Is TouchVPN Safe and Good (The Truth Revealed)

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TouchVPN is not the most popular provider out there but it definitely has some client base thanks to the fact that it is a free service. Many people resorted to this vendor because it is owned by the same company that brought us Hotspot Shield. But is TouchVPN the same good? Or maybe it has traditional illnesses of free services? My goal was to learn whether TouchVPN is safe and below is the result of my research.

What Logs does TouchVPN Collect?

The main goal of a VPN is to protect the identity of its clients. In this regard, the less a service knows about its subscribers the better. If you see that your provider gathers any data about you or your activity it must become a dealbreaker. 

As the majority of free VPNs, TouchVPN does keep logs. Some companies are limited to collecting connection logs only (they usually show the time of your connection, bandwidth used, IP of a server you use, etc.). These logs are relatively harmless and VPNs justify their collection by the need to improve their services. OK, providers that exercise such logging policy are not the best options but they will do. The situation gets significantly worse if your service begins retaining user logs. These records show your real IP, sites you visited, files you downloaded and other information that is likely to compromise your identity. 

So what kind of logs does TouchVPN retain? The right answer is both. This fact alone tells that TouchVPN is not a safe provider. However, this was not enough for the service and it decided to keep other sensitive information about its clients such as email addresses, names, billing information, and if you sign in through your Facebook account, the provider will log all the data it can find there. 

What can TouchVPN do with all these data? It is obvious that it sells it to the third parties. The service doesn’t even hide it, its privacy policy clearly says about sharing it with subsidiaries and affiliates. They do it for revenue, of course. 

TouchVPN Jurisdiction

Advertisers and their annoying ads will be the least of your troubles if you look at the company’s jurisdiction closely. The company is registered in the USA. The Land of the Free is not that free if you dig a little bit deeper. The country is a member of the 5 Eyes spy treaty. Any business operating in the USA has to provide information about its activity on the government’s demand. This information includes data about the clientele as well. Therefore, if you used TouchVPN even once, you can be sure that they collected and recorded everything they were able to find out about you and this data can easily be available for the US government agencies as well as their aliases.

Other Security Issues Found with TouchVPN

Extensive user logs and bad jurisdiction are sufficient reasons for most users to run and hide from this provider. However, if you still have your doubts the following information will convince you to quit TouchVPN for good. 

Apparently, TouchVPN is not compatible with the Tor browser. It is a sad news for people who like joining forces of these two security tools for a double layer of protection. If for any reason you will experience disconnection during your VPN session, all your sensitive information will be exposed because TouchVPN has no Kill-switch. You don’t even have to stumble upon disconnection to see that your data is leaking. My tests show that the service is prone to IP and DNS leaks. Finally, the TouchVPN’s client may contain viruses and it is impossible to scan the app before you download it.

TouchVPN Alternatives to Browse the Internet Safely

It is clear that TouchVPN fails to protect your identity in any possible way. If you value your online privacy and want to avoid the prying eyes, it is best to look for a different option. Below, are some of the best alternative VPNs boasting of maximum security and suitable for any online activity including torrenting, gaming or streaming geo-blocked content.

  • Provider
  • User Rating
Our #1 Choice

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  • FullVPN

  • 2981 Votes

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  • NordVPN

  • 2207 Votes

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  • PureVPN

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TouchVPN Security Wrap UP

TouchVPN security measures are simply not up to par even according to the low standards of free VPNs. The company has a hostile jurisdiction and its logging policy doesn’t stand up to criticism. Data leaks are the usual thing with TouchVPN and it does nothing to prevent them. Summing it all up, TouchVPN is not a safe VPN and you should stay away from it. If you are looking for a more trustworthy option try NordVPN or ExpressVPN. User security is their main motto, that’s why you’ll never regret entrusting them your online privacy.


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