Best VPN for Match

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Launched in 1995, Match became one of the first dating websites. It remains insanely popular among people searching for their soul mate. The website operates in 25 regions and is available in 8 languages. But this is not enough if you live outside these Match-covered countries. Plus, you shouldn’t forget about your security when using dating sites. With the best VPN for Match, you can unblock the website from anywhere in the world and simultaneously protect your online privacy. Read on and learn which VPNs are the best choice.

Why Use a VPN for Match: Your Location Matters

For starters, Match works only in 25 out of 195 countries. You can’t miss out on the largest dating platform only because you have the ‘wrong’ location. If you install a VPN, it’ll help you to fake your IP address and, respectively, your whereabouts. Having a virtual location in a supported country, you can subscribe to Match without any hassle. 

When it comes to online dating, you should consider your online security. Dating websites and apps are banned in UAE and other Islamic states and if you are caught using one, the consequences may be dire. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you not only mask your IP address but also hide your digital footprints. Luckily, VPN can do this, too. 

A carefully chosen location can have a beneficial effect on a subscription cost. If you live in the USA, Match membership is priced at $20.99 per month (if opting for an annual plan). But if you move to Britain, your subscription will become cheaper by $6 for the same duration. With a VPN, you can virtually ‘relocate’ to any country for better deals. 

Improve Your Online Privacy

Dating sites are teeming with shady individuals or weirdoes. If you log in to Match using your real IP address, a tech-savvy person can figure out your location and stalk you. 

What’s even worse, hackers may get hold of your private data using vulnerabilities in Match’s code. Cybercriminals can monitor your chats or eavesdrop your conversations. As a result, they might find something to blackmail you, highjack your account, or even steal your credit card details when you renew your subscription. You certainly don’t want this to happen. Thanks to sophisticated encryption, VPNs will protect you from thieves and hackers. Without an encryption key (which, by the way, is uncrackable), any data they might snatch will look like nonsense. Therefore, any sensitive information you share will stay only between you and a person it is intended for.

The Best VPNs for Match Dating Site

Any VPN offers a certain set of features designed for security, convenience, and improving your online experience. This is what to look for when choosing a VPN for Match:

  • Servers in countries where Match is available;
  • Fast and stable connection to quickly send and receive messages;
  • No IP and DNS leaks because you don’t want your real location to be exposed;
  • Strong traffic encryption to keep cybercriminals away from your data;
  • Zero-logging policy since it destroys any information about your online activities;
  • Easy to use apps for a variety of devices;
  • Helpful tech support to fix any issues on time;
  • Reasonably priced subscription because of your money matters.

The list came out quite impressive but you can’t ignore any of these features. Otherwise, your experience will be less than perfect. Luckily, it is not a problem to find providers with all these features in place.

Here is our list of the best VPNs for Match that we recommend:


NordVPN is the biggest and, arguably, the securest provider on the market. It won the love of VPN experts and millions of clients around the world thanks to a focus on security, functionality, and ease of use. It is the number one VPN in our list thanks to:

  • 5.400+ servers in 60 countries;
  • Dedicated IP addresses;
  • A wide choice of encryption methods and connection protocols;
  • No-exception zero-logging policy;
  • Connection free of IP and DNS leaks;
  • Intuitive apps for a variety of devices;
  • 6 simultaneous connections;
  • Affordable subscription.

The service has much more to offer – check it out in our NordVPN review. Despite robust functionality, NordVPN doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It offers 3 subscription plans with varying duration and discounts up to 72%. NordVPN is the best VPN for Match, don’t hesitate to see it for yourself. 


Another reputable service on our list is PureVPN. Being registered in a privacy-friendly country, PureVPN will take care of your security and comfort thanks to:

  • 6.500+ servers in 140 countries;
  • Dedicated IP addresses;
  • Fast connection speed;
  • Measures to prevent IP and DNS leaks;
  • Convenient VPN clients for a wide range of devices;
  • 5 simultaneous connections;
  • 24h live-chat support;
  • Affordable price plans.

Here is our detailed PureVPN review to learn more about its pros and cons. 

PureVPN is as affordable as it is versatile. It supplies 3 subscription options with steep discounts for longer commitments. PureVPN has got you covered with a 31-day money-back guarantee, so if you give it a try, no risk is involved. 


ExpressVPN is one more great option for Match thanks to the lightning-fast servers, stable connection, and unrivaled user experience. It boasts some of the coolest features around (find more about them in our ExpressVPN review):

  • 3000+ servers covering 94 countries;
  • Very fast connection speed;
  • Best-in-class apps for any possible device;
  • Military-grade encryption and no traffic logging;
  • Kill switch, split-tunneling features;
  • Works with streaming services;
  • Fast and competent customer support;

As a premium service, ExpressVPN sets its pricing accordingly. On the other hand, you can get a 35% discount if opting for its annual plan. With ExpressVPN, you have nothing to worry about, the 30-day refund policy confirms it.

Do Free VPNs Work with Match?

Free VPNs are likely to change your IP address to a country where Match has its presence. Yet, it is not an option you should try. Limited server availability, data caps, and a slow connection won’t let you enjoy online dating to the fullest. Security is not the strongest suit with free VPNs either. They are vulnerable to malware infection, man-in-the-middle attacks, trojans, and other risks. We understand that you may want to save a couple of dollars but don’t do it at the cost of your security. 


A VPN is a proven solution to unblock Match dating site in any country and safeguard your activities. The best VPNs for Match we suggested in this post are fast, user-focused, and versatile. Don’t take our word on it, test them out for yourself and get to know what online security really is.


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