Best VPN for Mexico – On Holiday or at Home

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Mexico, is a country of contrast, one that has both wealth, culture and soon a wall along its southern border! It is a holiday destination, and home to some 127-million people, a place of great beauty and sometimes horrors. Considered by many to be a growing power, it is investing in its internet infrastructure; however, it’s not perfect. So, in this article, I am going explain why using the best VPN in Mexico can be of benefit.

The Best VPNs for people to use in Mexico

As I mentioned in the opening to this piece, Mexico is a renowned destination for holidaymakers. If that’s you, and you plan to catch some sun, relax by the pool, and enjoy the nightlife what about your favorite shows? Will you set your DVR back home to record, or watch them while on holiday?

If it’s the latter, without a VPN, you will undoubtedly face the problem of regional geo-blocking. That is when content in your home country, is not licensed to be viewed in another. A typical example of this can be seen on YouTube, with the message, “This video is not available in your country,” regularly seen daily by millions.

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Additionally, Netflix users trying to access content while on holiday will comes across the same problem. However, this time, they will just be shown local content. The answer? Sign up for a Mexico VPN service, one that will enable you to use it on holiday and access a server in your home country.

Doing so will fool the media platform you are accessing into thinking you are back home. As such, you will be able to keep up to date with your favorite shows.

Censorship and Data Collection in Mexico?

While Mexico is not part of the infamous five eyes, and wider 14-eyes internet and communications group, it’s not clean. No, due to the unfortunate corrupt nature of the countries judicial, and political classes, dissent is not tolerated. This has culminated in recent crackdowns, of those who openly speak out on social media, and TV shows being canceled. How this affects free speech in other areas of Mexican life is not yet known.

However, the recent expansion of the countries internet infrastructure and the subsequent boom in its use had drawbacks. One such being the requirement of all ISPs, (Internet service providers,) and mobile networks to keep user logs. These records can be held for up to 2-years and show what you viewed, when, and for how long! As such, the use of a free and fair internet in Mexico may soon be a thing of the past.

Of course, there is a way around this, and that again is to use a VPN. Doing so will enable you to bypass such log keeping and keep your internet history private. However, not all VPNs are created equal, with some also maintaining logs. As such my advice would be for you to sign up for either ExpressVPN, or NordVPN, both are safe.

Mexico’s Internet Infrastructure

Since the government and private companies such as Telmex increased investment in infrastructure, the internet is accessible pretty much everywhere. However, if you’re a visitor to the country beware, your hotel may itself restrict access to certain services. Typically, they are streaming services which use lots of data. As such, this is another area in which the use of a compatible Mexican VPN can be of benefit.

How? Before trying to access the service which has been blocked by the hotel’s network administrator, log-on to your VPN and choose a server. Once you’ve done that, the actual traffic data you generate will be masked, meaning your location will not be identifiable. And that means you can stream via Netflix, Hulu or any other service unhindered.

Can I use a Free Mexican VPN?

free mexican vpn

Yes, you can, although, I would advise against doing so! Why? With internet surveillance laws on the increase in the country, and crime rife it will pay to be secure. Unfortunately, while most free VPNs are noble in their aims, their security can be lacking, as in using 2nd rate security. Additionally, the for the vast majority, the features compared to subscription providers just doesn’t compare.

Personally, if on holiday in Mexico or living there, I would suggest getting as close to the best VPN for Mexico as possible. For as little as $3.29 per month, you could have that and peace of mind!


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