Best VPN for Dubai

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Why Get a VPN for Dubai and UAE

While the skyline of Dubai is futuristic, the UAE’s attitude toward information and communication is as backwards as you can get. Internet access in Dubai is severely restricted along with the majority of VoIP services.

VPN use is also restricted. In August of 2016, Gulf News (one of the largest English-language news sites in the UAE) reported that residents in the country who are caught using a VPN may be subject to fines of up to $500,000. The wording of this pronouncement was quite vague, but later the Khaleej Times clarified that the fine is only for those who use a VPN for “crime or fraudulent purposes.”

The problem is that “crime” covers quite a broad array of applications in the UAE—anything from watching pornography to communicating on a banned social network. As the authoritarian government may arbitrarily adjust these definitions at any time, you could feasibly be charged for just about any offence they can come up with.

So if you choose to use a VPN in the Dubai, do so at your own risk. The whole purpose of a VPN is to protect your anonymity, but no system is foolproof, however ironclad.

Obviously you want to mitigate your risk as much as possible, and that means avoiding the hundreds of inferior VPN services out there that do not really protect your privacy.

In fact, out of all the VPNs on the market, there are really only three best VPNs for Dubai that we can solidly recommend to users at this time.

Best VPNs for Dubai

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Our #1 Choice

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is currently our top pick for customers in the Dubai. This is because NordVPN goes the extra mile with security. Along with standard protocols, this VPN service offers Double VPN and Tor.

Double VPN is just what it sounds like; it is a feature which sends your traffic through an extra node using a combination of TCP and UPD connections for extra security. With Tor, your traffic is routed first to one of NordVPN’s nodes, and is then transferred through a number of different nodes within a Tor network.

While this does mean that many of NordVPN’s connections are a bit slower than those on other VPNs, it is worth it to get top notch security in the UAE. NordVPN has a strict policy against keeping customer logs, which means you will be protected should the UAE government start asking questions.

On NordVPN, you can access the web through 726 servers in 57 different countries. 3,000 free proxies are available for you to use. Both free and dedicated IP addresses are available, and you get unlimited bandwidth for P2P sharing, streaming, gaming, and more.

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2. PureVPN

Another excellent choice for Dubai is PureVPN, a popular service which has been around for more than a decade. PureVPN has a reputation for lightning-fast speeds, making it one of the best VPN services for gaming, streaming and file sharing. With more than 750 servers located throughout the world and unlimited server switching, you can access content anywhere.

How does PureVPN protect your privacy? This VPN offers robust security protocols to encrypt your data. And like the other VPN services that we recommend, PureVPN does not keep any logs past the basic session logs which specify the times you connect to the servers. Your activity is never monitored or recorded.

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3. IPVanish

The third VPN which we recommend to internet users in the Dubai is IPVanish. With its incredible server diversity with more than 3,269 to choose from in 24 countries. You can connect up to five devices through one account and choose from PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption protocols. Unlimited bandwidth and full support for P2P makes IPVanish a fantastic option for file sharing as well as streaming and gaming. Just like PureVPN and NordVPN, IPVanish keeps no logs on your activity online.

IPVanish offers relatively affordable plans, and even lets you pay for service through Bitcoin. So if you are looking to pay anonymously for VPN, IPVanish is a great option.

All three of our recommended VPNs for Dubai offer free customer support 24/7. Contact provider with any questions or concerns you might have. In the UAE, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Best VPN for Dubai Conclusion

While many outsiders believe that Dubai is a desert paradise, residents of the United Arab Emirates know differently. The UAE’s oppressive censorship laws and harsh policies against free speech greatly restrict basic human freedoms. Dubai VPN can help you to protect your anonymity while you are using the internet. Just remember that there are severe penalties for those who are caught breaking the law using a VPN. As Dubai’s censorship laws are capricious, you use a VPN in the Dubai at your own risk.


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