How To Unblock Chaturbate with a VPN

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If you have a boring evening and you are over the age of 18, you may find it exciting to browse through Chaturbate and see what it has to offer. Launched in 2011, the service is the biggest source of live webcam performances for adults. It has no geo-restrictions so you can access it around the world to view private shows for a small fee as well as no-change performances. This said, Chaturbate is blocked in countries where adult content is recognized to be amoral. If you want to bypass such restrictions, you will definitely need a VPN service. In today’s post, we’ll reveal how to unblock Chaturbate with a VPN. Install it on your device and enjoy spicy performances no matter where you are. Ready? Let’s dive into it.

Why is Chaturbate Blocked?

Many countries deem porn to be something inappropriate, harmful, and indecent. The porn ban is widespread among African and Asian states including such huge markets as China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, and many others (check here our best VPNs for porn). Chaturbate is not exactly porn as a movie genre but it features nudity and naughty behavior so it is blocked in regions with strict Internet regulations.

In addition to the state-level bans, Chaturbate may be prohibited within certain networks. When you use a college or work WiFi, it is likely that you find the website to be inaccessible. It is because you should do something else instead of staring at busty ladies on Chaturbate. Your home network may have some sort of restrictions as well since ISPs don’t really appreciate data-consuming video chats. They can’t directly block the platform but they may throttle your internet connection speed.

Whether you suffer from a slow connection or Chaturbate is inaccessible whatsoever, a VPN will solve both issues. On one hand, it will mask your real IP address to help overcome filters and firewalls. On the other hand, it will encrypt your traffic so that your ISP can’t inspect what you do online. Thus, with a Chaturbate VPN, you can safely access and browse the website from anywhere in the world. 

The Best VPNs for Chaturbate

Since Chaturbate operates in the niche of live camming, you will need good Internet speed to avoid lagging. Plus, you should look for a provider with servers installed around the globe to be able to select fast and uncongested servers in countries where Chaturbate is legal. If you wish to access the platform from a country where it’s banned or you are on a network with filters, you will need a provider with strong encryption and unblocking capabilities. You will also benefit from convenient VPN apps.

Summing up, to access Chaturbate from every country, you will need a VPN provider that features:

  • A large network with servers across the globe;
  • Blazing-fast connection speed;
  • Strong encryption;
  • Ability to bypass network restrictions;
  • User-friendly apps;
  • Fast and helpful user support if required.

If you are not sure which VPNs are able to unblock Chaturbate, below is a list of providers that are worth a try.

1. NordVPN

You won’t find a provider that has a larger server network than NordVPN. While the coverage exceeds standard 60 countries, 5,500+ servers is a truly remarkable indicator. Every single server features military-grade encryption so you can easily hide your activities from ISPs and whoever may monitor your traffic. The speeds are excellent especially if you access local or geographically close locations. There are also specialized streaming servers with high bandwidth that are handy for video chats via Chaturbate. NordVPN supplies easy-to-use apps for a variety of platforms and allows multi-logging from 6 devices at once. The service delivers 4 subscription options with up to 75% discounts, so why not give it a shot, especially when there is a 30-day refund policy in place. For more information about NordVPN, please check out our detailed review. 

2. ExpressVPN

With ExpressVPN, you will never experience lagging and freezing when watching shows for adults on Chaturbate. It is because the service boasts the fastest network in the VPN industry. Thanks to 3,000+ servers spanned across 94 countries, it is a snap to bypass Chaturbate block in states with Internet censorship. Not only will you receive an IP address in another country but also secure your traffic with the top of the line encryption. ExpressVPN is available for all popular devices and operating systems. Its apps are incredibly easy to use and it is unlikely that you face any troubles when running them. Still, if you require any help, the customer support works 24/7. The service is not the cheapest around but you can take advantage of the 35% off for an annual plan that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. We have a comprehensive ExpressVPN review if you require more information. 

3. IPVanish

IPVanish might not boast the most impressive server count around (it offers 1,200 servers in 60+ countries) but it has an edge over the competitors – it operates its own network whereas most providers rent servers from the third parties. It gives the service a benefit in terms of speeds and security. Besides VPN servers, IPVanish delivers a private SOCKS5 proxy that is a good option for fast streaming because it implements no encryption that normally slows down the connection speed. It provides intuitive apps for literally every device and if you want your entire family to benefit from a secure connection, 10 multi-logins are available. If you ever run into an issue with IPVanish, the around-the-clock tech support is in place. You can have all these features with one of the service’s plans including an annual subscription with a 46% off. Read our full IPVanish review if you want to learn more about this provider.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Chaturbate

Whether you use your computer or mobile device, you can install a VPN app for easy and unrestricted access to the video chat platform. This is what you should do to unblock Chaturbate with a VPN:

  1. Sign up for any of the VPNs we recommend in this post.
  2. Set up the VPN client for your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in any country where Chaturbate is legal.
  4. In a couple of seconds, you can access Chaturbate without any troubles.

That’s all you have to do. Chaturbate is totally legal in USA, Canada, most European countries, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, etc. so you should hook up to servers stationed in these locations. 

Can I Unblock Chaturbate with a Free VPN

We really doubt that you can succeed in unblocking Chaturbate with free VPNs. Because they have too few servers, their IP addresses are well-known meaning that network administrators can easily blacklist them. Even if you get to find a free VPN that works with Chaturbate, you will definitely suffer from slow speed, lagging, and an inconsistent connection. Moreover, there will be data caps so it is dubious that you can stream many live broadcasts. Buggy apps is another issue of free providers and often they will be flooded with annoying ads. Finally, such VPNs are simply dangerous for your privacy because they tend to monitor users’ traffic and sell data to the third parties.


A VPN is the only method to unblock Chaturbate that it both fast and secure. When having a VPN on your device, you can browse Chaturbate regardless of your real location and a network you’re on. So, try one of the services we recommend, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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