Best VPN for the Deep Web and DarkNet

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The Internet is much larger than you can imagine. Websites, files, or online platforms that Google doesn’t know about are a part of the so-called deep or dark web. The lists of links you get on the search engines are only a tip of the iceberg because there are 500 times more hidden websites. Despite a popular belief, the darknet is not only a place for hackers and criminals (although they also use it), but more for people who seek truth and anonymity. However, it doesn’t mean that nobody is watching when you go beyond the surface of the visible web. You need protection regardless of what type of network you’re on and what you use it for. A VPN is a go-to solution whenever you need to secure your online activities. Find out about the best VPN for the deep web and darknet and learn how they can enhance your privacy.

How to Choose a VPN for Deep Web & Dark Net

You use a darknet for a reason, and it means you want to stay anonymous and protect your connection from prying eyes. A VPN must meet these needs. In particular, your provider should hide all your online traces due to refusal from logging. Then, a VPN is required to secure traffic with encryption that is impossible to hack even with the most sophisticated methods. 

Naturally, a darknet VPN should be compatible with Tor. A reliable service will also offer measures to prevent unsecured connection (a Kill Switch) and won’t let any leaks to compromise your identity. To mask your traces, it should supply a solid network with servers scattered around the world. Also, look for a VPN with additional security features such as built-in malware protection or advanced encryption.

Since the dark net already has certain security features implemented, it can be slow by itself. Adding one more layer of protection will only worsen the situation if your VPN provider is not fast. Therefore, the best VPN for deep web and dark net must supply blazing connection speeds.

The Best VPNs for Deep Web and Darknet

You already know what features to look for in a VPN for the darknet and deep web but it is still hard to make the right choice. There are hundreds of available services and you can’t test every one of them out. But we can, moreover, we have already done it. Our experts have tried various services and singled out these three best VPNs for deep web & dark net:


NordVPN is an excellent service for security-conscious users. Not only does it supply industry standard encryption (AES 256-key cipher, OpenVPN protocol) but takes user security to extremes thanks to robust extra features. For example, you can make your connection two times more secure thanks to Double VPN servers. You are also able to use NordVPN with anonymous Tor technology due to Onion over VPN connection. The obfuscation feature will help you overcome even the strongest firewalls. The service carries out no logs so all your online activities are kept secret. Being the largest VPN network in the world, NordVPN offers more than 5,000 servers set in 62 countries so that you can easily mask your location. The CyberSec function will protect your device from malicious software. Despite being so powerful, NordVPN remains a reasonably-priced service and its massive 75% discounts for annual plans are affordable for any user. The provider has no trial period but you can test it out basically for free thanks to a 30-day refund policy.


A speedy connection is critical for your online experience, and when you need an ultra-fast service, ExpressVPN is at your disposal. The provider boasts more than 2,000 speed-optimized servers located in 94 countries to disguise your real IP address. Its security features deserve praise as well: state-of-the-art OpenVPN protocol and AES-256-bit cipher enhanced with the Perfect Forward Secrecy will keep all the spies and hackers away. The service keeps no user logs and it means that nobody, even ExpressVPN itself, is able to find out what you do on the deep web. You can benefit from Split Tunneling feature to protect sensitive activities while preserving the original connection for other functions. With ExpressVPN, you are fail-saved thanks to automatic Kill Switch. Its own private DNS makes the connection both safer and faster. A one-month subscription is not the cheapest but when purchasing an annual plan, you will benefit from a nice discount. You can become a member of ExpressVPN family risk-free thanks to a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. 


This service is a breeze to use even for newbies. Nevertheless, it packs many worthy features to protect you while on the darknet. First of all, there is a zero-logging policy in case you don’t want to leave any digital traces. Secondly, you can benefit from OpenVPN protocol and uncrackable military-grade encryption that protect your traffic from monitoring. You are able to browse incognito because your IP address is masked. Just connect to one of the 2,000+ VPN servers in 140 countries and conceal your real location. You can use Split Tunneling function for web surfing that doesn’t require much security while simultaneously protecting sensitive activities. WebRTC and DNS leak protection will help you stay anonymous at all times and a Kill Switch will provide emergency disconnection if a VPN tunnel breaks. For even greater security, you can make use of the Port forwarding add-on. PureVPN’s budget-friendly subscription is affordable to anyone, especially its super cheap 3-year plan. Become one of the subscribers without any fear because you are protected by a no-questions-asked 31-day refund policy.

Reasons to Use a VPN on Deep Web and Dark Net

The deep web recourses can be accessed without any specific tools if you know where they are stored. This network is mostly comprised of files and web pages not indexed by the search engines (for example, because these resources are outdated, protected from crawling, or have privacy settings). There are a few deep web search tools to help you find hidden content. The deep web doesn’t have any user protection and you must be the same cautious while using it as when you surf the regular web.

Unlike the deep web, you will need special tools to access the dark net, such as Tor Browser or Project Freenet. This part of the Internet is intentionally kept secret because it often accommodates marketplaces for illegal goods or services (for instance, you can purchase drugs, hire a hitman or hacker, etc.). Not only that, but the dark net also hosts anonymous blogs, forums, private game servers, etc. It is a place where people can speak their mind freely because their privacy is ensured.

Despite considering anonymous, Tor and similar technologies are not able to provide 100% protection. Your ISP is able to see when you use Tor since the latter employs public IPs. Moreover, governments worldwide try to attack Tor to compromise its users. They use various methods ranging from Trojans to infrastructure hacking. In some countries, Internet service providers are obligated to implement deep packet inspection to find out which users go to the darknet.

As you can see, even anonymous networks require extra security and you can add it with the best VPN for deep web and dark net.


A trustworthy VPN will ensure that all your sensitive data is kept under wraps and your identity is hidden. Unfortunately, you can’t trust every provider that claims about user security. There are many free VPNs that may take a heavy toll on your privacy. They intentionally retain traffic logs and use them to yield a profit. Such services may even share the information they know with the authorities and law enforcement. In fact, they have many harmful drawbacks such as weak encryption, possible DNS leaks, and inconsistent connection. So, when looking for for the best VPN for deep web & dark net, you shouldn’t take free providers into consideration. With one of the services that we recommend, you will secure all your communications and remain incognito all the time.


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