Does AirVPN Work with Netflix

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It is not a secret that Netflix blocks proxy, VPNs, and other unblockers. The company is aware of the key players in the VPN industry and it attempts to squash them all. But what about small services, are they on the Netflix’s radar as well? Let’s take a closer look at AirVPN. Some users praise it for a great variety of security functions, but can it do more than that? I am going to test the service and answer the question “Does AirVPN work with Netflix?” 

VPNs and Netflix: Who will Come out on Top?

AirVPN is not the most powerful provider, but it has some nice features to ensure your safety on the net. Unfortunately, it lacks a function that is in demand these days. I am talking about Netflix block bypass.

For smaller VPN companies, it is much harder to withstand a mighty corporation with almost unlimited resources. AirVPN is not the most famous name in the VPN industry and it can’t boast of a large global server network. When having only 220 facilities, it is no wonder why it got blacklisted at lightning speed.

For some time, though, AirVPN continued to fight and even added more servers in 2017 to restore its unblocking ability. However, after Netflix had detected and banned them it seems like the service just gave up. It is a time and money consuming activity to add new servers and IP ranges all the time. That’s why only a handful of VPNs is able to do it. Apparently, AirVPN is not among them.

Alternatives to Fix AirVPN Netflix Proxy Error

When it comes to choosing a VPN to watch Netflix it is a good idea to trust reputable household names. Why? It is because they have enough resources to be one step ahead of the multimedia giant. Some servers will be inevitably banned (well, that’s life) but others will take their place very quickly. This is how VPN providers are able to stay in the game.

There is one vendor that has become an ultimate champion in the biggest server network contest. It is NordVPN. To date, it has 4,700 servers spanned out in 62 countries. With such a massive roster, it became a real pain in the neck for streaming services. You can enjoy Netflix in such countries as the USA, Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands. 

For advanced streaming buffs, NordVPN offers dedicated IP addresses. Why do they work better than your regular dynamic IPs? That’s simple, because you are the only owner of such an address. This is a principle difference between dynamic and static IPs. The former are randomly assigned during a VPN session and are used by thousands of people. It is not a brainer for Netflix’s algorithm to understand what’s going on and blacklist these IPs. But if your IP is static everything will look ok in the Netflix’s eyes. If you log in to your account from the same IP all the time and there won’t be other users to share this IP with you, you won’t get into any troubles.

AirVPN and Netflix Conclusion

Good server coverage is a recipe for success if a VPN provider wants to unblock Netflix. Unfortunately, this is an ingredient AirVPN misses to become more than just a mediocre service. For streaming services, to banish 220 servers is like taking candy from a baby. So it is no wonder that AirVPN can’t bypass a dreadful Netflix proxy error.

You need a really reliable provider to open the door to the world where video content is up for grabs no matter what country you are in. NordVPN can help you. It offers access to Netflix US, Canada, Japan and the Australia. 


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