Does PureVPN Work with Netflix

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If you enjoy streaming videos you probably encountered situations when the content was not available in your country. It may not sound fair but this is how the entertainment business works today. The users of popular video services such as Netflix probably have the biggest frustration. Media catalogs on such platforms are drastically diverse for people who live in different regions. For a while, subscribers could quite successfully circumvent territorial restrictions with the help of a VPN until Netflix announced a campaign against unblockers. Some of them had even to throw in the towel. Some active and potential subscribers of PureVPN would like to know whether their provider can grant access to media catalogs in countries other than their own. In this article, I answer the question: “Does PureVPN work with Netflix”.

Can You Access US Netflix with PureVPN

According to PureVPN, they can unblock Netflix. However, you can watch it only through specific server locations and on a limited number of operating systems. It works solely on computers and laptops with Windows and Mac meaning you can’t use smartphones, consoles, tv boxes or tablets. You can access regional versions of Netflix only in the USA, UK, and France. This is not too bad considering that most users would like to get their hands on Netflix library in the USA anyway, but it definitely could have been better. 

I decided to check whether PureVPN’s words are true and conducted my own investigation. For this, I signed in to my PureVPN account, selected a streaming mode on their app, and connected to a US server. Unfortunately, Netflix figured out that I use an unblocker and gave me the red light. Then I tried other servers but the result was the same – I continued seeing an access error message. 

When contacting PureVPN, they suggested connecting to specific servers and to my relief I finally got Netflix to work. The provider explains this situation due to the fact that the multimedia giant periodically raids their servers and they become helpless. Then PureVPN adds new facilities and the cat-and-mouse game continues. This means that the vendor’s subscribers have to constantly go through trial and error to find a right server.

It is no doubt frustrating for many users who subscribed to the service specifically to watch Netflix. Luckily, PureVPN guarantees to give your money back within 15 days if something is not to your liking. 

If PureVPN’s network let you down there is a solution that actually works much better – a dedicated IP address. Instead of switching between servers that are probably blacklisted, you can have your own IP which won’t cause Netflix’s suspicious. If you would like to watch shows and movies from the media library in the USA, you can get a static IP at a server located there. No matter how sophisticated Netflix is in banning shared IPs, with a dedicated IP you are safe because your traffic won’t be any different from a regular internet connection.

Netflix Proxy Error Workaround with PureVPN

While my tests showed mixed results, ultimately I can say that PureVPN works with US Netflix. Of course, it is not a walk in the park when you have to jump from one server to another, but this is how all the VPN providers have to work these days. If you connected to PureVPN and you still see an access error, don’t panic. First, you should follow these quick repair instructions:

  1. Switch to a different server. You might have connected to a blacklisted server so try a couple of other available options. The chances are that you will find a location that does work with Netflix.
  2. Change security protocol. Netflix can detect traffic encrypted with specific protocols. If you use OpenVPN protocol by default, try to change it to something else, for example, to PPTP.
  3. Change a device. Somehow, PureVPN gets around geo-restrictions only on specific platforms. If you tried to connect on a phone, put it off and try again on your computer. Please note that you can unblock Netflix only on devices that support Windows and Mac operating systems.
  4. Change connection mode. For video streaming, PureVPN offers two modes – Internet Freedom and Stream. If one of them didn’t help, just swap one mode for the other.
  5. Configure your security software. Sometimes firewalls and antivirus block VPN traffic. You need to lower the level of protection from high to medium or add PureVPN app to the list or exceptions. You might even have to disable your antivirus for awhile to see if this resolves a problem.
  6. Restart a PureVPN app. You also need to clear cache on your device. Then restart a device as well.
  7. If nothing helped, contact the provider’s support team for advice. Their customer service is pretty knowledgeable so they definitely know how to fix your problem.

Why Netflix Fights with VPN Services

When Netflix acquires the rights to broadcast a TV show or movie, it becomes available only to people of certain regions. This policy has led to the fact that denizens of different countries are not in equal conditions. The luckiest ones are the subscribers from the USA who have the largest media catalog. Other clients of the service, especially from small countries, got dinky libraries.

With a natural desire to eradicate injustice, users started turning to VPN services and other tools to circumvent geographic restrictions. Companies that own rights to movies and shows frown upon this practice and they started pressuring Netflix. The service, in an attempt to please the license holders, has declared war on the unblockers. These include VPNs, proxy servers, and other IP substitution methods to watch video content intended for display in specific countries. 

The multimedia service, of course, can’t ban its users, but instead, it blacklists IP addresses if it recognizes them as VPN ones. Despite the zealous attempts to block VPNs, Netflix is unlikely to be able to weed all the services out. However, it had many VPN providers get out of the game. And those that are still in business definitely experience various difficulties with accessing Netflix.

PureVPN and Netflix Conclusion

PureVPN is one of the most reputable VPN providers and it is among a handful of services that you can use to watch Netflix. However, your quest for a server that works with this multimedia platform can be a real pain in the neck. To eliminate the stress out of your experience with PureVPN, you can opt for a dedicated IP. You will have to pay a little more, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to see an error message ever again! 


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