Best VPN for SEO You Should Be Using

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Every business, if it wants to be successful, must invest in SEO. Currently, it is one of the most thriving industries – in 2018, businesses in the USA alone spent around $70 billion on SEO. If you are a SEO professional yourself, you should constantly seek ways to deliver the best performance to your clients. One of the ways to do so is using a VPN for certain activities. In this post, we’d like to share our ideas on the best VPN for SEO and scenarios they will come in handy. This information will also be useful for companies doing search engine optimization on their own. 

How Can You Benefit From a VPN for SEO?

A VPN is a helpful tool for any kind of online activity. If you are a SEO expert, a good VPN service will help you solve the following issues:

1. Monitor Your Ranking on Numerous Local Markets

Businesses that operate worldwide have online stores or corporate websites in various countries. If a company’s headquarter is located in, let’s say, the USA, it won’t be a problem to see the site’s ranking. But the ranking might be drastically different if you want to find out how the website is doing in Australia, for example. Especially, if there is no physical office. It is important to maintain a high ranking in every country a business operates in, so constant monitoring throughout all the markets is vital. 

With a VPN, you can easily find out local ranking without getting out of a chair. This software masks users’ IP addresses allowing them to pretend they are from a different country. So, sitting in your office in the USA, you can easily check search results in Australia and anywhere else in the world. The same solution will also help you check your ads designed for various regions.

2. Build Links Safely

Every SEO specialist knows how important link-building is for website promotion. However, getting quality links is harder than you think. It is tempting to create many accounts on web 2.0 platforms, social media, forums or blogs that allow commenting, but you might earn yourself a penalty or suspension if all your accounts are associated with the same IP address. This is the risk you can’t take, especially when doing SEO for clients. If you have a VPN, it takes only a couple of clicks to change your IP address. In Google’s eyes, it will look like all the links were provided by different people instead of just one. Needless to say, it is good for credibility. 

3. Avoid Entering CAPTCHA

If you want to check your positions for various keywords (or find the new ones), you have to send many queries through Google or other search engines. Google might regard this activity as malicious and make you enter reCAPCHA every time you’re searching. This can be very annoying and time-consuming. To avoid proving that you are a human, just activate a VPN and connect to a different location.

google reCAPTCHA

There is another benefit of a VPN when you test out your keywords. The traffic you send might be overwhelming for your server, resulting in slower Internet speed. When having a VPN, your traffic goes through your provider’s servers, all optimized for great bandwidth capacity and fast connection.

4. Ensure Your Privacy

A VPN can easily hide your digital tracks thanks to IP masking and traffic encryption. It means that if you want to spy on your competitors and ‘borrow’ tactics they have succeeded with, they will never find out it was you. VPNs’ privacy-enhancing features are also of use if you don’t want Google to catch you red-handed buying backlinks or doing something it doesn’t allow. What’s also important, all the communication details with your clients, passwords you use for SEO tools and services, as well as banking info will be encrypted and safe if you use a VPN.

5. Make Remote Work a Breeze

It is not a secret that the majority of SEO professionals are freelancers. It means that they can work on the projects from any country. Going on workation has never been easier if everything needed for work is a laptop and Internet connection. However, sometimes there might be problems when trying to access your bank and paypal accounts or SEO tools from a different country. To avoid this, it is enough to connect to a VPN server located in your home country, or, what’s even better, get yourself a dedicated IP address. With your own private IP, it will seem like you are home even if you’re thousands of miles away. No matter which option you choose, a VPN suitable for freelancers will keep you safe whenever using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. 

The Best VPNs for SEO Experts To Consider

As an SEO specialist, you will benefit from a fast and secure VPN with a global server network. The following VPNs supply all the necessary and useful features:


NordVPN is the favorite VPN among security-conscious people. The service provides unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption by default and a handful of extra features for advanced users. NordVPN’s headquarter is located in an offshore country Panama known for its privacy-friendly legislation. You can be sure that the NordVPN doesn’t retain any data about your online activities. 

The massive server network spanning across 60 countries provides thousands of shared IP addresses belonging to more than 5.800 servers. You can also get yourself a dedicated IP to enable secure access to banking services.

There are also SOCKS5 proxy servers in place if you’d like to go with the unencrypted anonymous connection.

If you want to purchase NordVPN subscription, there are three duration-based plans ranging from 1 month to 3 years. Whichever option you pick, you are covered by the 30-day refund policy. Does it sound good to you? Try NordVPN today without any risk for your money.

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You won’t have any problem checking local keyword rankings or doing link building thanks to PureVPN’s huge network of 2.000 servers and 300.000 IP Addresses in over 140 countries. The service’s unique feature is Ozone ready servers with increased security. Besides shared, you can make use of dedicated IP address from 8 countries (at an extra charge).

As for security, PureVPN implements AES 256-bit key cipher, and you can choose OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, PPTP (not recommended), SSTP protocols. The service delivers plenty of security features to ensure safety on the net including Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, port forwarding, etc. It even has a proprietary ad blocker!

PureVPN subscription plans vary from 1 month to 2 years. The bi-annual plan will save you 70%! If for any reason you get unhappy with the service, you have 31 days to cancel the subscription and get your money back. Get a better idea on what you can get with PureVPN with our detailed review.


ExpressVPN is one more popular VPN for SEO. You will undoubtedly appreciate its ultra-fast connection, ease of use, and 3.000+ servers in 94 countries. With this service, you will never have to worry about your security thanks to military-grade encryption and latest VPN protocols. Being registered in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN benefits from lenient privacy laws. For you, as a user, it means that the service won’t to monitor and log your traffic.

The provider boasts blazing speed and a consistent connection even if you reach servers from remote corners of Earth. If you have any issues with the service or its functions, helpful customer support is available 24/7 to help you out. 

When it comes to pricing, ExpressVPN is not the cheapest. This is the only reason why its 3rd on our list. However, its security and user-friendly approach is worth every cent. If you are ready for a long commitment, opt for the annual plan (it will save you 35%!). All the plans (including 1-month and 5-month tariffs) come complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Why Use a Paid VPN When There are Some Many Free Ones?

It’s simple – you can’t compare free vs paid VPNs. Their main drawbacks are slow speed, limited server availability, and poor security. They are not of big help if you have to send multiple queries through Google – a sluggish connection will slow down your work, plus not many options are available to switch IP addresses. On top of that, free VPNs may not have servers in the desired countries meaning you’re unable to check search results on those markets.

It’s also worth noting that free VPNs deliver a limited bandwidth, and you will surely need a lot of data to post content, use online SEO tools, and monitor ranking.

The biggest disappointment about free VPNs is security. The types of encryption they carry out are often outdated or just too weak. Besides, free VPN providers have a bad habit to collect data about user activities, and you surely don’t want to compromise your security and privacy. 

So, what will you choose, the peace of mind and comfort while doing your work or a chance to save a few bucks per month? Choose wisely.

The Bottom Line

You can massively boost your SEO capabilities with a reputable and feature-packed VPN service. Just test out the best VPNs for SEO we mentioned in this article and see for yourself how useful they are. Don’t worry, you won’t lose a cent thanks to generous no-question asked refund policies. 

We hope this article helps you make a good choice in your search for a VPN. If you require additional information or want to leave your review, just drop us a line in the comments below. 


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