Best VPN for Etisalat

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Etisalat is one of the biggest telecommunication brands in the Middle East. It is based in the UAE and operates in 17 more countries. Etisalat offers broadband connection at affordable prices thanks to which the company has gained millions of users. Unfortunately, the provider has to comply with tough Internet restrictions which are especially hard to accept for foreign tourists who fly to the Emirates for impression-full vacations. However, if you are a tech-savvy person, you probably already know that a VPN is able to turn the censored Internet into a restriction-free area. Find out how the best VPN for Etisalat can restore your access to banned websites and online services.

The Best VPNs for Etisalat

It is not that easy to get a VPN that works on the Etisalat network. The internet provider implements sophisticated algorithms to detect and ban VPNs. That’s why, your main task is to find a service able to avoid Etisalat’s blockade. Another factor you should consider is the connection speed. Slow and lagging providers are a no-go. Plus, you will need comprehensive online protection via strong encryption and privacy-enhancing features. If you are going to watch Netflix or similar video-on-demand services, opt for a VPN with unblocking capabilities.

We’ve selected 3 VPN services that work with Etisalat 100%. This compilation will come in handy for our readers who don’t have time to test providers personally. These services guarantee you enjoy surfing the free and safe Internet, otherwise, you can claim your money back. So, the best VPNs for Etisalat that we recommend are:


NordVPN is the most security-focused VPN provider around. It neither collects nor records user activities. Its praiseworthy security features are based on unhackable encryption ciphers and the most advanced connection protocol OpenVPN. The provider allows users to double-protect their traffic via Double VPN or Tor over VPN servers. It also has tools to prevent IP, DNS leaks and secure user traffic when connection interruptions occur. Thanks to the widespread network comprised of 5,200+ servers in 62 countries, you can bypass Etisalat’s VPN ban with ease. NordVPN is an affordable provider with straightforward apps, helpful 24/7 customer support service, and built-in malware protection.


ExpressVPN is the industry’s speed-leading service. Thanks to outstanding scalability, you can surf, download, play, and stream any content without noticeable speed drops. Such a feature is also helpful whenever Etisalat enables bandwidth throttling. The service has more than 2000 servers across the globe you can use to avoid Etisalat’s surveillance. Security features are another ExpressVPN’s strong suit. The industry standard encryption is implemented by default as well as DNS leakage protection and Internet Kill Switch. The service supplies easy-to-use apps for a variety of devices. Whenever you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact their competent customer support service. ExpressVPN may be more expensive than its counterparts but with a 35% off for an annual plan, you are sure to get a great deal.


PureVPN is the other service able to support VPN connection through Etisalat’s networks. This became possible thanks to a solid network of 2000 servers embracing 140 countries. PureVPN offers the same military-grade encryption as two other services on our list, plus a server-level malware and intrusion protection (courtesy of their Ozone Ready servers). The provider’s trait is special add-ons that enhance security and user experience. For example, you can make use of a dedicated IP address and Etisalat will never figure out that you are connected to a VPN. On a whole, PureVPN is a versatile service with user-friendly apps, knowledgeable tech support, zero-logging policy, and reasonably-priced subscription plans.

Why Use a VPN for Etisalat ?

Etisalat, as an Internet service provider, is able to monitor user activities, keep track of web platforms they visit, record their communications, and ban certain websites prohibited by the authorities. Arabic countries are known for harsh laws that forbid materials displaying nudity and pornography, as well as gambling, dating, and dating websites. Even some harmless VoIP services and social media platforms are blacklisted. When you try to access such web resources, you will see an error message at best, but in the worst case scenario, you may end up in jail. Foreign tourists are especially sensitive to these strict regulations and may even be unaware of possible consequences. So, whenever you go to the Middle East counties, you just have to use a VPN for Dubai and UAE. It will save you from Etisalat’s monitoring and provide access to websites forbidden in the country.

The other reason to use a VPN is to ensure your protection from hackers, data thieves, and cybercriminals. Public WiFi networks are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks meaning your sensitive information may be in danger. The best VPN for Etisalat will keep your private data under wraps thanks to traffic encryption and advanced malware protection tools. 

Will Free VPNs Work with Etisalat ?

As we have already mentioned, Etisalat cracked down on VPNs to stop users from bypassing network restrictions. Only services with large server networks (and as a result, thousands of IP addresses) are able to go off Etisalat’s radar. FreeVPNs are not among such providers. There are limited on servers, hence their IPs are easy to detect and blacklist. Even you are lucky to find a free VPN capable of avoiding bans, you will experience unbearably-slow speeds, bandwidth caps, and even data mining. Indeed, most free services earn money by selling information about user’s online activities and behavior. The bottom line is that free VPNs are neither good nor safe to be used with Etisalat.

Sum Up

Etisalat is the biggest Internet provider in the Middle East, which, unfortunately, restricts access to a range of websites and services recognized as harmful. With the best VPN for Etisalat, you can get past such bans and simultaneously safeguard your online traffic. You need to choose a provider carefully because Etisalat tends to ban VPNs. Nord VPN, ExtressVPN, and PureVPN are three VPN services that still work with Etisalat.


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