Best VPN for Google AdSense

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If you’re an owner of a popular website with a lot of daily traffic, you can earn some extra money with Google AdSense. This service allows placing the third-party advertisement on your platform and getting a small fee every time someone clicks on it. It is a great idea to create a Google AdSense account and increase your earnings in an effortless and hassle-free way. If you are thinking of registering with the advertising placement service, you should consider doing it with a VPN. In this post, we are going to share a piece of advice on the best VPN for Google AdSense. Read on and learn how a VPN can help with your money-making activities. 

Why do You Need a VPN for Google AdSense

The primary reason to get a VPN for AdSense is to create a new account if the old one got blocked. AdSense bans user accounts for fraudulent activities such as self clicks, beg for clicks, copyrighted or gambling content on your website, etc. If this has already happened but you don’t want to give up the idea of generating AdSense income, you can make use of a dedicated IP address provided by a VPN to create a new AdSense account. Please keep in mind that an IP address is not the only thing Google tracks so you may need to change your operating system, device and even ISP so that there is no link between your old banned account and a new one. 

Another reason to use a VPN with AdSense is to protect your privacy. You surely don’t want cybercriminals to pry into your business or get hold of sensitive information. A VPN uses cutting-edge traffic encryption so that nobody is able to track or intercept your data.

Please keep in mind that Google AdSense is not against VPNs as long as you follow the rules of the program. However, if you are going to use a VPN for dishonest activities, Google will ban you 100%. 

How to Pick a VPN for Google AdSense

If you require a VPN to safeguard your activities, you should look for a provider with strong data encryption. In case you want to create a new AdSense account after the old one got suspended, pay attention to services with good worldwide coverage. Fast connection speed is also important since you’ll be able to avoid lagging and freezing while using Google’s service.

We recommend opting for VPNs with dedicated IP address (Add-On). Normally, when you are connected to a VPN server you share an IP address with many people and it might get blacklisted when somebody does something against Google’s policy. As a consequence, your account is likely to be banned, too. However, when you have a dedicated IP, you are its only user so other people won’t be able to mess it up.

Best VPNs for AdSense Worth Your Consideration

Without further ado, these are the best VPNs for Google AdSense to improve the security of your account or create a new one.


NordVPN is currently the safest VPN provider around. Not only does it employ industry standard encryption but also provides advanced security features. DoubleVPN, Tor over VPN, obfuscated servers, proprietary antivirus, and many other functions will take care of your online protection.

Not only that but NordVPN boasts the largest server network that covers more than 60 countries. You can take advantage of one of 5,000+ shared IP addresses or purchase a dedicated IP in one of the selected countries (the USA, UK, Netherlands, or Germany). Although NordVPN supplies ample features, its apps are very easy to use. By the way, you can install and run NordVPN client on 6 devices simultaneously. Fast connection speed and 24/7 online support are included. 

The service offers four competitively-priced subscription options and its 3-year plan featuring a 70% off is a real bargain. 30-day money back refund policy is in place if for any reason you are not happy with the provider. Learn more about NordVPN and its features from our in-depth review. 


ExpressVPN is another great VPN for Adsense if you are looking for a fast, handy, and breeze-to-use provider. It packs a multitude of useful features beneficial for beginners and seasoned users alike. Military-grade AES 256-bit key encryption backed up with perfect forward secrecy, HMAC authentication, and OpenVPN protocol is a really serious security level. On top of that, the provider ensures reliable IP and DNS leak protection. 

ExpressVPN network spans across 94 countries and is comprised of more than 3,000 servers. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t offer dedicated IPs. The good thing is that you can benefit from excellent speeds, consistent connection, no matter what location you connect to. Tech support is available around-the-clock if you need any help.

ExpressVPN is a premium service so its price is somewhat premium too. You can select from three subscription plans featuring different durations but we recommend going for a one-year commitment with maximum discount. All the tariffs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if something doesn’t meet your needs. Here is our ExpressVPN review to learn more about this service.


One more praiseworthy VPN provider on our list is PureVPN. Its security features are on a par with luxury VPNs while the cost is affordable to anyone.

Uncompromising security is ensured by AES 256-bit key encryption and unbreakable OpenVPN protocol. There are also IP and DNS anti-leakage tools as well as KillSwitch to protect your data from getting exposed. PureVPNs has even gone one step further and introduced Ozone Ready servers with an extra security layer.

The provider is one of the few VPNs that offer dedicated IP addresses. You can purchase a private IP in one of the following countries: the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Besides that, you can make use of 300,000 shared IPs from 140 countries.

PureVPN delivers comfortable speeds, 24/7 customer support, intuitive apps, 5 multi loggings, and many other useful features at a very attractive price. A one-year plan with an up to 70% discount is the best deal. Every subscription option comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee. Read more about the provider from this PureVPN review. 

Don’t Use a VPN to Cheat Google AdSense

Not all AdSense publishers want to comply with AdSense Terms and Conditions. Some of them came up with a fraudulent scheme to generate more clicks and make more money. If you click on your own ad, the service will regard it as invalid. To mask self clicks, unscrupulous users began to employ a VPN. Indeed, if you make clicks with IP addresses from all over the world, they will seem more natural and the service might count them. However, Google is not that easy to fool and this scheme is doomed to fail.

If you think you’re the smartest and you know how to trick Google without being caught, you can’t be more wrong. Google will easily figure out unusual activities and your account with all the money you have in it will be blocked. 

It is a piece of pie for Google to detect VPN traffic. If a share of clicks made via a VPN is low, it might not cause suspicion. But as soon as the rate of VPN users unnaturally increases, you will get in trouble.

Even if you keep the tactics of a low VPN click rate, you still won’t be able to cheat sanction-free. As we have already said, an IP address is not the only thing Google tracks. It checks screen resolution, browser open tabs, cookies, GPU ID, WebRTC data, OS details and other information to check how many real users made clicks. If these details are the same for every click, you’ll be busted. So why risk your AdSense account for a couple of extra dollars especially when a new one is really hard to get.

Free VPNs for Google Adsense – Good or Bad?

Here is a short answer – free VPNs are a poor choice for AdSense. Actually, they are a no-go for the majority of online activities. They are too slow, buggy, and limited to be serious competition for premium VPN providers. They won’t let you change your location without Google noticing it. Because their server availability is extremely low, Google can easily blacklist their IP addresses. Moreover, free services are vulnerable to many security risks and are actually harmful to their users. They collect usage data, resell it to the third parties and even let their partners install tracking codes on user devices. 


A VPN is a great idea if you want to secure your traffic and make transactions between your AdSense and bank account safe. It will also come in handy if you can’t sign up for AdSense in your country or you want to create a new account after your previous one has been banned.

We strongly advise you against using a VPN for fraudulent activities and manipulations with AdSense. It is unethical and dishonest to earn by self clicks because in such a way you take money from businesses that pay Google for advertisement. So please, don’t mess with AdSense and Google won’t have reasons to ban you.


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