Best VPN for Omegle

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Online chat services have always been popular, but Omegle goes one step further by allowing you to connect with a stranger each time you log in. It’s up to you to find common ground with your new random friend! It’s worth remembering, however, that Omegle doesn’t encrypt its chat logs. That means anything you send and receive can be intercepted and read by hackers, network admins and even your ISP.

For those who want to get unbanned from Omegle or to chat in complete privacy, using a VPN is an excellent idea. The best VPN for Omegle is one which will completely cloak your real IP address and protect your connection. Therefore, you can continue to chat for hours on end without having to worry about any of your data ending up in the wrong hands.

Why You Should Use a VPN for Omegle

One of the main reasons Omegle users use VPNs is due to banning. The chat platform is known for banning IPs outright on occasion. That means the only way around such a block is to take on a completely different IP address. VPNs, of course, make this nice and easy.

Omegle’s policy of going unencrypted isn’t particularly popular in the modern age. Therefore, VPNs are updating the game a little. With many different VPNs also being blacklisted by Omegle, it is also worth downloading a reputable program that can easily bypass a ban on Omegle.

The Best VPNs for Omegle

It’s always a good idea to use a VPN for Omegle. However, some VPN services are blocked by the website, which means you’re going to need to look for the best of the best.

Here is our list of the best VPNs for Omegle that we think are perfect for regular, private chatting:


NordVPN is a fantastic asset to online privacy. It’s the biggest VPN service available for download worldwide, which makes it likely to be one of the first options many people look at. Generously priced and upfront with no logging policies, Omegle users can benefit from complete privacy with a huge selection of servers and server locations. Currently, there are over 5,000+ different servers to connect to, each one with a different IP address for total anonymity.

NordVPN is one of few VPNs not actively barred by Omegle. Therefore, even if you find yourself banned by the chat platform, you can simply flick the NordVPN switch and start chatting from an unseen location. One of NordVPN’s significant achievements lies in the fact that the service is also available for multiple operating systems. In fact, their website proudly states that you can download their client for any device and OS.

NordVPN doesn’t participate in either the Five or Fourteen Eyes alliances, either. This means there’s extra shrouding from unwanted governmental surveillance. The fact that the company is based in Panama helps matters on this front.

  • An ideal choice if you require lots of servers to pick from
  • Competitive pricing and regular deals for long subscriptions
  • Widely supported by industry experts
  • Bypasses Omegle’s blocking


If NordVPN doesn’t appeal to you, ExpressVPN should certainly compete for your interest. This VPN is well-known for allowing users to unblock specific sites and geo-restricted services almost instantly. Its speed and security are big selling points, though, for some users, it may be a little more expensive than what they are expecting.

For an all-singing, all-dancing VPN, however, ExpressVPN is well worth the money. It’s certainly worth bearing in mind if you need to bypass Omegle’s ban or if you just want to chat in peace, that over 3,000 super-fast servers are available to access across 94 different countries at present, too.

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, which, similarly to NordVPN, means it’s out of sight from government surveillance. It’s also committed to refraining from logging your usage and data, meaning you can chat away without worrying about anyone snooping in. Its solid 256-bit AES encryption and DNS, IP, WebRTC leak defense largely put this VPN ahead of the competition, on the whole.

  • 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the service
  • Emphasis on security and speed
  • User-friendly software


PureVPN is our third choice for the best VPN for Omegle for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it operates on a completely unrestricted basis, handing out thousands of completely anonymous IPs to its users. It’s also one of the more affordable high-grade VPNs out there. What’s more, you can easily use it to access Omegle and to bypass any of its bans.

While Omegle may not necessarily rely on too much as far as CPU is concerned, speed is an asset.  PureVPN’s main selling point revolves around its efficiency and ease of use, which of course puts it as a level competitor against NordVPN and ExpressVPN.  The presence of a kill switch feature will also appeal to Omegle chatters.  That will allow you to instantly reconnect if your connection drops.  

PureVPN boasts over 2,000 servers based worldwide, and outside of the Five and Fourteen Eyes jurisdiction.  This service is based in Hong Kong and, like the other VPNs listed here, won’t log your usage.  Some experts suggest connection data may be logged here, but never any data that can be tied to you.

  • Quickly leap from one server to the next with kill switch technology
  • Choose which data you’d like your ISP to see if anything
  • Ask for your money back after 31 days if you’re unhappy

Free VPNs and Omegle

You probably wonder why we recommend these commercial VPNs when there are so many free VPN apps. The truth is that free VPNs are not good for your privacy. Yes, they offer data encryption but often it doesn’t meet the industry standard. It means that cybercriminals may hack your chats and get their hands on the information you’d like to keep confidential. Along with that, such services often inspect your data themselves to get an idea of your browsing behavior. This data may be sold to the third parties or handed over to authorities if they order. If you don’t worry about your privacy, you can try free VPNs but keep in mind that their IPs are often blacklisted and servers tend to be slow. For these reasons, Omegle’s video chat will often become laggy or unavailable.

How to Bypass Omegle Ban with a VPN

If you want to bypass Omegle ban with a VPN, follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Get one of the VPNs we recommend for Omegle.
  2. Download and install its app on your device.
  3. Start the VPN, and connect to a server in your preferred location.
  4. As soon as the connection establishes, you can visit Omegle and talk to strangers!

That’s it! Now all your chats will be safeguarded with top-of-the-line encryption.

Omegle and Personal Data

Omegle outright states in their terms of service that they may retain your chat logs by choice. It’s stated they may do so indefinitely if you appear ‘suspicious.’ Otherwise, they claim not to store messages ‘in general.’ In any case, it is advisable to go completely undercover with a VPN.

With this in mind, it always defeats the object to share personal data online while connected via VPN. When using Omegle, always be careful to keep any identifiable information entirely out of the picture.  Downloading the best VPN for Omegle from our selection will only help you fight half the battle!


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