Is VyprVPN Good For Torrenting / P2P

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VyprVPN and its parent company Golden Frog are prominent fighters for online freedoms. The VPN service committed to protect the virtual privacy of its users and secure their Internet connection. One of the main reasons why people resort to VPNs is because they want to safeguard their activity when downloading torrents. Can VyprVPN cope with this task? I put the service to the test to learn whether VyprVPN is good for torrenting. Read on to find out the results of my research. 

Does VyprVPN allow Torrenting?

VyprVPN turned out to be what I call a torrent-tolerate VPN service. It makes it possible for users to download materials on torrent sites but at the same time, it doesn’t fully guarantee your safety. In a little while, you will find out why.

So, the biggest torrent-related question is whether a VPN provider allows torrenting on its servers. When we talk about VyprVPN, the service claims that it does not discriminate between types of traffic going through its servers, that’s why peer-to-peer traffic is allowed on every unit. With this being said, VyprVPN warns users to comply with the copyright laws of their countries as well as the service’s Privacy Policy. This statement alone should make subscribers smell a rat, but we’ll get to it later. Meanwhile, I want to note that whenever you use a VPN for torrenting, it is best to hook up to servers in torrent-friendly locations (such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, etc).

Another thing important for peer-to-peer traffic is download speed. No doubt, the faster you are able to download a file, the better. VyprVPN has no problems with connection speeds since the provider optimizes its services for customers’ needs (however, there is a version that speeds are good due to logs they keep). To top that off, there are absolutely no bandwidth limits so you can download as many materials as you wish without a fear of being cut off or throttled. 

Is VyprVPN really Safe for Torrenting?

A VPN provider that is really aimed at protecting your online privacy will never gather any information about your online activity. It means that truly secure services never know what sites you visit, what IPs you are assigned when you connect to a VPN tunnel, how much bandwidth you used, etc. If copyright holders or law enforcement agencies have some questions to a VPN user who did something not exactly legally correct, a genuinely trustworthy service will just shrug and say that it has absolutely no information about this activity. But if a VPN has this info, it will have to share it at the request of a court. 

It leads us to the question of whether VyprVPN collects information about its clients or not. In other words, whether it keeps logs. And the answer is yes, VyprVPN keeps logs, in particular, it retains connection logs (usually they show time of connection, bandwidth used per session and a newly-assigned IP address). This information may seem harmless but it can lead you back to your real IP. So, if you infringe law you may be in trouble. The least VyprVPN can do is to suspend your account, the most – turn over all the data on your activity to authorities. 

VyprVPN Plans and Subscription

VyprVPN offers two subscription plans. With the simplest plan, you can get all the VyprVPN’ features for $9.95 per month. If you are willing to pay for the whole year, the price of subscription drops twice. So, an annual billing is $60 (which is equivalent to $5 per month).

With the Premium subscription, you are able to get a dedicated cloud server, an advanced Chameleon Protocol, and 5 simultaneous connections (for comparison, the simple plan provides 3 connections at once). The plan is available for $12.95 per month. You can also save you some money if you opt for an annual purchase. In this case, the whole package will cost you $80 or $6.67 per month.

To learn more about the provider and its other features please check this detailed VyrpVPN review out.

VyprVPN Alternative for Torrent-Enthusiasts

If the fact that VyprVPN keeps logs if worrisome, it is probably a good idea to look for a different provider. There are some trustworthy services worth your attention. NordVPN is a truly torrent-friendly VPN that doesn’t retain any logs. Nobody (not even NordVPN) will know what you do online because such information will never exist in the form of a record. Also, you will be pleased to know that the provider permits P2P traffic on all its servers and does not apply any throttling or bandwidth limits. To top that off, it offers a whole bunch of features catering for your security in the digital world. 

VyprVPN for Torrenting Sum Up

VyprVPN could have been good for torrenting provided it didn’t keep any logs. Unfortunately, it does so nobody can feel completely safe when using its servers for peer-to-peer file sharing. If you are sure that you will never download something you shouldn’t, VyprVPN can actually be a service of your choice. It supports torrenting on its every server and maintains pleasantly fast speeds. However, if online security is your main concern, it’s better to turn to a provider that really knows all the ins and outs.


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