Best VPN for South Africa

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People of South Africa have access to such luxury as the Internet without censorship. Of course, in the Western society, content restrictions are not as common as in the countries of Asia and Africa, and in this respect, South Africa adopts the practice of technologically developed countries. At the same time, the government openly speaks about the need to restrict some kind of content. For example, gambling, torrent, and adult sites can found themselves banned. There are also regional blocks on video content on the popular streaming platforms. Thus, certain limitations still exist in this overall free country. You can fight with these restrictions with the help of VPN services. However, not all providers are equally effective. In this article, I will talk about the top 3 best VPN for South Africa.

The Best VPNs for South Africa

When you choose a VPN service, the first thing you would want is decent VPN-supplied speeds. Besides, you should look for VPNs that cater for your security and provide lots of servers, IP addresses for various countries. So, keeping these criteria in mind, I checked dozens of different vendors and narrowed the selection down to these best VPNs for South Africa:

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All these providers offer excellent packages of services for your online needs. The vendors share much in common (such as a great care of your security) as well as have some differences you should know about. Below is a brief description of each service.


NordVPN is a renowned provider with one of the most extensive server networks. At the moment, the service offers more than 4000 servers scattered in 62 countries around the world. The peculiarity of NordVPN is that it offers many servers performing specific functions. For example, DoubleVPN is designed for dual data encryption, Tor Over VPN will enhance your anonymity with Onion technology, and ultra-fast servers will allow you to comfortably watch video broadcasts and play online games.

The service delivers advanced encryption protocols with the most reliable OpenVPN that is used by default. Any leaks are prevented thanks to the Kill Switch. It will break the transfer of unencrypted data when connection with a VPN server is lost. Finally, the service never monitors your online activity and does not record your logs.


If you want to watch video content at the highest possible speed, ExpressVPN offers the best solutions in the industry. The company’s servers are optimized in such a way that the speed of VPN connection is practically the same as that what your Internet provider supplies. Besides, the service’s apps have a built-in speed test, so you can easily find the fastest connection around. On top of that, the company has servers in 94 countries across the globe, which is very handy in attempts to circumvent regional blocks.

As for security, here you can find up-to-date encryption protocols including the unbreakable OpenVPN. Also, the service doesn’t bother to keep logs of your activity on the web.


Another reliable VPN service for South Africa with an excellent combination of speed and security features is PureVPN. The service manages its own server network with servers could be found in 140 countries. Although the total number of servers is not the largest (750+), each of them is optimized to provide you with the best experience. In addition, when all the facilities are managed by PureVPN, no intermediaries are involved in the data transfer. This means that there is no risk that information about your online activity might be available to third parties. Finally, the service does not retain any logs.

Internet Freedoms in South Africa

At the moment, there is no harsh censorship of content for political or religious reasons. Unlike many African countries, South Africa does not restrict news sites, and residents can freely enjoy social networking and communication via instant messengers.

However, absolute freedom doesn’t exist and the government still bans certain sites for moral reasons. Thus, for distribution of child pornography or for publishing other sex-related or violent content a site may be shut down.

The Film and Publication Board of South Africa proposed a bill aimed at regulating digital media such as films and games containing adult content. Due to the fact that the wording in the bill is too generic and not clear enough, almost any media resources can get under the ban.

A step toward the deterioration of Internet climate was made when the government refused to support the UN bill aimed at providing greater freedom on the Internet around the world. The government of the country believes that some restrictions are useful for maintaining order in the country so it is normal to close access to some resources.

South Africa doesn’t have massive surveillance programs, however, the authorities take certain measures to monitor the use of the Internet. To this end, the government even issued The General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill and the Protection of State Information Bill.

Why You Should Use a VPN in South Africa

South Africa is not unique when it comes to territorial restrictions on certain content. This practice is especially widely used on popular streaming services such as Netflix, Roku, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, etc. The population of South Africa speaks English, so it’s natural that they want to watch the same shows and films as the audience in the US and Britain. However, due to regional restrictions, only a small portion of the streaming services’ media libraries is available to South Africans. 

But the territorial locks can be bypassed with the help of a VPN. By redirecting your traffic through one of the servers, you can mask your IP address and make Netflix or similar platforms think that you are in the US or any other country of your choice. This way, you will have more titles available than with a South African IP.

In addition to bypassing content blocking, you may need a VPN to keep your privacy intact. Your actions on the network may be watched by government services, hackers, and other ill-wishers. Even the Internet service provider registers logs of your activity. At the request of the government, the logs can be provided to law enforcement agencies or other surveillance services. Your browsing habits can also become known to advertisers that will attack you with lots of annoying ads.

If you want to remain completely anonymous on the net, VPN services will help to encrypt all your correspondence and other data you transmit through the web. Thus, no one will be able to find out what sites you visit, what content you are interested in and what materials you download.

Can I Use a Free VPN in South Africa

Yes you can and, in fact, there are many services that operate in this country but whether you should is another question. If you require a VPN to maintain your privacy on the network, then free services are not the best alternative. The reality is that free providers may not have enough resources to configure their servers for the best security protocols. Yes, they still provide traffic encryption but cipher methods can be obsolete and inefficient.

While the best VPNs in the industry never record your logs, free services may not only retain but also sell them to third parties. Most often these interested parties are advertisers. Thus, your browser can be filled with many frustrating ads. Moreover, there is a great risk that you may accidentally install some malicious software on your device.

The speed of the connection through free VPN servers also leaves much to be desired. It is due to the limited number of servers and the influx of those who want to connect to them. Thus, you can forget about watching videos in high resolution.

With paid servers, things are radically different. They value their reputation so you can be sure that third parties will never get information about you or your activity on the network. For a very modest price, you will get some excellent functions including a huge selection of quality encryption protocols and the ability to select a server in virtually any country in the world. Therefore, if you are looking for the best VPN for South Africa, you should only opt for trustworthy VPN providers.


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