Is SpyOff Safe to Use

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SpyOff is not really a big name in the VPN industry. The provider is not as promoted as some other services but does it mean that it is worse? The essence of VPNs is user security and some VPNs cope with this goal better than others regardless of their size or prominence. My intention is to find out whether SpyOff is safe and secure for its clients and what means of protection it can put on the table. Below is a result of my research.

SpyOff offers some great features in terms of security. Here is a list of key safety functions it supplies:

  • Favorable jurisdiction;
  • Zero-logging;
  • State-of-the-art encryption;
  • Leak protection;
  • Kill switch;
  • Bitcoin payment.

I found some minor drawbacks as well:

  • Light in terms of features;
  • Doesn’t own its server network.

SpyOff Jurisdiction and Logging Details

SpyOff is a subsidiary of Sareta S.r.l, which is a San Marino based business. This tiny country is surrounded by Italy but it is independent in terms of legislation and foreign affairs. It means that unlike its neighbor, it doesn’t have compulsory data retention laws. San Marino is outside the EU so the Data Retention Directive has no legal force there.

This microstate is not a member of any intelligent union. Therefore, it won’t help foreign agencies to collect data about its residents and expats. The only way law enforcement agencies of other countries can get information from San Marino-based companies is through a court’s orders. However, a warrant can be obtained only if alleged crime involves at least a one-year imprisonment. These facts confirm that San Marino is a good jurisdiction for a VPN.

The privacy policy describes SpyOff as a zero-logging service. This assumes that the provider doesn’t keep track of your connection details (information about dates and times when you use the service, the amount of traffic you transmit, servers you connect to, etc.) let alone user logs (it does not know what sites you visit). The only thing stored is information subscribers provide when register (name, email, and payment details), as well as IP addresses they used when signing up. All this data is encrypted and IP address can’t be linked to your online activity so that your privacy is not threatened.

Unfortunately, SpyOff doesn’t run its own server network. It means the company rents servers from the third-parties which potentially can monitor traffic. There is no evidence that such practice may be in place but this fact is probably a put-off for some security paranoid users.

SpyOff Security Features

SpyOff offers a pretty standard set of security features. The cutting-edge encryption is available. The top choice option is OpenVPN protocol backed up with AES-256-bit encryption and SSL connection. Two other options are L2TP and PPTP protocols but they are much less secure so I recommend using them only with low-risk activities.

A leaky connection may pose a treat to your confidentiality but luckily, SpyOff knows how to handle it. I conducted numerous tests using and and found no IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks whatsoever.

The performance of SpyOff is generally good but nobody is immune to accidental disconnections. For this occasion, the service has an emergency shut-down tool (Kill switch) preventing unmasked and unencrypted traffic from being seen.

Lastly, the service accepts Bitcoin payments which are completely anonymous and much safer than standard credit card or PayPal transactions.

If you are curious to know about other features of SpyOff, here is a full review.

The Best Alternatives to SpyOff

SpyOff is generally a safe service but it is somehow limited on a number of features it offers. While its functionality is sufficient for the majority of users, tech-savvy people or VPN pros would definitely want to get more. There are many VPN services that cater to advanced users but NordVPN stands out the most. It is user-friendly and feature-packed at the same time. It supplies some of the best functionality out there including a proprietary malware blocker, double encryption, obfuscation, and Onion over VPN. If you wish to get something more than a cookie-cutter service, NordVPN is a spot-on solution.


SpyOff is a decent entry-level VPN service. It boasts favorable jurisdiction and carries out a zero-logging policy. Its encryption is solid and safe and it adds anti-leakage protection and kill switch on top of that. Unfortunately, it offers no extra features, which can put off advanced users.


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