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It is no doubt that your torrenting activity needs protection. Even if you avoid illegal files, other users on the network can see your IP and may take advantage of it. Therefore, it is simply wise to mask your IP and encrypt your traffic with the help of a VPN. But how to choose a spot-on provider when there are so many options around? According to the p2p enthusiasts, VPNSecure is a perfect solution for torrenting. But can you really trust feedback on the Internet? I decided to check this provider off my own bat. Read further to find out whether VPNSecure is good for torrenting.

Does VPNSecure Allow Torrenting?

Before I answer this question in more detail, let me outline the main advantages of VPNSecure:

  • Zero-logging policy (at least on paper);
  • Torrenting is allowed;
  • Unlimited bandwidth;
  • HHTP Proxy;
  • AES-256 OpenVPN;
  • Kill Switch;
  • No Leaks;
  • Anonymous payment methods.

Unfortunately, the service couldn’t avoid some drawback:

  • A small server network;
  • Inconsistent speeds;
  • The 5 Eyes Jurisdiction.

Right off the bat,VPNSecure allows torrenting on the majority of its servers. Only a few locations in the USA, UK, and Australia don’t support p2p traffic. But it shouldn’t be a big problem since 40 more servers are at your disposal. Please note that I recommend using facilities stationed in torrent-friendly countries such as the Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, etc.

The provider doesn’t have any bandwidth restrictions and it allows an unlimited number of server switches. The only thing that can overshadow your torrenting experience is slow speeds on certain servers. Gateways closer to your vicinity will have the fastest connection while remote servers are too slow to use.

If sluggish speeds get too frustrating, you can switch to HHTP Proxy. VPNSecure supplies it on its every server. The proxy doesn’t imply any encryption but it is anonymous and fast.

Is it Safe to Use VPNSecure for Torrenting?

VPNSecure is among the few Australia-based VPNs. Such services don’t rush to register their business Down Under because of the strict local legislation. Plus, Australia is a part of a secret spy alliance known as the 5 Eyes. Both facts restrict security-oriented business in many ways so that they can’t provide a top-notch security for their clients. The only loophole VPNs can use is a bulletproof logless policy.

VPNSecure claims it records no logs. It means that the provider doesn’t register your IP address, time of connection and disconnection, outgoing traffic, and DNS requests (sites you visit).

However, there is one thing in the VPNSecure Privacy Policy that raises deep concern. It says that the service has the right to monitor users if there is a reason to think that they violate laws. It makes me believe that the service retains more information than its logging policy says.

As for general safety, VPNSecure provides reliable and flexible security facilities. The best of the bunch encryption protocol, OpenVPN, is in place. It comes with AES encryption and 256-bit key. Since heavy encryption negatively affects speed, you can manually change the chipper. AES encryption with 128-bit key and DES-64-bit are also available, although they are less reliable. You can also opt for PPTP protocol but I don’t recommend it due to weak protection.

The service supplies IP, DNS, and WebRTC leakage protection and my tests confirmed that it works well. Plus, there is a Kill switch that secures traffic if a connection with a VPN server is interrupted.

VPNSecure Prices and Plans

You can purchase VPNSecure for as low as $6.66 per month although this price is available only with an annual subscription. You can opt for 1-month plan priced at $9.95 if you are not ready for a long commitment. There is a compromise option as well with an $8.32 price tag for a 6-months deal. The service supports multiple payment methods including anonymous ones (such as Bitcoin).

The Best Torrenting Alternative to VPNSecure

VPNSecure showed itself as a good option for torrenting but there is still a room for improvement. If you seek the best option, there is a provider that is ahead of the pack and its name is NordVPN. This service can boast a tremendous selection of servers located in 62 countries, a fast connection speed, and numerous handy functions. Plus, it is registered outside of the 5 Eyes jurisdiction and has a straightforward zero-logging policy. If you are looking for a trustworthy VPN for your torrenting needs, NordVPN really covers all the bases.

VPNSecure for Torrenting: Conclusion

VPNSecure deserves praise for its security facility but it misses the mark in terms of speed and server availability. It says it carries out a log-less policy but some things in its Privacy Policy make me believe that it might be a half- true. The bottom line is that you can use VPNSecure for torrenting but you should be very careful.


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