Best VPN for BitMEX

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BitMEX is the world’s largest Bitcoin trading platform with more than half a million accesses monthly. There, you can sell, buy, and exchange Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies and fiat money. In 2018, the platform managed to achieve a fantastic result – more than a million Bitcoin coins were sold in one day. Anyone who has experience with similar cryptocurrency exchanges can easily start trading on BitMEX. Anyone except Americans. People with American IP addresses are not allowed to the exchange. Fortunately, if you have a VPN, you can change your IP address to another country and continue trading. Our post reviews the best VPN for BitMEX you can use to restore access to this Bitcoin exchange platform.

Why do You Need a VPN for BitMEX?

American traders carry out the most operations on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, BitMEX’s decision to ban access for American users caused a shock and public outrage. The platform didn’t go into much detail regarding what affected such a harsh move but people speculate that it was due to the US laws BitMEX was not able to comply with. 

Whatever it was, BitMEX checks users’ IP addresses to identify what countries they are in and block traders from the US. However, it is not a problem to get past BitMEX’s ban with a fake IP. All you have to do is configure a VPN on your device and enable it every time you access the Bitcoin trading platform. Such a service provides a variety of IP addresses in many countries and one of them can be yours. Since BitMEX is registered in Hong Kong, you can use a VPN for Hong Kong or any other country of your choice.

Another reason to get a VPN is to secure your transactions within the platform. BitMEX has its own mechanisms to ensure users and their assets are protected but it won’t hurt to be extra cautious when it comes to your money. For instance, you might be watched by data thieves who try to nose out your logins and passwords to clean your account. When you use the best VPN for BitMEX, all your traffic is encrypted and no one can see what data you enter, send or receive. 

The Best VPNs for BitMEX That Still Work

When you choose a VPN for BitMEX, you should pay the foremost attention to its security. You need to make sure such a service implements military-grade ciphers, the latest encryption protocols, and doesn’t log your activities. A large server network is also important because it will allow you to get an IP address from any country you want. You should be very careful when using a VPN for BitMEX because the exchange can identify VPNs and ban them. Therefore, we recommend services with dedicated IP addresses that are unlikely to be detected and blacklisted.

Connection speed is one more factor you should take into consideration. Whenever there is a hot deal available on BitMEX, you can’t miss it just because you were too slow and someone else got it first. 

With so many key factors to keep in mind, it is extremely hard to pick the right service for BitMEX. Luckily, you can count on our experts.

Here are the best VPNs for BitMEX to access and trade from the USA:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. PureVPN

Get ready to learn more about VPNs we recommend.


NordVPN is arguably the best VPN for privacy-cautious users, and its security functions are outstanding. By default, it implements the strongest encryption along with the cutting-edge protocols but even these security measures can be improved. For example, you can use the Double VPN option to encrypt your traffic twice. It even has an antivirus / malware protection tool of its own development. NordVPN delivers more than 5,400 servers in 60 countries so finding an IP address other than an American one is not a problem. For a small additional fee, you can get a dedicated IP as well. The service offers easy-to-set-up and intuitive apps for all major devices and operating systems. Its customer support is available any time so feel free to contact them whenever you need any info or advice.


With ExpressVPN, you won’t have any problems to choose an IP address in another region since it has servers installed in 94 countries. In total, ExpressVPN offers access to more than 3,000 servers. Connection speed is the area where the provider shines. Thanks to the carefully optimized network, ExpressVPN is awarded as the fastest provider in the VPN industry. It also boasts the best-in-class encryption provided by the strongest AES 256-bit ciphers and OpenVPN protocol. ExpressVPN is a breeze to use and it has apps literally for every Internet-compatible device. If you ever require any help or assistance, their competent and fast tech support works 24/7.


PureVPN is a service from the same country as BitMEX, Hong Kong. Such a jurisdiction allows PureVPN to carry out a transparent no-logging policy. Besides the favorable privacy policy, the service offers a wide range of security features including military-grade encryption, server-level antivirus software, as well as handy premium add-ons (for instance, P2P Protection). You can even purchase your own dedicated and DDoS protected IP address in a selected country. If you decide to go with shared IP addresses, you are free to choose among 6,500+ connection options in 78 countries. Top that off with handy apps for virtually any device and OS, responsive around-the-clock tech support, and an attractive price tag, and you’ll get one of the best VPNs for BitMEX.

Can I use Free VPNs for BitMEX

If you need a VPN just to change your IP address to another country, you will definitely find a bunch of services. However, when it comes to user protection, they will fail to satisfy you on so many levels. For starters, free providers often inject tracking codes into their software to monitor user activities. Then, they trade your informations with the third-parties and, in some cases, may even handle it to the government entities on their demand. Some VPNs were even caught red-handed when trying to employ users’ devices to build a botnet. You shouldn’t hope for good encryption either. The majority of free VPNs implement outdated protocols and weak, easy-to-hack ciphers. When you trade on BitMEX, do you want to risk your valuable assets to save a few bucks? We don’t think so. 


With the best VPN for BitMEX, you can access this popular Bitcoin exchange platform from the USA even despite the infamous US-users ban. Such software will also come in handy to protect sensitive data and safeguard your transactions.


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