Is Private Internet Access Good For Torrenting / P2P

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Torrent is a great invention that made it possible for people to share files directly from their devices. It is also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. There are thousands of websites that unite torrent enthusiast from every corner of the world and permit them to download films, shows, and music. On the other hand, torrent websites tend to accommodate intellectual property the distribution of which without a license is illegal. Thus, downloading copyrighted materials can cost you a heavy fine. For this reason, many users resort to VPN services to mask their IPs and make their torrenting activity anonymous. However, not all VPN providers can really protect you from a long arm of copyright holders. Naturally, you would like to know which services cater to their clients’ torrenting needs. In this article, I am going to take a closer look at one of the most budget-friendly VPN around. So, stay with me and you’ll find out if Private Internet Access is good for torrenting. 

Does Private Internet Access Allow Torrenting?

Right off the bat, PIA allows torrenting / P2P. Moreover, it permits it on all its servers. It is a great news for everyone who is scared to deal with consequences for hitting upon a server that doesn’t support torrenting. What may these consequences be? Your provider can suspend your account or even worse, you can get fined. But PIA keeps all these troubles away. You are able to hook up to its every server and the service will automatically reroute you to a facility in a torrent-friendly country.

Why is PIA good for Torrenting?

Private Internet Access is registered in the USA, which doesn’t have laws on mandatory data retention. This means that the provider doesn’t have to keep and turn over information about its clients to the government services if they require. Such a state of things makes PIA a safe service.

Not only that but Private Internet Access doesn’t bother to keep any logs. They don’t have any information about your activity. Even relatively harmless connection logs are immediately deleted from the company’s servers.

The provider goes to great length to protect its users. That’s why it offers the best security options in the industry including military-grade Open VPN protocol. Thanks to its reliable encryption, your data is impossible to steal. You can also opt for other protocols (PPTP and IPSec/L2TP) if you want to achieve better speeds.

Speaking of which, despite the heavy encryption, the service maintains pleasantly fast connection speeds. 

If you are a picky user and VPN-supplied speeds are not to your liking, Private Internet Access offers a great alternative – SOCKS5 Proxy. This service comes at no additional cost. It is able to give you a flexibility you desire. Anonymous SOCKS5 Proxy is a choice for better connection speeds but it doesn’t have any encryption. If you resort to proxy the only encryption you can get in the one that comes with your torrent client.

Users that are paranoid about their security can use a VPN and Proxy simultaneously. The speed will be slower for sure. Instead, you will have encryption and your IP will be masked twice. It makes it virtually impossible to track a user back to his/her real IP address.

PIA’s potential subscribers would be pleased to know that the service supports port forwarding on desktop computers and Android-powered devices. This feature allows achieving the best possible speeds especially if you use a restrictive network. 

No user is immune from disconnection during a VPN session. If such a nuisance has occurred, your private data may leak out on the network. To prevent the exposure of the users’ identity, Private Internet Access comes complete with a Kill Switch. Additionally, PIA supplies DNS and Ipv6 leakage protection. 

The provider is well-packed with other features. Learn more about them in our detailed Private Internet Access review.

Private Internet Access Subscription

PIA is considered to be the best friend for your wallet. One month of its limitless services costs only $6.95. You can reduce a monthly fee twice if you choose a 1-year plan. An annual subscription is available for $39.95. And this is no all. The best price of $2.91 per month is valid for those who opt for a 2-year plan.

PIA ensures your anonymity even during the payment process. You can pay with Bitcoins or gift certificates to keep your identity secret.

PIA for Torrenting: Final Words

Hands down, PIA is one of the best options for torrenting. It enables you to connect to torrent sites on all its servers. If a server doesn’t support P2P sharing the service will simply redirect you to another facility. Moreover, you can opt for free of charge SOCKS5 proxy servers to download with comfortable speeds. All in all, PIA is a thoughtful VPN provider with a great combination of security measures, speeds, and anonymity-enabling features.


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