot of people in Thailand, most of who may have nothing to hide, still value privacy.

Even though the government says that the surveillance is designed to crack down on political dissidents that are a threat to peace and social order, the surveillance programs have been used over and over again to also track individuals using the internet. This is a very big problem and it is only through an effective VPN service that you can be able to overcome this challenge.

VPN for Thailand: Conclusion

Getting the best VPN for Thailand is the simple and secure way to avoid website censorship and government surveillance online. There are many people in Thailand who are using VPNs. In case you need to know more or perhaps you have a questions, feel free to leave them here below.


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